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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. justgotlucky123
    Yeah, already read that. I'm expecting more reviews from this because i liked it more than the ath-m50s. How are these compared to the vmoda XS? Good review by the way!
  2. tinyman392
    XS is more linear with more prominent treble.  The Marshalls are offer a warmer sound overall.  Personally, I prefer the XS' sound but the Monitor's comfort. 
  3. justgotlucky123
    How about monitors vs koss prodj200 ? Have you heard koss portapro? Id like that sound signature. But i would love a little bit more soundstage and separation. Is the jump form the prodj200 to monitors worth the money?
    And the jump from monitors to XS?
    The koss prodj200 is priced at 95, monitors at 180 and XS at 240.
  4. tinyman392
    Haven't heard the Koss unfortunately, sorry :/  From the Monitors to the XS, you'll get slightly improved mids and treble. It'll be an overall more linear, brighter sound as well (I found the Monitor to be a little dark for my tastes). 
  5. justgotlucky123
    Alright man, thanks! I think i might buy the monitors. I like the design on the vmodas more though.
  6. tinyman392
    V-Moda definitely has great design aesthetics. 
  7. justgotlucky123
    Have you tried the ath-m50X ? What are the differences between m50x and m50 and the monitors?
  8. tinyman392
    Unfortunately not :/ 
  9. justgotlucky123
    Hello. Does anyone here knows how the monitors compared to the bowers&wilkins p3 ?
  10. tinyman392
    I never thought I'd say the Monitors were more linear than something, but yes, the Monitor is more linear than the P3...  The midrange is more forward and bass less rounded (bass actually sounds linear overall).   Treble energy is slightly lower than the P3 though (from memory, I don't have both models on me at the moment :/). 
  11. justgotlucky123
    When you say linear, you meant balance right?
  12. tinyman392
    Closer to neutral, flatter.  But it rolls off the highs.  The P3 are more of a v-shaped signature. 
  13. justgotlucky123

    How about harman kardon CL and the monitors? How do they compare? Sorry if I ask too many questions. 200 bucks is too much for me. So I need to buy what's best for me. I'm leaning towards the monitors though. The only thing that i don't like about it is that, it is from marshall. I'm a guitarist and i like marshall guitar amps but i have read that marshall itself are not the one making the monitors. I think Zound industries are the one responsible for the manufacturing of their headphones.
  14. kyuuketsuki
    It is indeed Zound, and normally I'd consider that a bad thing, but they have since hired a pretty decent sound technician to tune their headphones for their Marshall line, specifially the FX50 and the Monitors. So they are actually pretty good sonically. And the build for the monitors is far beyond the others (which have plastic hinges which can and do break).
  15. tinyman392
    I haven't heard the CL unfortunately :/  And yes, they are from Zound, who hired a new audio engineer to tune Marshall's headphones.  He's tuned the FX50 (50th anniversary ed.) and the Monitors. 
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