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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. inthere
     The hinge is a very solid metal, not sure what kind, but extremely durable imo. I am extremely hard on headphones and if there are any durability issues, I'll find them. Cabling is very solid as well. I've gotten a shortage in the cabling of every pair of V-Modas I've ever owned (V-80, M 80, LP, LP2) except the M-100's, but they've only gotten light usage so far. 
    I've tossed the Monitors around many times and fallen asleep listening to them a few times. They're just as solid as the day I opened the box. I don't like the shape of the headband either, but they feel firm and new every time I put them on and I think the headband plays a large part in that. 
  2. JPFrost
    Just came home from the store and I'm now the happy owner of the Marshall Monitor.
    These things looks sexy as hell imo, great finish to all the materials used. So far they are very comfortable as well. They had the Sennheiser Momentum as well, and after having them on my head for a short while, I can say that the cups certainly don't fit my ears (a known issue of course), but the Monitor's do, and while the fit is snug, there is sufficiently clamping force for it not be uncomfortable (and I wear glasses). Pads are soft and deep enough. Did experience some microphonics though and the isolation seems to be average.
    Of course I've not spent a lot of time with these yet, but I really really like the sound. Bass is very powerful, but certainly not boomy or muddy and if the track doesn't call for it, then the bass takes a step back (this is with the filters out). Without filters, the mids and highs are very clear. Treble is definately smooth, which is what I like as I listen mostly to hip hop/60's-70's soul/funk. I did eq my Cowon J3 a little to give a little boost to the treble. Soundstage is pretty nice, but nothing too impressive, however the seperation seems very good to my ears (once again, I don't listen to music that requires enormous amounts of detail).
    I certainly recommend taking the filters out as everything comes alive without them. As far as portables go, I think these check all of the boxes (atleast mine); great looks, foldable, durable material, very good sound quality and decent isolation. In this price range there is obviously a lot of competition, but these headphones certainly deserve more attention than they've gotten so far.
  3. kyuuketsuki
    Not talking about the cable or materials... I'm talking about the design of the hinge specifically. I've seen hinges exactly like that loosen overtime and come apart, either because of use or heat shifts (from cold to hot to cold). The materials are solid, but the design leaves something to be desired. They could have done something better. This is just my opinion though. 
    Though technically... I was going by whole numbers, if I was using a half number scale it would be 4.5/5. The only issue is the design of the hinge. 
    As an aside, though the cable is extremely nice... I'm not a fan of the straight execution. They never seem to do well in the long run in my experience. I'll see how V-Moda does, but they aren't my summer phone so that may take a while. I did use them for 3 months consistently and had no issues with heavy usage... 
  4. skridsko
    Can anyone compare the sound signature of these with the HD25-1 II (since those are the cans I'm most used to)? Thanks!
  5. JPFrost
    It's a shame these headphones don't get more attention. I've been enjorying them greatly the last few weeks. After having some comfort issues initially after about 1 -1.5 hours of usage, I've stretched the headband a little to reduce the clamping force and put something underneath the pads to increase depth. They are quite comfortable now.
    Isolation isn't the greatest and wearing them on a bike will let in wind noise, but that's hard to avoid. I really like the sound though. These things can move some serious air and really produce rumbling bass. To me they are perfect for genres like hip hop. Haven't had any problems with durability either.
  6. inthere
    I felt the same way about the Marshall Major FX 50, it was also under the radar. I gave them to a friend after i got the Monitor. These last two lines are very impressive, I can't wait for the next model to come.
    The Monitor feels a lot more intimate than the HD 25's, which have a more distant presentation when comparing the two. Monitor is definitely more rock friendly with lots of impact in the mids and bass while at the same time feeling extremely clean in those frequencies. Soundstage is very close. 
  7. chrishelenius
    I tried these today at a local hifi store. That's not any way near a critical analysis, but I thought I could share my exp.
    Comparing against my KNS-6400 and Brainwavz HM5, which are bass-light and clear on mids, the Marshalls had bass that I could feel, and the bass wasn't overwhelming, didn't drown any other instruments behind it.
    Funny thing is though, some mid-to-high sounds, like lead guitars were very clearly muted, something that my own headphones or Sennheiser CX-300 II buttons don't exhibit.
    Especially in a song I tried, Viikate - Elämä Kuin (Spotify, sorry, none on Youtube), at 1:06, when the chorus starts, the lead guitar was muted to almost nonexistent.
    While the bass didn't drown any other sounds, it sometimes felt like the trebels went way up and drowned other instruments instead.
    I played it on a Sandisk Sansa Fuze, so I don't know how it will fare with a decent amp.
  8. Schonen
    According to the first photo these are headphones for creepy dudes.
  9. tinyman392
    You thought the treble was too strong with the Monitor?  I actually want a little more treble XD  Were you using them with the filters on or off?  With them on, some of the midrange ends up lost unfortunately :frowning2:
    It is a shame that these headphones don't get more attention, they are certainly great headphones with good potential :wink: 
  10. archerbugz
    Having tried it at best buy recently, I have to admit, the FTF adds a kick to the Bass. If you want more wide-range experience, take out the FTF. 
    Either ways the experience was exemplary. I loved these more than ATH-M50s
  11. Romani
    Being a previous owner of the Denon AH-D2000, V Moda M100 and Sennheiser Momentum (full size), I picked these up to try in a store yesterday. I was absolutely amazed by them, walked out with a pair minutes later. Then I read reviews and read their specs afterwards only to find their ear cups were magnetic with the option to remove the treble filters on each ear cup. As much as I adored the sound already, it dramatically opened up and became crisp. After getting rid of the AH-D2000 for their grainy sound and faulty non-removable cable, the M100 for their lack of comfort, the Momentum for their generic fault with static associated with their locking mechanism becoming loose, I think these strike the perfect balance between sound, comfort and hopefully durability based on how solid they feel in the hand. I really have no idea how these aren't all over the forums.
  12. wildseu

    This marshall monitor is a cool looking and very comfortable. I tried it at bestbuy and I think it's better than Sennheiser Momentum On Ear.

  13. 1c3d0g
    Interesting headphone. I would love to see a review of this particular headphone by Tyll or any other reputable site.
  14. justgotlucky123
    Yes please, can someone make a review of this? Also tried them last month, and as far as i can remember, i was and i am wanting to buy them but i have very slim wallet lol
  15. tinyman392
    I wrote this a little while back: http://www.ifans.com/blog/84274/
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