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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. ab initio
    I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I am that these cans aren't a pair of 4 by 12mm celestion drivers and aren't called a "head stack"
  2. roma101
    Sub'd! Wonder how the overall sound sig is as well as how good the isolation is.
  3. inthere
    Sound sig is very neutral with an extremely good soundstage for close backed cans. The isolation is the best I've ever heard for non-noise cancelling headphones. 
  4. tinyman392

    The Monitors are nowhere near neutral. They have a bass focus, but have a very respectable, and enjoyable signature.

    FTF system tames the highs, the headphones sound a bit dark with it installed. I prefer them without.

    Overall, the headphones are pretty smooth and enjoyable to listen too.

    BTW, I did post a review here: http://www.ifans.com/blog/84274/
  5. kyuuketsuki
    Agreed with everything said. Though I'd give them a 4/5 in build. The hinge is a very basic hinge, and I can see it loosening overtime and possibly coming apart with any kind of force or wear. 
    Also the shape of the headband irks me... I mean it is flexible enough to be fine, but it just looks weird. 
    Really overall I'd say 4/5 total. They are good, not great.
    They are definitely bass oriented, but I really did expect that from Zound. So it came as no surprise. 
    The isolation is decent, but not fantastic. Certainly not the best I've heard. I'd say it is about average for decent closed back headphones. 
    And Roma, we have them on display at AC Gears. I'll let you know when I'm working. 
  6. roma101
    Nice! ^^ Btw I think AC Gears should be one of the official NYC HF spots. Only place I know of in NYC that has the M-100 on display.
  7. kyuuketsuki

    I think AC Gears is the only place (or one of the only places) that has HiFiMan HE-400s to try.
  8. inthere
     I may have gotten my terminology mixed up here......maybe I'm looking for sound leakage? Anyway, when I'm playing them even at high levels very little sound gets out. Top notch imo. Outside noise getting in (isolation?) is a different story and they are indeed average if that. I got a lot of flight noise from them.
  9. kyuuketsuki
    That makes more sense. Yeah, they don't leak much sound. But they do let sound in. 
  10. pinoyman
    planing to get one of these after hearing/trying it last night in a store (mall).
    i actually want to ignore it but, i was sold to try it due to its beautiful built (leather, metal and nice thick wires).
    surprised. THE SOUND IS ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE FINEST HEADPHONES ive heard under 200 dollars.
    to me, they sound up there with the m50s, harman kardon cl's.
    that's why im buying one.
    its far from being bass monster and bloated like the dre cans.
    even my wife loved the sound after trying it (she rarely comment on gears/headphones that i really like).
    tried the song TILL THEY TAKE MY HEART AWAY.
    its warm and balanced at the same time.
    its not muddy and bassy at all.
    details are more than descent, but not phenomenal. i think just enough to keep you busy and submerged into your music.
    space/soundstage is nice too.
    definitely worth it, i believed. (for 200usd).
    what i really dont like was the the jack where you insert your 3.5mm into the can.
    it doesnt have any lock or anything to keep it from getting pulled out from accident.
    and id like to know:
    do these cans come in WHITE?
  11. pinoyman
    it even got an editor's choice award from pcmag!
  12. ssrock64
    Got any other comparisons? The M50 isn't really competitive at the $200 range regardless, and the CL is overpriced (if nice visually).
  13. pinoyman
    only owned some, a p3 by bower and wilkins and grado sr325is.
    the grado sr325is is bright, very lively with a feeling like you are there int the stage...
    the p3 is one of the very hard to understand can, it needs mental burn in, and enough time to really appreciate it, muddy, bloat bass, but very thick mids (good for vocals, not for rock).
    well, in the monitor, i think its like you are listening in a good set of warm  yet balanced speakers... it has enough sparkle, not too lively (metallic sound), not too heavy on bass, mids are also fine.
    its like a harman kardon cl, but better too (im not sure enough here, though).
    but at that brief moment when i tried it...i got a very clear and warm (like-able) presentation of my music.
    its not that hard to love it.
    at that moment when you try it...
    youll say "wow, the built is beautiful and so is the sound" (which is very rare nowadays, because most cans tend to specifically elevate the bass to get the attention of most listeners).
    its quite comfy too.
    like i said, its not hard to like it.
    the softness and the feel when you touch it is like its telling you its really a premium made can.
    the look is somehow similar to the m100s (the metal thing that holds the phones and the band).
    im not really sure if the leather is real (animal skin), but when i asked sales rep, he told me it is a real leather, not man made.
    to me, what i heard is a very good set of can. not the greatest. 
    not a monitor type of sound. not clinical.
    but a good set of can... something that you will love easily.
    the built, the comfort, the materials used...the sound quality is great too.
    its very rare to have everything in one, right?
    i love the sr325is by grado and the m50s but after an hour, im not very comfortable wearing it anymore.
  14. JPFrost
    I'm surprised to hear so little about these headphones.
    Can anyone give some more impressions? Some suggested that the comfort was comparable to the Momentum's, which could be an issue.
    I'm in love with their look though.
  15. inthere
    I think theyre ugly personally. But they sound great. Very very clean bass to the point of sounding neutral. I know there's a lot of bass, but it doesn't sound like it. Just an overall smooth sound with great clarity in the highs, the mids..........everything. Very nice separation. I have them on now.
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