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Magni 3 Impressions

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  1. Bhargu
    As some one mentioned before, it might be another power adapter, connected in your home. Generally, as long as the root cause is inside your home you can do something about it. If not, you will need to spend some on power conditioners or filters or better power supplies (with built-in conditioning/filtering) for your audio equipment.
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  2. DoomzDayz
    Of course there's noise on the power line, as there always is. It's up to the device to have enough filtering to deal with it - other amps on the same power outlet have a nice black background. My question is along the lines of, is my amp within spec or is the noise in my home greater than what it was designed for. I suppose finding an oscilloscope would give me some numbers to give to them, but my laptop is a fairly common one. Despite this issue, I'm certainly enjoying the Magni 3 especially for the price
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  3. tamio
    Has anyone tried both Magni 3 and Darkvoice 336se? I am looking for an amp to drive my HD600 and would like to have several impressions about desk amps
  4. DavidA
    I've heard the HD600 on both Magni3 and 336SE but since it was months apart take my impression lightly and also it will depend the tubes used in the 336SE.
    To me the HD600 benefits and sounds much better on the 336SE due to better synergy between the higher output impedance of the 336se and HD600 but if you have other headphones that are low impedance like a planar then the Magni3 would be a better choice if you don't want to have more than one amp.
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  5. FastAndClean
    any comments on the distortions in the mids on high volume?
    i have magni 2 and there is no distortion on full blast with vintage AKG s
  6. dwinnert
    Deoxit still working for you? Mine started getting scratchy and I contacted Schiit and they said to send it in for repair. Yet I read that people that sent it in had the problem return on the replacement.

    I have used Deoxit many times, but I assume this would void any warranty.
  7. Zbell
    I've never used the 336se, but I do own the HD600s and both the Magni 3 and a Bottlehead Crack (similarly priced OTL amp). While there's definitely nothing wrong at all with how they sound on the Magni 3, I prefer the Bottlehead Crack. I'm not sure if I can definitively say the HD600s sound better on the Bottlehead Crack, but they pair so nicely together that it's an amazing combo. However, the Magni 3 is certainly a more accurate amp, so if you want a perfectly neutral frequency response I'd go with the Schiit. It's super clean and lean. The OTL will add color and a fullness to the sound which I greatly prefer, but it's a matter of preference.
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  8. riffrafff
    Well, the Deoxit worked...for a while. Then the scratchiness came back. Sent it off to Schiit, it returned 13 days later, and so far, no more noise in the pot (it's been about five weeks). I'm sure the potential exists for the noise to develop again; Alps makes good pots, overall, but these are their low tier offerings. If the noise does come back, I may just replace it with a higher-quality pot. On the plus side, nary a hiccup from my Vali 2. :metal:
  9. Zbell
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  10. dwinnert
    I heard the pot on the Vali 2 is the same, yet the issues seem to be only with the Magni 3. I might send it in, but not having the amp for two weeks is annoying and would push me into having to buy another amp as I work from home and listen all day.
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  11. riffrafff
    Yeah, I only sent mine in after the Vali 2 arrived.
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  12. DoomzDayz
  13. Th3Drizzl3
    i guess anything is possible but with the lid on the magni being screwed down i would doubt it has the same issue i found with the jot. the issue with the jot was the new pin locking system and the paint in the keyhole preventing a good contact. jason has acknowledge there could be an issue and schiit has now added a step during manufacturing to make sure they are making proper contact and testing the grounds. ill pick up a magni 3 and check for any issues but i would guess it would be fine. i want to have a smaller amp i can move around easier anyway
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  14. TheRH
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  15. lantian
    I have a question for you guys.What are the line in spec's or better yet if anyone has fiio mk2 paired with it, is magni 3 capable of handling the line out load of fiio x7 mk2 without adjusting volume on fiio?
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