1. Schiit Modius E

    Schiit Modius E

    Schiit Modius E Modius? Yes, as in “Modius Maximus,” a bigger, balanced-output Modi with super-high performance—and even better versatility. Connect to any computer or streamer—or tablet, TV, CD player, or many other sources—and Modius delivers exceptional sound. Modius E features Schiit’s...
  2. Schiit Audio Midgard Desktop Headphone Ampliier

    Schiit Audio Midgard Desktop Headphone Ampliier

  3. hifi nub

    TempoTec HD II USB-C solved 3 problems I had with Schiit Modi 3 on Win10

    So my Modi 3 don't work in cool weather "windows opened a bit". I contacted schiit, dead end. I said screw it, I am going to use my TempTec to my magni 3 to the vmoda's till I can find a DAC for my PC. Well to find out, I went to load up Call of duty 2 Multiplayer PC, game "original disc turned...
  4. schneller

    Denafrips Iris DDC + Schiit (AES) vs. Unison USB?

    I recently had the chance to hear a Denafrips Pontus II (not 12th anniversary) and while pleasant, I felt it literally slowed the music down by like 10%. Very interesting. Not sure if it's my jam. BUT it did cause me to look at the Denafrips website, which got me thinking about their Iris DDC...
  5. Schiit Mjolnir 3 Desktop Class A Headphone Amp

    Schiit Mjolnir 3 Desktop Class A Headphone Amp

  6. gc335

    4th Annual Wicked Schiit Meet - New England - Oct 21, 2023

    A few updates based on some questions I've received. There will be no wifi at the venue. Please bring transports, physical media, hotspots or local files. If you have them, bring extension cords and power strips. 10am - Doors open. I'm going to get there early if possible to start setting...
  7. mrspeakers

    Summer Synergy Bundle: DCA AEON 2 Noire + Schiit Jotenheim 2 Multibit

    Hey all, Jason of Schiit and I were chatting about our products, I've been using the Jotenheim 2 as my lab bench system for both listening and tests, and Jason and crew were enjoying the Noire. We felt the pairing was particularly synergistic and fun... So we put our noodles together and came...
  8. jfkaess

    First Impressions: going from Schiit Bifrost 1 OG to Bifrost 2/64

    I originally owned a Modi 2 - Magni 2 stack. After a couple years i upgraded to a Bifrost 1 (with AK4490 chip) and an Asgard 3. When the Unison USB upgrade for the Bifrost 1 came out, i sent it in for the upgrade. For the past 4 years or so i have not done any further updates/upgrades. A few...
  9. B

    Schiit Syn Surround Processor Reviews/Impressions * The first few posts were originally posted in the Jason Stoddard's Schiit Happened thread. I copied them here so the Syn can...
  10. Schiit Audio Coaster

    Schiit Audio Coaster

  11. U

    Upgrade recommendations from Schiit Stack? (Magni Heresy/Modi)

    Hello all! CanJam NYC was fantastic, and gave me a sneak peek into the world of higher-end gear. On that note, I’m looking at possibly upgrading my Schiit Stack (Modi 3 / Loki Mini / Magni Heresy) in the search for slightly better sound. My budget is under $1k (used market is fine). It can...
  12. V

    Hifiman Arya Setup

    I'd like to have a setup that's great for either turntable (Pro-ject Debut Carbon) or iPhone playback through either Hifiman Arya headphones or speakers&sub. However, I'm concerned that going the integrated amp route will cause output quality to my Aryas to suffer. Any recommendations on how to...
  13. Schiit Lyr+

    Schiit Lyr+

    Want a super-high-end, super-powerful, tube hybrid headphone amp and preamp—but also want the comfort of a pure solid state design? Then Lyr+ is for you! It’s the only headamp in the world that goes seamlessly from tube to solid state, using our exclusive Fusion Architecture™. Schiit Lyr+
  14. davstev

    Option overload: Headphone life awaits, but mildly confused (w/ Valhalla 2)

    Hi all - So I am a primarily a speaker listener. But recently, I bought a new headphone amp - the Schiit Valhalla 2 with stock tubes. I want to pick up the best headphone, which I know is super subjective. I am considering buying ligthly used Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic, mostly. Considering...
  15. Schiit Modi Multibit 2

    Schiit Modi Multibit 2

    Schiit's New Improved Modi Multibit 2 DAC.
  16. Schiit Audio Folkvangr

    Schiit Audio Folkvangr

    Schiit Audio’s first limited-edition amplifier: the 10-tube Folkvangr. Folkvangr is a DC-coupled, output transformer-less (OTL) and output capacitor-less (OCL) headphone amp. Folkvangr uses 2 matched 6n1p for input and voltage gain and 8 6n6p tubes for output. It’s said to dissipate 100W...
  17. Schiit Audio Magni+ Headphone Amplifier

    Schiit Audio Magni+ Headphone Amplifier

    Schitts New Improved Magni + Headphone Amplifier Black: Or Silver:
  18. Apos Audio

    NITSCH x Schiit Magni Piety Headphone Amplifier launching Sunday, Nov 20th, at 9am PT on Apos Audio

    Hi all, We are excited to announce that we’re opening pre-orders for the NITSCH x Schiit Magni Piety on Sunday at 9AM PT right on the Magni Piety product page. The demand is high, and our allocation from NITSCH is limited, so we expect them to sell out fast. Be ready at 9AM PT to get yours...
  19. gc335

    3rd Annual Wicked Schiit Meet - New England - Jan 14th, 2023

    Save the date! It's official! I'm very excited to announce that Schiit is sponsoring a meet again after some time off due to Covid. Here is the link for the impression thread from 2019. We are using the same location. There will be more details to follow. I just wanted to make a post so...
  20. sonicm

    Help me choose my first tube amp and DAC?

    I want to buy my first desktop tube amp. The thing is, I don't have a dedicated DAC so I'll need to get one of those too. I'd like to spend about $600-700. I was looking at the xDuoo TA-30 Tube AMP/Dac combo for $600. It looks like it might be a great choice, although it's a little obscure. I...
  21. J

    Schiit AKM VS ESS Add In Card for Jotunheim

    Hello there, I was wondering if anyone has had the chance to tell if there is a major difference between the AK4493 vs ES9028 add-in card for the Jot OG. I currently have a OG Jot that im upgrading to the the Jot 2, my plans are to bring the Jot OG to my office. Idk if I should bother changing...
  22. H

    Schiit upgradability?

    I'm just looking into getting my first head-fi setup, I have a budget of around $2k and have been looking at Schiit. I was initially looking at the magnius/modius stack so I can use a balanced setup and have enough juice to power pretty much anything out there. Then I came across the bifrost 2...
  23. Coolzo

    AZ Head-Fi MiniCon the Fifth: September 10th 2022

    LATEST UPDATE 9/8/22: SchiitKit information added. Gear list updated 9/8/22 It's been a while since covid mucked us up, but we're back, for reals! Post your thoughts, and what gear you'd be bringing! Same stuff applies regarding used gear sales/trades, etc; please read the slightly-modified...
  24. Djent

    Looking for both portable and desktop amp for Q701/K712

    Hi there headphone lovers! Ive just ordered the Q701 and the K712 since I couldnt decide on which. Planning on selling the ones i dont vibe with. Ive read several old threads about amp pairings, but its been a few years and there might be better options around. At the moment i own DT880 250ohm...
  25. I

    Astro A40TR gaming headset > Sennheiser Hd800s w/ Schiit Jotunheim + Bifrost??? Next steps?

    TLDR; I know that the Astro gaming headset isn't a reference headset like the Sennheiser Hd800s, but I want to get the Sennheiser to the next level! Hey all, like the TLDR says. I love high def video but I am a casual user when it comes to high definition audio. I find learning about this...