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Magni 3 Impressions

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  1. CarlosUnchained

    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, -0.1db, 2Hz-900KHz, -3dB

    Maximum Power, 16 ohms: 3W RMS per channel
    Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 2W RMS per channel
    Maximum Power, 50 ohms: 1.3W RMS per channel
    Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 430mW RMS per channel
    Maximum Power, 600 ohms: 230mW RMS per channel

    THD: Less than 0.001%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 1V RMS, less than 0.02% at 5V RMS into 32 ohms
    IMD: Less than 0.001%, CCIF

    SNR: Greater than 108db, unweighted, referenced to 1V RMS

    Crosstalk: -70dB, 20 Hz-20KHz

    Output Impedance: Less than 0.3 ohms at either gain

    Gain: 2 (6db) or 7 (17db), selectable via rear switch
    Topology: fully discrete, fully complementary all-bipolar, symmetrical current-feedback design with no capacitors in the signal path and DC servo
    Protection: Standard failsafe DC power input and muting relay

    Power Supply: “Wall wart” style 24VA 14VAC transformer, regulated +/- 17V rails with over 6,000uF filter capacitance
    Power Consumption: 6W

    Size: 5 x 3.5 x 1.25”

    Weight: 1 lb
  2. CarlosUnchained
    Anybody with a Vali 2 ordering a Magni 3?

    I'd love to hear some comparisons before purchasing.
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  3. MementoMori99
    It is my opinion that for relatively smooth treble, the Vali 2, Asgard 2 and Lyr 2 are the best options for Schiit amps. I own the Vali 2 because it suits my needs(power and preference for smooth treble) and has a price point of under $200. I am curious as to whether the Magni 3 has smooth treble.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
    Turdski likes this.
  4. HipHopScribe
    I have a Vali 2, just ordered a Magni 3. I'm curious to see how they compare
  5. CarlosUnchained
    Great! Let us know :)
  6. neurofone
    I have a Modi 2 / Vali 1 combo and just ordered the Magni 3. Got a pair of AKG K7XX. As much as I like the Vali, I can't stand the microphonics every time I touch the volume knob. Back to solid state !
  7. lordskh
    I'm interested to see how this will compare with the Asgard 2 given that the Magni 3 stemmed from the development of the Asgard 3 and is less than half the price.
  8. genclaymore
    I really curious on how it compares to the jotunheim's SE connection. Since it looks like the magni 3 packs alot of power for its small size.
  9. RiflemanFirst
    I'm considering buying a Magni 3 to go with my Mimby/Vali 2 stack as well. Looking forward to reading your impressions!
  10. Matt*S.
    Ordered a Magni 3, currently using a Maverick D2 DAC, we'll see how it sounds soon. I'll be comparing it with a Meier Corda Aria as well as a LD MKIII.
  11. Turdski
    I think I'm gonna try one downstream from my Saga, a la 'Sagaheim'. Previously I had a Vali 2 (among many other Schiit amps), but had to sell off a bunch of stuff. I'm curious how Saga > Magni 3 will compare to the Vali 2, which I found to very enjoyable.
  12. CarlosUnchained
    Magni 3 can do balanced. Just buy two and a splitter. Still $200 cheaper than the Jot and nothing less than 6W RMS @ 16 Ohms.
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  13. TjPhysicist
    ok guys question: i can swap my M2 for an M3 (I use mrspeakers Aeon so don't REALLY need the extra power). BUT the switch will cost me $50-$70....should i do it?
  14. TjPhysicist
    is that really how that works? i just hook up w magni's to my modi via a splitter and now i have a balanced mega-magni?
  15. Pyrolistical
    How do you convert the two 3 pole 1/4" to a single 4 pin xlr?

    You would need to pin out the XLR male jack with:
    pin 1: left T+R
    pin 2: left S
    pin 3: right T+R
    pin 4: right S

    Dunno where you would buy such a cable...

    Schiit should do an Aprils fools joke that puts two Vidars in monoblock into a single larger chassis and adds the specs together
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
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