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  1. kaiteck
    Reading complaints above, should I be happy that I didn't buy a5 just yet? Love the A4 I'm currently using though.

    Anyways, Happened to found Japanese blogs about A6.





    I swear LZ seems to be really popular in the Japanese market.

    Anyways, let's see what can I cypher here...

    LZ Hi-Fi Audio's most precise hybrid earphone "A6 Black general" "A6mini" simultaneous release decision
    The price is "A6" 34,980 yen, "A6mini" 24,980 yen.
    Released Date is 15 Dec 2018

    An irregular hybrid configuration of 4 BA + 1 DD + 1 ceramic tweeter.
    9 types of sound quality adjustment with 3 × 3 nozzle configuration,
    2 kinds of sensitivity can be selected with push type switch ON (impedance 20 ohms / sensitivity 115 dB) & OFF (impedance 45 ohms / sensitivity 110 dB),
    it is quite versatile model .
    There is also a nickname "general black".

    4 machines BA = successive, LZ house balanced armature 4 machines "LZB"
    1 machine CT = LZ house ceramic tweeter "LZC"
    1 machine DD = LZ house dynamic "LZD"

    3 sets of nozzles = Tuning of 3 patterns in A group (10 to 40 Khz), 3 patterns in B group (15 to 30 Khz), 3 pairs in C group (20 to 20 Khz) and
    9 patterns in total 3 pairs of LOUD = push type switch ON (impedance 20 ohms / sensitivity 115 dB) & OFF (impedance 45 ohms / sensitivity 110 dB)

    With this combination, it is now possible to provide 18 different configurations.



  2. Nezzad1
    Screenshot_20181218-120107_Gallery.jpg LZ A6 graph with all 9 filters with low impedance mode ON.

    Looks a lot like the LZ A4 filter combination. More BA drivers along with 1 ceramic driver will probably improve the mids and highs further.
  3. thejoker13
    I'm with you on that. I'm surprised that there hasn't been more interest, as it seems like they are genuinely trying something innovating and for a reasonable price.
    Nezzad1 likes this.
  4. expatriot
    The A6 seems like I would definitely buy it, if the isolation is better than the A4.
  5. loungecat
    Has anyone done a review on these yet?? Would like to hear some opinions as my A4s were stolen, and I'm keen to replace them.
  6. expatriot
    If you still want the A4's Penon Audio had them for $199, but currently out of stock. You could email them and see if they can get them for you? I asked for something they didn't even stock and they got them for me (Simgot EM3)
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  7. loungecat
    Thanks expatriot.
    Really keen to try these A6 model hoping they are better than the A4, to be honest.
    Just need a review of sorts otherwise will stick with A4
  8. Nezzad1
    I ordered A6 via DHL. Should be here in less than 7 days. Let's see.
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  9. loungecat
    Awesome mate, can't wait to hear your thoughts.
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  10. Nezzad1
    They arrived! (Lz a6)

    First impressions:

    I used supplied filters - black. They sound very similar to LZ A4 RED back BLACK front filters. So VERY strong (even stronger hitting with even bigger quantity) bass, mids are very balanced and highs are airy and extend far. No sibilance or harshness. I feel like these were what A5 were supposed to be. Basically a decent upgrade with similar sound signature to A4. I LOVE them!!!

    Switched to red filters (strongest bass, less mids and highs) and they still sound like nothing is missing. Probably because they are very clean sounding so even if the volume is lower everything is still there. Bass hits unbelievably strong with this combo.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
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  11. Meder Bakirov
    Can you compare them to BGVP DM6 or DMG, if you own one?
  12. Nezzad1
    Sorry, don't own those. But all I can tell you is that the LZ A6 is a very good tuned IEM, and filter system will make sure you find sound that suits you. If you tried LZ A4 then you will love these as they are an upgrade in every way!
    Viajero likes this.
  13. expatriot
    how is the isolation?
  14. Nezzad1
    Fits me very good too. Although, I might see a problem with fit with people with very small ears. Since they aren't small in size.
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  15. expatriot
    so in other words for you, not much sound leaks out and noise from your surroundings doesn't get in?
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