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  1. Bubblejuice
    I had an issue with the left driver of my pair when I owned them. I contacted LZ and they said they don't handle customer service claims and don't do repairs. The only thing I can do is contact the seller I got it from (Amazon) and cross my fingers. Which I did, and luckily they accepted it. But for this unfortunate fact alone, I won't be buying another set. If it had broken a couple more months down the line, I would've been screwed.

    It's a shame too. I loved the A5 and still haven't found anything that comes close to their sound for me.
  2. lim2
    Hello guys, I'm having a problem with 1 side of my LZ A5. Could you guys recommend me a way to claim warranty as the seller I bought it from has MIA. I have been trying to contact him since September. Tried to claim directly from LZ , but they don't seem to want to entertain me. Lowsy company.


  3. MichaelHWinn
    Loved my LZ A5s, but they seem to be having massive quality control issues. I think it's my left earpiece that clicks in and out if I tap it lightly but it essentially stopped working after like a month or two. You have to be super gentle with these things when putting them down or something gets knocked loose inside, which sucks since I had the LZ A4s and they were much more durable.
  4. expatriot
    I feel like I am very lucky, as I have had my A5's since they first came out and have had no problems at all. I am extremely disappointed to hear of the lack of service and integrity of LZ as has been reported by others here.
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  5. MichaelHWinn
    Yeah, it's really too bad. My LZ-A4s got ran over by a car, and despite being really banged up, they still worked (bizarre). I spent a lot of money on the A5s and as much as I loved the sound signature, I was really disappointed that I had spent so much money on j ust a few months of usage. Periodically, if I tap it when it's powered, the sound will gently pop back into place, but even the most sensitive movement will reset it into silence. I've been debating whether I should try to open the IEM myself and see what's loose and maybe get it reconnected. It seems like it's held by glue split down the middle, so I'm curious if a blow-dryer would be enough to pry it open without damaging the internals.
  6. expatriot
    MichaelHWinn: If you can't get help from LZ or the vendor where you bought it, why not try to open them and take a look, as you have nothing to lose (especially if you can solder. When and where did you buy them?
  7. MichaelHWinn
    I bought the A5s awhile ago from penonaudio.com. I like penon but I don't know what the return or exchange policy is. Plus, I bought the A5s the moment they were released so I doubt they are in warranty. Hopefully lz changed the manufacturing process sometime in between then. They we're my favorite headphones and were worth the price in terms of sound. I feel like they were a significant step up from the A4s . I have a pair of Andromeda s from campfire being shipped, so it might be interesting to just crack open the headpiece to see if it's salveagable or just give away the working piece to someone who has a broken set
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
  8. expatriot
    I buy 99% of my audio stuff from Penon. I bought my A5's from them also. I had a problem with the cable of my Fidue A83 and they told me to send it back and they will forward it to Fidue for repair or replacement. I sent it back by registered mail and then it took so long before I got the replacement from Penon. I kept telling Penon by emails that I was a loyal customer and disapponted with them, They apologized and sent me a new one. Maybe they can help you or maybe not? It would be worth the try I think.
  9. Nezzad1
    So I just randomly typed "lz a6" in browser... and woila.. they released them overnight! A separate thread should be started for these.

    They seem to have 9 front filters. 3 with 10hz start, 3 with 15hz and 3 with 20 hz start, each out of those filters either increases 3-7khz region by 3 db, keeps it balanced, or reduces it by 3 db.

    Design reminds me a bit of lz A4 shape. I want to know more! Oh and the price is 310 dollars.
  10. Nezzad1
    They also have a gain switch on them with a word "loud" (what?) on them. From 20 ohms to 45 or so.

    There seems to be a a6 mini verson priced at 225. With 1dd and 1 ba.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  11. Nezzad1
    20181216_044719.jpg This is what they look like
  12. Meder Bakirov

    LZ-A6 un-boxing:
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  13. Nezzad1

    Lz A6 graph. Probably with black filters.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
  14. thejoker13
    Has there been an LZ A6 thread created yet? I've tried looking but haven't found one.
  15. Nezzad1

    I think there is none. I'm actually shocked by how little people want to know about a6. The frequency graph looks really good, with similar bass to A5 but with less sibilance/harshness presumably. And the in-house driver for the top end might be really useful in bringing out sweet details. I'll probably end up buying the A6.
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