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  1. expatriot
    Hi Brooko: Just been comparing my A5's with black and grey filters to my new Fidue A83's to me they sound quite similar with the A83's having a little more airy sound. Have you compared them yet, (assuming you still have the A83)??
  2. Hansolo76
    I just got these yesterday and I'm super happy. One question is that I've read multiple reviewers say that there is hardly any difference between these off a phone versus a dedicated amp.

    Am I the only one who disagrees strongly? I tried these single ended on my Note8 and the sound was great. Switched to the Burson Conductor Air and it was noticeably better. Then switched to balanced off the CEntrance Mini-M8 and was blown away.

  3. expatriot
    "MY" perception is that it sounds great with my Galaxy S8. sounds super great with my Cowon J3, and sounds fantastically super great with my Fiio X5 iii. If someone only has a good smartphone they will like it, but it sounds even greater with a better source, in "MY" opinion.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    How did you volume match to make your comparison?
  5. Podster
    Well so far I'm pretty much in agreement with you Paul, sure would like to know just what he did to the revised filter to increase the cleanliness of presentation on all 4 of the filters from the originals! Pretty much been driving them all day on just the N3 but tomorrow I'll put them thru the paces on the X3ii/Topping NX2 combo. They for sure have a more comfortable lay in the ear than my A4's but I'm not really bothered by my A4's after finding the right tips:wink: Let me reference a Cheech line from Desperado, "You do good work":stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Gray 5’s.JPG
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  6. Hansolo76
    I didn't go to that kind lengths.

    I have a pretty consistent listening level and I just tried to keep it close to that between all the devices.

    The biggest differences going from the Note8 to the Burson would be the reference DAC in the Burson and .5 watt output. From there to the CEntrance we changed to a pair of reference DACs, dropped to .15 watt, and now have a fully balanced audio chain.

    What started out as pretty awesome became noticeably cleaner and more detailed with each step. I'm still in awe a couple weeks later.
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  7. expatriot
    has anybody tried the black filter with the bass filter of the Fiio FH5? I like it a lot, but looking for other opinions.
  8. Virtu Fortuna
  9. rayliam80
    I've had my A5's since May. Last month, I traveled to Asia on a long flight (15 hours) and brought the A5's along. I listened to music for a few hours and then watched two movies. Towards the end of the second movie, the volume started to decrease suddenly. I turned up the in flight system (EVA Airlines) to max and could barely hear the output until no sound was coming out. I plugged in another set of IEMs (Ibasso IT01) and they worked just fine at normal volume. I thought either the cable was broken or the A5 earphones were damaged but next day they worked fine. I'm just curious to know what would cause the A5 to go out like that? Has anyone else experienced this with the A5's or something similar with another IEM while flying?
  10. ChrisHeld1989
    I had something like that a half year ago. I listend to music and i wondering why my right channel is muffled. I tought i had something on my filtergrill like cerumen or anything else. Nothing. The volume of the right channel goes down and down and more muffled. I tought my right A5 are damaged. I was very scared. One day later i gave it a try. My right channel was totaly normal and it sounds exactly like the left one. I can't image what it was. Sorry for my bad english. ^^"
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  11. sect44
    I also had this issue a few times some time ago. My guess is something with the filters. All I did was to remove and reinsert the filter to have it back to normal. Indeed very weird..
  12. DBaldock9
    It's something to do with the drivers that LZ uses, since my LZ A4 earbuds tend to go quiet after extended listening.
    The dynamic drivers are probably affected by the heat / humidity, of being inserted in ears.
    Once I take them out for a while, they revert to working just fine again.
    This is the reason I haven't ended up ordering the LZ A5.
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  13. ChrisHeld1989
  14. AndreSchreiber
    Hi friends ! URGENT !

    I have a LZA5 and I liked it a lot. It happens that the first day I went to test the phone, the computer and my Fiio X7 II. After testing on the phone and the computer in a volume a little high, I noticed a strange noise on the left side. At low volume does not appear strange hissing, but only increase the volume that is horrible. This handset is so sensitive as it spoils soon ? I emailed since yesterday to the Lao Zhong - owner - but no one answered me. Bad this. I wanted you to find a solution. One of the drivers on the left has this problem. Can anyone get in touch with Lao? I'm from Brazil .Thank you.
  15. crabdog
    Have you tried contacting the seller you bought it from?
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