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  1. SteveKiwi
    Normally I prefer a deeper fit, but mine have just arrived and they are just fine.

    I swapped out the ear tips for the Final E ones and the fit (for me) is more than acceptable.

    I haven't had much chance to listen to them just yet, but they certainly do seem to be very detailed.
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  2. loungecat
    How do these compare to the LZ A4, anyone care to comment ?
  3. SteveKiwi
    There are a lot of variables at play for a 100% accurate comparison due to the filters.

    But FWIW comparing the A4 with Black/black filters to the A6 with Black filter, the bass on the A4 is stronger, but the mids are better on the A6. The treble (and therefore the impression of detail) is considerably better on the A6.

    It's just my opinion but I think the A6 is a big step up from the A5 as well. Opinions may differ and in all honesty I could never get s great fit with the A5 so this could well be a factor.

    All in all I am very satisfied with the A6. To me it's the best iem I have heard from LZ and I own the A4, A5,A6 and Big Dipper (no switches).

    I'd also go as far as to say it isn't completely outclassed by my other iems such as CA Solaris, EE Nemesis and ESR JH Audio 16v2pro and Lola, Noble K10u and Katana.

    This is only my opinion. I think the A6 provides very decent audio quality for a very reasonable price.
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  4. expatriot
    Steve: Wow! Nice collection. Do you have a favorite of your non LZ's?
  5. SteveKiwi
    It would be a spin of the coin between the Solaris and the Nemesis.
    The others don't get much eartime now
  6. sect44
    I had a driver failure in my LZ A5. I lost my proof of purchase so I couldn't claim warranty. Contacted LZ and explained the situation and they sent me a new set. Very good service. Thank you.
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  7. expatriot
    sect44: That is fantastic news. I forget which member here had a problem and they never responded to him. I've heard of problems like yours and others, but I am lucky that never happened to me. I bought my pair as soon as they were released and received the newer filters?
  8. sect44
    Hi, to be honest, they didn't answer on my first contact. Tried again and they replied. I noticed they weren't familiar with English language, at least when talking to me, but that's fine.
  9. expatriot
    I just received my LZ A6 filter set (9 filters) which fit my A5. This set really provides a wide variety of sound signatures which you can't get from the original 4 filters that come standard with the A5. I highly recommend these. 9 filters for $45 at Penon Audio.
  10. sect44
    Gret tip, thanks. Is there any filter that reduce highs? All the A5 filters kept highs a little too much for me even the red one.
  11. expatriot
    sect44: Yes there is. If you go to the A6 head-fi review and look at Group C the purple has the strongest reduction followed by the silver. I've been using the silver which to my ears give it a more neutral sound with a little treble lean. I first tried the purple but it was too dark sounding to me, as I do like some brightness.. Hope this helps a little, as I don't own any measuring equipment. Please be aware that it's "MY" ears and YMMV.
  12. PacoBdn
    How did you buy the filters of the new A6?

    I just looked at their website and I'm not able to find them, only the A5!

    On the other hand, comment that I just sent email to the people of LZ Hi-fi Audio because I have problems with the connector on the right side. I hope they can give me a solution, because I just bought them a year ago and I love them.
  13. sect44
    Thanks, are purple and silver filters warmer than the red one?
  14. expatriot
    in the picture, the further right you go the upper mids and treble decrease.
  15. expatriot
    Go to the accessories page on Penon Audio and click on eartips, The A6 filters are listed together with A5 filters.
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