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  1. jsmiller58
  2. expatriot
    jsmiller58: You are welcome.
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  3. shampoosuicide
    Comparison of the LZ A5 and Campfire Andromeda below:

    Spotify Extreme on iPhone > iFi Micro Black Label (IEMatch off) > Andromeda vs LZ A5 (pink A6 filter)

    Tonal balance — Andromeda is relatively warm and full-bodied, with a much more forward midrange, and distinctly less treble emphasis. I would describe them as romantic (though by no means ‘tubey’) and involving. In turn, the A5’s are U- to V-shaped, airy, and relatively dry and lean (though by no means unexciting).

    Bass — Andromeda’s bass is rounder and less impactful/punchy. A5 is tighter, tauter, and more solid.

    Separation — Equal.

    Soundstage — Slightly taller soundstage on Andromeda. Width and depth are similar. Larger images on Andromeda. A5 has smaller images but a greater sense of space between images.

    Imaging — Andromeda has a somewhat more holographic, three-dimensional sense of placement.

    Clarity and detail — Clarity, resolution, and transparency are distinctly superior on A5. The Andromeda just sounds less clean and clear in comparison.

    It seems almost heretical to say this, but I would put the A5 ahead of the Andromeda in terms of technical ability, at least in terms of sheer resolution. If you prefer a U- or V-shaped sound signature and like a drier/leaner tonality, the A5 is the clear choice. If you’re willing to sacrifice absolute clarity and detail for a more palatable, musical tonality, and a more forward midrange, then the Andromeda might be a better fit.

    One last note for prospective A5 owners: skip the ‘new’ A5 filters, and pay the extra $25 for the set of 8 A6 filters from Penon Audio. The purple filter will bring the treble down in line to very listenable levels, and in line with the rest of the spectrum, while retaining the airiness and extension that characterise the A5’s signature.
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  4. expatriot
    shampoosuicide: I disagree with you, To "My" ears the A6 purple filters are way too bassy and take away most of the detail retrieval of the treble. I think the dark grey filters offer the best compromise of treble and bass.
  5. shampoosuicide
    Sure. I think that depends very much on the tips and cable used. With the FiiO LC-3.5D silver cable and Acoustune AET07 tips, I still hear excellent treble detail and extension and well-controlled bass with the purple filters. To be sure, the pink filter (which are also the ones I used for the comparison above) still performs better than the purple in treble detail/extension. I found the silver filters to sound rather unnatural with my setup.
  6. expatriot
    try the dark grey filters.
  7. shampoosuicide
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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