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  1. marcusd
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  2. Bubblejuice
    Where did you buy your A5s?

    When I had a driver failure, LZ basically told me "Tough luck. Hopefully Amazon can help you."

    I really miss these IEMs, but I'm not getting within 10 miles of an expensive product that has no quality assurance.
  3. originalsnuffy
    I wonder if the vendor for Bubblejuice was authorized by LZ? If they were not, that would be grounds for no service from most manufacturers. My first Shanling unit was purchased on Amazon from an unauthorized vendor and Shanling would not support the unit; they had me go to the vendor.
  4. Bubblejuice
    I'm not sure, but they didn't ask.
  5. jsmiller58
    Folks - I have the A5 and find that the treble, no matter which of the included filters I use, is too much for me. Would it be worth buying the much more extensive A6 filter set? Do any of those filters tame the A5 treble?
  6. Podster
    I had been wondering if A4 filters worked on the A5 as well! If so worth a try:thinking:
  7. peter123
    The A4 filters doesn't fit but I preferred mine with the SEMKARCH CNT1 filters as they softened the treble to my liking. I don't know if they're available separately though....
  8. jsmiller58
    Any insights as to whether the A6 fit, and if they do if they tame the treble?
  9. Podster
    Heck if js really likes the A5's that much it may be worth just getting the Semkarch's, could always sell them one filter set less:thinking:
    peter123 likes this.
  10. peter123
    I'm pretty sure I've read that the A6 fit but haven't tried myself so ymyou should double check with a knowledgeable seller like Penon or similar.

    Unfortunately I've never heard the A6 so I don't know nothing about its filters.
  11. jsmiller58
    OK, thanks! The filters are $45 on Penon and I don't want to throw more money at this if the filters aren't going to bring the A5's closer in line with what I am looking for.
  12. peter123
    I understand that. Maybe you'll be able to find someone who has both and can help you better. I'm very curious on the A6' s but can not afford them right now.
  13. sect44
    A6 filters fit A5 for sure, I have both IEMs and indeed all the A5 filters are too bright. Comply tips and a copper cable helps to reduce brightness.
    Haven't tried A6 filters in A5 yet but will do.
  14. jsmiller58
    Thank you - there is hope still for my A5...!
  15. expatriot
    I bought the A6 filters from Penon Audio for use with my A5. As you all know, we all hear differently, so i can only tell you "MY" opinion. I never had trouble with A5 treble, but with some of the A6 filters it definitely cuts down the treble. So far the pink filter works best for me by leaving enough treble without hindering the bass.
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