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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Funnily enough, this is one instance where price follows the technicalities of the IEM's in question.

    The Andromeda is one of the best tuned monitors I've ever heard. I'd even rate it above the likes of the RE2000. It can be source dependent though, and its sensitivity makes it prone to hiss, and nature of the crossovers with the BAs can affect frequency response if from higher impedance source. The Andromeda (for me personally) does have slight comfort issues (would love to see it in a rounded shell). I've often toyed with the idea of selling a lot of my other personally owned monitors, and just buying a pair of Andros, and buffing (rounding) the edges off. If Ken ever released the Andro tonality in a slightly different shell, they'd be very close to end game for me. They are pretty close to what Iw ould call reference (this may not suit everyone).

    The Big Dipper (with tuning options) satisfies my personal preferences for fit/comfort, speed and precision, layering and imaging, and ability to tune the sound to my liking. It is more coloured than the Andro (especially through the mid-range), but I tend to like a well tuned mid-forward IEM, and I have no issues with a touch of added brightness or coolness. I also tend to favour BA's for their speed overall, and tonality with the mids and highs. Either it or the U10 is more often than not my daily drivers. I must stress though - the Dipper is my preference, and may not suit others.

    The A5 is an improvement (IMO) on the A4 mainly to do with fit and comfort. I think there is enough variety in the tonality (filters) to suit most tastes, and you can further adjust if you don't mind experimenting with a bit of acoustic foam. For the price point, they sit in a good space. I'd take the A5 over a monitor like the Shure SE535, and personally I prefer its tonal balance (red filter) even to the likes of the FLC8S (again personal preference).

    But ultimately the A5 won't replace my other monitors - and especially not the Dipper or U10. For close to reference I have my Alclair Curve.

    Not sure if that helps. Its going to depend ultimately on where your budget allows you to go.

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  2. salla45
    Thanks a million :)

    Ok so, I think I may be considering bypassing the A5's altogether. My main area of interest is specifically "air", imagery, layering, separation and so on, and NOT primarily tone. Im very happy it should be said, with the A4's with all areas, but addiction being what it is, lol, am seeking to eek out a further level of detail, etc from an upgrade, and comfort improvement as a 2ndary aspect.

    I have a genuine worry however, which sort of stops me also from taking a leap upwards, about how to clean the darned things. With my A4's about once a month I remove the filters and soak them and gently wash them in hot soapy water, removing completely any wax build up, and they're good as new. How to do that with an IEM without removable filters? And I really am loathe to go "waxguard" tips; anything between me and the music which has not been specifically designed by the manufacturer seems like a huge no-no! Any tips, lol, in this regard?
  3. Turrican2
    I've used the TX-500 complys in the past, they didn't have any significant effect on the sound in my experience. I'll be buying some TSX-500 soon for my AKG N5005, I'll let you know how those are compared to the regular TS-500.

    **off topic** Incidentally try the N5005 if you can David, you may like them, a lot...
  4. salla45
    thanks Phil

    forgot about those. Definitely an option. (n5005's i mean). Did you ever get the chance to compare them seriously with the LZ A4s?
  5. Turrican2
    I just sold my A4s......

    I preferred the AKGs in every way.
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  6. PacoBdn
    Hi guys,
    I received the new filters this week but until yesterday I could not try them.

    I notice a certain improvement over the originals, but not enough, at least with the tips they bring in the box. My final configuration is with the new red filters and Comply TSX-200. For me, this configuration is the best. I do not need to mold the tips, I simply put in position and already. Really, to those who have problems with the highs, try this combination. The sound they provide is that of many carats. Also tell you that if you have not yet bought the new filters, first try the TSX-200, surely you can save money from the new filters.
  7. maira
    Anybody able to compare to Fidue a73?

    Had the Pinnacle P1 for a couple of days. For my taste they were dark, cold and boring, but had better soundstage. Im after a more engaging iem like the Fidue but with a bit better stage, resolution and less fatiguing.
  8. B9Scrambler
    My long overdue review of the A5. Kinda glad this turned into a long-term thing because I've grown to appreciate it quite a bit. The updated filters were key to this.

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  9. FauDrei
    Ah, the Honda earphones! The Neymar Jr. of midrange IEMs... :wink:

    I concur with most B9's views from his review, but for me the new filters, although they nicely put treble in check, they also result in slight "nasal sounding", especially in female voice range. My solution (if one feels that A5 need "solution" at all) is high quality single crystal litz cable (silver plated 7N OCC, 77 insulated strands per wire) with original gray filters: treble "tizzyness" controlled, no nasal voices and perception of increased clarity. Also, since A5 have relatively narrower stem, smaller tips that you almost never use work better with them...

    World class fun! :)
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  10. rayliam80
    I wasn't crazy about the sound either with the stock cable. Even changing over to an 8 core SPC cable from Aliexpress made a noticeable improvement. For maximum isolation, I'm enjoying the blue filters with triple flange tips or for better comfort but slightly less isolated, the grey filters with Auvio wide bore tips.
  11. FauDrei
    Yes, deep insertion tips, if one can stand them, help with A5. Tri-flange - sure... but amazingly also SS sized CP100 SpinFit eartips which, for me, work only with A5; with all other IEMs I have those SS CP100 do not seal at all... must be because of the longer and narrower A5 nozzle/filter.

    You fancy blue ones? Most prominent details and cues, but original blue is too "LOOK AT ME" for my liking while new blue filter is better in this regard but has that slightly nasal characteristic that is less natural to me.

    On the other end, the B9's favourite (new) red filters make from A5 a bread knife instead of surgical scalpel that A5 can be with other filters... for me, of course... we all hear/feel different and some may prefer bread slices to a finely carved prosciutto. :ksc75smile:

    BTW, where can one get those Auvio eartips?
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  12. phthora
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  13. rayliam80
    I have the new filters. I notice that with the triple flange tips I have, the bore is slightly narrow so it feels like I'm losing something in the upper midrange and lower treble hence the reason why I feel the need to go with the blues.

    Auvio tips can also be ordered from Radio Shack here: Large and Small. The multi pack of L M S seems to be sold out for the time being.
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    Anybody needs a new set of filters for your A5. PM me. I am selling mine for $15 which includes shipping and fees. My A5 is broken and is not usable. I have no warrenty on my pair since it was used so I am out of luck. Let me know if any of you guys needs them.
  15. azif
    How do these compare to the massdrop plus?
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