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  1. thejoker13
    That's great, thanks Brooko!! I anxiously await to see your measurements to see if they align with what I'm hearing with mine. It's great to see you around again. You've been missed!
  2. originalsnuffy
    Yes, both are a "win".

    That iBasso IT01....the last time I gave in to an almost universally recommended $100 price point IEM was the ...drumroll...LZ-A2. Both the long gone A2 and the IT01 are killers when it comes to value for dollar. The FLC8S has become my in-home IEM and the IT01 is my "out and about" IEM. Sometimes supplemented by the LZ-A2.
  3. Bubblejuice
    Anyone know where I can buy a pack of the silicone eartips that come with the A5s (preferably only small size)?

    I know they are Sony eartips, but I can't find legit ones. I've bought about 3 different cheap imitation sets and they are nowhere near the quality as the ones that come with the A5.
  4. Ivan TT
    Plenty on eBay, search for Sony eartips.
  5. Ahmad313
  6. originalsnuffy
  7. TimeSnow
    Just got my DHL tracking from Penon... I should have mine tomorrow! :) Got a new keyboard today... everything is coming up Milhouse!

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  8. Bubblejuice
    That's what I've been doing. But most are generic. I don't know what the original tips package looks like.
  9. Ivan TT
    Ah, OK.
    I thought you were after LZ's tips, not Sony's (as Sony's obviously could not be included with LZ's product).
  10. Bubblejuice
    I mean, idk, I asked LZ and it seems they purchase legit Sony tips and include them in the package.

    Otherwise, they are the best 3rd part Sony Hybrid copies I've used.
    Ivan TT likes this.
  11. TimeSnow
    OK so.

    10 mins in, going back and forth with the A4... this is a CLEAR upgrade.

    Only tried the black and red filters so far, but hot damn they're pretty amazing! Stock cable and included foamies so far. Will try my standard Comply and my A4 upgrade cable in a bit.

    Thanks to everyone on the thread who left their impressions... super helpful!

    The Grey are kinda interesting. MUCH less bass than the Red, but the Red were a bit too much for some things... The Grey just ooze detail...hearing things I've not heard on the A4s. More separation and better spacial positioning. These are pretty sweet. May try a little sub bass boost with these and see what happens.

    Blue... funny these are kinda reference in a way... or maybe reverse L - so __|

    Maybe a touch sibilant even with the foam... but LOADs of air and new details again. Not sure they're worth the sharper overall sound... and the loss of bass. hmm... eye-opening, but probably not for me.

    They're not bass-lite, but they're lighter than the alternatives.

    As it stands I'm back on Black, and will be flirting with Grey :)

    All of the options are CLEAR upgrades to the A4.

    No bad options really. In the end with the A4, black and black was all I could deal with... until I lost the black backs... then it became black/open. These seem to be better filters... more like EQ presets than anything else... the soundstage change between filters is pretty minimal... unlike the A4.

    Anyway, I'm happy. Big upgrade... did I say that already?

    Oh and BTW: It did ship with the new filters. :)
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  12. TimeSnow
    A few further thoughts after 24 hours

    - Grey is great, but... there's a few odd treble spikes... nothing I found painful or a deal breaker, but they did happen
    - Black is really great, but...
    - Red is maybe my favourite, with the caveat that I tamed the bass a touch with EQ. That configuration is the most A4 (black black) that I've found...sounds amazing with most anything
    - Unlike the A4s these guys can do things like 60s and 70s rock with tearing your head off....
    - The A4s care a LOT less about their position in your ears... they're either in or not... the A5s have a smaller sweet spot... they sound good in the not sweet spots, but sound unbelievable in the sweet spot...
    - On the other hand the A5s are much LESS dependent on tips... I found it hard to REALLY care which tips I was using... some had more bass, some less... some were a bit brighter, some less... the A4s I found were utterly dependent on your tips.
    - At first I didn't mind the included cable, but once I put on sun glasses it got pretty annoying... and it's relatively noisy and fiddly... but it certainly is much easier to get them in their sweet spot with the included cable... still, I switched to my A4 upgrade cable and am happier
    - Still hearing LOADS more details than with the A4, and was happy to discover cymbals sounded real sibilance was essentially non-existent
    - Grey does sometimes feel like it has recessed mids, but it's really really only on a few tracks... not a deal breaker
    - They don't take EQ as well as the A4, and seem a lot quieter... well, maybe "a lot" is an exaggeration, but I can crank my phone to max volume and not go deaf... the same was not true with the A4s. This is without an amp... still haven't tried them with the Mojo yet. Soon.

    Still, all in all I stand by my comments from yesterday. This is a CLEAR upgrade from the A4.
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  13. phthora
    Does the iBasso CB12 balanced cable fit this headphone? They have been reports of it not fitting some IEMs, like Shures.
  14. tienbasse
    CB12 has prominent rubber lips on the mmcx connectors, which can be a bother when the IEM female connector is recessed within the shell.
    This being said, rubber lips can be trimmed very easily with a blade to adapt to various IEMs.

    Give it a try, you won't get regret it, it is a VERY nice cable.
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  15. Dsnuts Contributor
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