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  1. lmfboy01
    Still trying to sell mine thank you for the consideration!
  2. ericp10
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  3. ericp10
    Wrong thread. Sorry.
    Last edited: May 8, 2018
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  4. salla45
    I am revisiting the possible purchase of the A5's. These filters are additional options to the ones supplied with the A5's themselves right? Is there any data on how they tailor the sound compared to the supplied filters?

    @Brooko have you tried these out? Do they transform the A5's into a "great value" IEM as per your hint in your review :) ??

    Cheers to all!
  5. Brooko Contributor
    Waiting for the new filters to arrive - and then plan to remeasure them. Will post results when they arrive :wink:
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  6. salla45
    nice 1. I am revisiting these. couldnt keep away...lol.

    Keen to know if the new filters do tame them :)
  7. TimeSnow
    So a bit of an update.

    Red is too rolled off for me. I can sort of get around it with EQ, but that leaves me eqing the bass AND the treble. That's too much.

    So instead I went back to black and grey.

    So far it's black for the win.

    Still, even saying all of this, it's a massive upgrade to the A4s. And with decent EQ (I'm using the parametric EQ in USBAPP) they sound really fantastic.

    I do think I may too roll some more... The sound is much less dependent on tips (unlike the A4) and so it's more about comfort. The included blue foam is nice but a bit small for me.

    Anyone know who makes that? Does it come in other sizes?
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  8. bhazard
    I switched from black to grey, and now back to black. Resolution and clarity seems slightly better, even though EQ is needed to fix the problem areas. Wasn't a fan of grey on the A4 either.

    The new filters are on their way to me as well.
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  9. ChrisHeld1989
    Can someone tell me which IEM is better? LZ-A5 or Sennheiser IE800 in terms of seperation, imaging, soundstage and so on? I'am thinking about to sell my A5. Someone made me an offer and i can get the IE800 for a very small price. Can someone write me a small comparison?
  10. lmfboy01
    Just a quick tip, I found the A5's to be much more comfortable with L shape MMCX. I think many of you will enjoy 100% better
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  11. BenF
    All of these are "+" or "-" something.
    Black and Gray are "+1" and "-1", how do i get to reference - "0"?

    Should we be looking at the table like this:
    Blue : 3KHz ~ 10KHz +4db
    Black: 3KHz ~ 10KHz +3db
    Gray : 3KHz ~ 10KHz +1db
    Red : 3KHz ~ 10KHz 0db (reference)

    You can make any color the reference, but we must have "0" somewhere.
  12. BenF
    Can you please explain these 2 graphs? Both graphs show great differences between 1kHz and 3Khz, and the first one even under 200Hz, while the filters should affect 3-10kHz.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    You can't compare the two graphs - different axis values, different measurement systems, and whoever took the top one clearly didn't measure properly because the bass does not change on any of the filters. You need to compare measurements both taken from the same measurement rig to get any idea of the changes.
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  14. Brooko Contributor
    OK - as promised, new filters arrived. Series of graphs to follow.

    Usual disclaimer with my measurements:
    The graphs below are generated using the Vibro Veritas coupler and ARTA software. Ken Ball (ALO/Campfire) graciously provided me with measurement data which I have used to recalibrate my Veritas so that it mimics an IEC 711 measurement standard (Ken uses two separate BK ear simulators, we measured the same set of IEMs, and I built my calibration curve from shared data). I do not claim that this data is 100% accurate, but it is very consistent, and is as close as I can get to the IEC 711 standard on my budget. I suspect it is slightly down at around 9-10 kHz, but seems reasonably accurate through the rest of the spectrum.

    I do not claim that the measurements are in any way more accurate than anyone else's, but they have been proven to be consistent and I think they should be enough to give a reasonable idea of response - especially if you've followed any of my other reviews. When measuring I usually always use crystal foam tips (so medium bore opening) - and the reason I use them is for very consistent seal and placement depth in the coupler. I use the same amp (E11K) for all my measurements - and output is under 1 ohm.

    Any graphs are provided merely as a point of discussion. Both sets of measurements were taken on the same rig with same tips. Click graphs for larger images:

    Blue Filters
    lza5 blue vs blue.png
    As you can see - pretty much identical. Virtually no change with the blues

    Black Filters
    lza5 green vs green.png
    Again very similar - but this time the black is slightly down in the upper mids.

    Grey Filters
    lza5 grey vs grey.png
    Quite a marked difference. The old grey were almost identical to the red. These ones have a bump in the mid-range and also the lower treble.

    Red Filters
    lza5 red vs red.png
    Again - practically identical.

    So lets look at the old filters all together:
    lza5 original.png
    Yep - too much alike, and more like two pairs than 4 separate tunings.

    And now the new filters:
    lza5 new.png
    Definitely some more variety this time

    My take - once again, I really only like the red and grey. Red is quite warm, but still has nice overall balance (esp if you EQ a little bass out). The grey this time is quite good also. Definitely V shaped, but the enhanced upper mids and lower treble help counter the bass, and aren't too peaky.

    Would have liked something between the red and grey - but defintiely this is an improvement on the originals.
  15. salla45
    Thanks Brooko.

    How do the new filter refine the sound? I'm really confused as to how to upgrade from my LZ A4's. 3 choices, A5's, Big Dippers and the Camp Fire Andromeda. I know there are big price differences between them but am prepared to invest as needed. I'm reading such mixed opinions on the A5's and I do respect your knowledge and you happen to know each of these 3 quite well... :)
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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