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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. RikudouGoku
  2. RikudouGoku
    @hakuzen Any recommendation on Copper/silver hybrid cables for the Moondrop KXXS? budget under 70 usd, earhooks and 4,4 mm balanced is a must. TIA
  3. baskingshark
    Hi any recommendations for a cheap and good balanced cable 2.5 mm? Preferably < 30 USD if possible.

    I've actually never used any balanced cables before in my life.
    My audiophile and band friends are in 2 camps on whether balanced cables really do work. From what I read about it, I personally think they might make a difference theory wise, so i would like to try it with some IEMs with a new balanced DAC/AMP I'm getting soon.

  4. superuser1
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  5. darmanastartes
    I can't seem to get consistent readings with my multi-meter. I'll see if I can find a different one.
  6. hakuzen
    I didn't answer you before because I was not able to help: don't know any ultra soft cable, copper, black, 3.5mm L plug, no memory wire, etc. (guess the requisites are too much). Are you able to DIY?
    The softest in my list of high quality cables are cables 130 (thick) and 140 (thin), but not L plug, and not black.
    The one from your first link is very affordable, very soft probably, and it's the nearest cable to your needs. If you can live with grey color.. You can also wait a bit for a black version. More cables with L plugs are coming..

    If you are ok with Canare Star Quad quality, you can get this at Ghentaudio. But the result is not thin (shielded and nylon braided).
    If you want thinner more flexible and top notch wire, select your desired wire (Neotech UP-OCC litz wires preferably, copper, silver plated copper, silver99%gold1% alloy, golden plated silver, etc.) and 3.5mm plugs from electro acousti stock, and ask for a quote to the seller for the ready made cable.
    For a 4 cores 1.5m long cable, you'll need to buy 6m of single wire; for 8 cores, 12m of single wire (you get 20% off when buying more than 10m, so it's a good option to consider if you don't mind a better conductive but thicker cable).
    This wire has got an excellent price, for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000007820233.html. But you have many options to choose.

    I don't own KXXS nor KPE. The socket is a bit recessed, not very deep. I use the plugs like in first cable (more protruding) with Moondrop Blessing, and the connection is very secure. I also know that cable, 125, and I love it.
    But if @superuser1 says that less protruding plugs are enough secure (he owns KXXS), you can choose the second cable. I have no references of that wire though.
    You know I'm in love with UP-OCC cables now. KXXS has got only dynamic drivers, resistance is not critical, so you could consider using this wire in a 4 cores custom cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000007736919.html.
    Frozen litz up-occ copper and silver plated copper mixed into each core. It's the wire of cable 169. The price will be higher than 70 USD though.

    The main advantage I find with balanced signals in portable audio and IEMs, is much less crosstalk, so wider sound stage, which helps with imaging and separation perception. Excessive wide stage can lead to loose some of of the central image, though.
    Edit: about the cable, I can't find much difference between cables below $30. Surf through my list to check if any appeals you. You can try my list of cables below $40.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  7. DimitriSF
    Hi @hakuzen. Thanks for the help and for the great effort you've put into help folks find great affordable cables. In the end, I think I'm going to go with this one:
    It seems to tick all my boxes (except for the L plug). I'm going to wait a few days, because it looks like it's going to go on sale.
    Thanks again for the help!
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  8. PreetyAdrian
    So I've figured out the problem... I've made a RAM upgrade on my Mac Mini and I've chosen wrong apparently because I've got them with 1.5v voltage instead of 1.35v.
    So this made some sort of short-circuit which went directly trough the AMP / DAC and in to the IEM's :)))

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  9. hakuzen
    :astonished: I could never figured this
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  10. RikudouGoku
    @hakuzen I do not have the skills to make my own cable, any other recommemndation (hybrid cable)? And is it true that hybrid cables should be the most balanced? If it is not then I can just pick a copper only cable.
  11. RikudouGoku
    @hakuzen do you have the link to cable 175?

    cables 130, 175, 125 are the ones that look the most promising to me, which one do you recommend?
    Looking for a balanced sound.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  12. Xdark

    I am looking to replace my cable for my MEE Pinnacle P1 IEMs as the existing cable is dying. The thing is, I would like to find a model with mic/remote but I cannot find any in previous recommendation and my AliExpress searches where not satisfactory... Any advice would be welcome.

    I am looking for a cable with MMXC and 3.5mm SE (any shape) with mic/remote (1 button is OK, 3 buttons would be great). Budget <$50

  13. jaker782

    I second this request... I am looking for the same with a 4.4mm balanced termination. I've scoured AliExpress and can't seem to find anything decent. Anyone?
  14. flameas
    Lookin for that "end-game" 2 pin 2.5mm balaced cable. Things I enjoy - good vocals, warmth and width. So prefarbly a copper cable. Lets say the budget is 100 usd. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Orl14
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