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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. cooperpwc
    I am so pleased to hear this @ppnuts. Thanks for the feedback.

    I put the PMEQ setting in my signature as I have been intending for a while. It is there if anyone wants to give it a try.

    I am clocking serious time on the LPGT now. I cannot remember enjoying a DAP this much.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  2. raymogi

    I got curious so I downloaded your setting too. My LPGT sounds like a whole new player again now. SO FUN!

    I usually never use any EQ on any player so I was a bit skeptical about this. But I guess I was wrong :D
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  3. cooperpwc
    Thanks @raymogi!

    Yes, given the neutral (bland) sound signature of the LPGT out of the box, people have to get past prejudice against EQ to appreciate this fine DAP. It helps that the dedicated Blackfin processor (ADI BF706 DSP) is highly capable for the task.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
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  4. vault108
    It’s been a while since I touch the LPGT because I was playing with other audio stuffs. I decide to try to the USB Audio out today and it just work. I use a USB C to USB adapter to connect a USB micro cable. USB Audio work on the Stax SRM-D10 and the iFi Micro iDSD Black Label. If you want to play audio from your LPGT to a USB device, it work great although it say it’s still in “beta”.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
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  5. damytzeus
    gosh, i just wouldn't describe the lpgt as bland. neutral? yes. bland? no at all. i've tried many of the audio tweaks that the lpgt offers such as xrc, pmeq and ate and i keep returning to no interference. with my iems, the ultimate ears live, lpgt sounds best without any audio tweaking, and i find the sound glorious. i feel like the ue live works very well with lpgt. it's so engaging. so much detail and nuances and so musical. i feel so pleased with the lpgt. i look forward to traveling because that's when i listen to it the most.
    bland implies a lack of flavor. a bland meal is likely devoid of joy. the lpgt is a treat and emotional -joyful and evokes pleasure. my $0.02 -which is probably worth less than that.
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  6. cooperpwc
    I have no argument with this at all. Well said.

    SPECIFICALLY: 100% agreement on the XRC. Leave it OFF!

    Regarding the PMEQ, the situation is complicated. Out of the box, the LPGT is perceived as bland by many people, including to some degree by myself. From the outset, including my first listening sessions at the store in HK which quickly lead to a purchase, I was intoxicated by the resolution of the Touch. (I still am.) But as I listened further, I was wondering if I had made a mistake because some of the excitement of the original PAW Gold was missing. That lead to the adventure that arrived at the ON.eq PMEQ setting in my signature. Now my affection/addiction to the LPGT combined with my FAD Lab 1 is advanced into a new realm. I have had my share of iPhone, iMod, original iRiver, iBasso, Fiio, Calxy and Lotoo DAPs, but this combo really is intoxicating me. I am revisiting my entire music collection with wonder, all nicely parked in lossless format on a 512GB SD which is now affordable.

    I have been planning to explain my feelings better in a long delayed post to the PAW Gold thread. I am frankly having a difficult time finishing my comparison of the LPG and LPGT, because I enjoy the latter more and don't really feel like diving backwards. But this summarizes my view on the pluses and minuses of the LPGT neutral sound signature.
    a. There is a virtue in presenting a 'blank canvass' signature. This appeals to those who want to compare various IEMS (reviewers) and also those who want to properly drive a neutral IEM. If the manufacturer colors the sound out of the box, you cannot easily or fully go backwards to neutral.
    b. Starting from neutral also allows one to use the Blackfin processor to arrive at an ideal frequency balance, as I believe that I have for my purposes and tastes with my PMEQ setiing. This is better than starting from a colored position presented by the manufacturer, giving finer control and better results.
    a. Buyers are disappointed at the LPGT out of the box, because it is not engaging. It does not help that Lotoo has not provided a single useful PMEQ preset. The official presets are garbage/jokes that carry over from the LPG. So you have a base of disillusioned owners and would-be-owner-testers out there. This is not helping this great DAP to catch on.
    b. Reviewers are not going to EQ a DAP for their reviews. Period. Fair enough. So we get this endless stream of reviews that reflect the LPGT's superior resolution and refinement - it is a true audiophile DAP - but cannot really hide that the reviewer is looking forward to getting back to listening to a more fun and involving DAP. This phenomenon is also killing the LPGT in the market. It is a not the runaway success that it deserves to be.

    In summary, the LPGT neutral approach has proven to be perfect for me. With my PMEQ setting, I have my intoxicating, uber-resolving, uber-engaging DAP. I am happy. BUT many others are not getting this experience because of the decisions that Lotto has made. And it concerns me that Lotoo might abandon the true high-end market because of the relative lack of buzz around the LPGT. Maybe the future will just be PAW 5000s and the pending dumbed-down Touch. It would be a shame if this were the legacy of their neutral sound signature, because I would upgrade in a heartbeat to a future high end successor.

    I enjoyed your two cents. My two cents back at you. :)
  7. cooperpwc
    Yep. Watching Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day movie with the sound through the USB Audio is pretty damn wonderful.
  8. damytzeus
    thank you for the thoughtful response. i appreciate your perspective and thoughts about preserving the long-term viability of the lpgt. i sure hope lotoo keeps at it. a challenge that i have with lpgt is that, because i get so excited to rediscover another album, i struggle to listen to entire albums, as i normally do. like you, lpgt has me rediscovering nuggets in music that i thought i knew. i'd also love for the lpgt to make a bigger commercial splash. i plan to checkout your custom eq file. thank you for sharing.
  9. cooperpwc
    @vault108 Do you have the latest firmware installed? There is no warning screen like that to use USB Audio on my HK firmware version Rather USB DAC is two of the four selections that come up when you plug in the USB cable, with the choice of charging (Computer) or not (Phone). Your screen looks rather primitive by comparison.

    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  10. vault108
    I am on the latest firmware. USB Audio was just recently added. The screen you have is not for USB Audio. USB DAC mode play audio to the LPGT. USB Audio play audio on the LPGT to a USB Audio device. Make sure the USB Audio device is on before you plug in the USB-C cable. It should prompt you with the USB Audio screen and click OK. After that, the screen look like a normal playing screen but you still have USB Audio out. There is no overlay.
  11. cooperpwc
    Ah! My misunderstanding. You are way ahead of me on this feature.

    I will have to try this feeding Gumby. Very cool!
  12. cooperpwc
    I visited Jaben here in Shanghai today. They told me that their four stores in China are selling north of 10 units of the LPGT per month which is considered good sales for a DAP in this price range. So that is promising.

    Meanwhile my Vannuys case for the LPGT arrived. It's kind of funky and lets me use my LPGT naked which I prefer. The included leather case in nice (and fits inside the Vannuys case if you want) but I like the tactile feel of the Touch's buttons. When I am at a table, I like the Touch in its diminutive state, with just some protective 1.5mm bumpers on its bottom. I also got a leather belt loop for my long walks when I am on business trips. (My GF says this is very 1980s.)

    1.jpg 6a.jpg

  13. smorgar
    Sorry if i hijack this thread a bit but:

    Am i crazy for thinking of getting the Lotoo PAW 5000 MK2 today? It has very good reviews but those reviews are also a few years old and im not sure how it stacks up to say the HiBy R5 for example.
    The battery ofc is a big draw back, but i love the software from what i have seen in reviews and i think i can live with 5-6h battery life. I am super duper picky about the Android software and i dont think i can live with bugs and slow performance or simply have to klick something multiple times.
    Then we have the AK DAPs, but those are too expensive for me...

    I recently revivided my Sansa Clip+ with rockbox and it's all that i want but i want better output performance and i bigger display. But my point is that i do fine with rockbox, i dont need "fancy" functions.
    I would love to get the Lotoo PAW Gold (not touch) but thats just to expensive aswell.

    Also im using Etymotic ER4SR and im not sure how those pair with the PAW 5000 MK2. Have you guys tried this combo?
    I looked at "Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews" on youtube who reviewed the unit and one person in the comments talks about an 5000 MK3. Does anyone know if there is such a thing in the making? Im afraid to buy the MK2 today and in 2-3 months there will be a MK3 with bigger battery for example. That would drive me crazy. Im thinking that since the MK2 have a few years history, maybe its time for MK3?

    Lotoo PAW 6000 seems nice but thats a bit too expensive still. Maybe that is the "MK3"...

    @Hawaiibadboy i would love to hear your take on this since i trust your judgement 100%. Am i crazy for getting the 5000 MK2 today? A good player is a good player but you know... :)
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Get the 5ooMkII

    It's a beast and had the DSP Blackfin chip for PEQ. Fantastic DAP. The best for EQ users
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  15. KPzypher
    Why is this thread so quiet? Are you guys not enjoying your LPGT? Come on guys I need some motivation to purchase this DAP I've been eyeing for a while. :ksc75smile::o2smile: Have they fixed all the software issues with the latest FW?
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