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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. cooperpwc
    Nothing too terrible. For me the wishlist is:
    1. Gapless is still not quite right. (That will come I am sure. It took a while but they got it working rather well on the PAW Gold.)
    2. One of the best features of the firmware is that whatever you select to play (for example an album) automatically becomes the current "Playing List" which can be added to, deleted from and resorted. (It is like Rockbox this way.) But the sorting is messy: you drag and drop a song and it lands kind of randomly. Sometimes I move a song three times before it sits where I want it. This should be easy to fix and I hope that they do soon.

    You will be very happy. If you find the sound to be a bit too neutral (a matter of taste), try the PMEQ setting in my signature.

    Anyway enjoy. This is a fine DAP.
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  2. Nayparm
    Wasn't your gapless issue with a certain file format i.e. not flac, as thats always been perfect for me.
  3. KPzypher
    I'll make sure to try your PMEQ setting. Thanks.
  4. cooperpwc
    Yes. Testing again, it seems that the problem may just be with M4A files (including Apple Lossless). There is an annoying pop during transitions in Gapless. The player defaults to Fade Out as a Switching Effect so Lotoo are aware of the Issue. Fade Out is not bad but the gap is a bit more than ideal.
  5. musicday
    Since the Bluetooth inside LPGT is both sender and receiver, did anyone tried this feature to connect to TV? What do you think?
  6. KPzypher
    Just got this delivered 5 minutes ago. Quick snapshot from my phone.

    20190930_162222.jpg 20190930_162028.jpg

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

    It is exactly what I wanted. Build quality is superb, very subtle design Qs which I like. Dial feels really good with good clicks.

    Simple UI is lightning fast. Super fast powerup. So glad it's not Android. Settings galore. Can't wait till I mess around with PMEQ.

    Updating FW to

    Overall, very pleased.
  7. KPzypher
    OK. OK. A little closer look.

    The way list of songs are displayed is kinda crap
    I don't know if I need to retag everything. Wish there are little more sorting options too. Not very intuitive.

    Sound... is kinda aggressive?? Didnt have time to really mess with all the different filters and settings but I'm sure nothing a good eq can't fix. Out of the box, I like the way Cayin sounds better.

    More to follow.
  8. mwhals
    Maybe there is a font setting to make the font smaller. Also, burn in may help smooth out the aggressiveness. I have heard this is a very neutral sounding DAP.
    KPzypher likes this.
  9. KPzypher
    Sorry should've been more clear. I meant the way the tracks are sorted. How 01 from every album is displayed first instead of sorted by song title in alphabetical order. Maybe because it's pulling from file name instead of metadata? Not sure how these usually work but other apps i've used (UAPP, HIBY, blackplayer, etc.) doesn't do this.

    And i'm not a huge believer of burn-ins, especially for DAPs. But I definitely respect what others hear.
  10. mwhals
    I may pass on Lotoo based on this. The LPG has screen issues with failure and now I see the LPGT has sorting issues.
  11. cooperpwc
    It is displaying and sorting from the file names. The tagged names appear below in small print.
  12. KPzypher
    Yeah seems that way. Isn't that kinda backwards? And no sorting by genre or album artist. Now I have to edit all the tags just for this player. But then if you rename with song title first, now you run into issues of albums not being sorted in track order. It's one way or the other. Cant have it both ways. Kinda disappointing considering the price.

    I doubt they'll update it with FW. Maybe this is how the Asian market/listeners prefers it? Hmm.
  13. KPzypher
    Don't let it discourage you. It sounds great. But then it should right? Considering the price?

    And I found a funny translation too. After making changes in setting, instead of asking "save" then yes or no option, it asks "whether to save." What the hell is that? Little things. And it has one language but three keyboards (eng, jap, chi). Again little things, but they add up.

    This is why I now tend to stay with big companies like Sony, Shure, Sennheiser, etc. Just overall better quality,QC, R&D, etc.
  14. mwhals
    The Asian DAPs I have go to a huge list of songs when I select genre. Then the LPGT sorts like your picture. No wonder A&K charge a kidney for their DAPs if they get these thing correct. Sony WM1Z may be my next DAP as they get the sorting correct and my Sony HAP-Z1ES sounds fantastic in my living room system.
  15. KPzypher
    I was considering WM1Z just for the long battery life but then couldn't get past the charging cable they use.

    I really wanted this to be my be-it-all DAP for a long time. I guess owners of LPGT aren't too bothered by the way Lotoo does sorting. My search continues........
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