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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Just did OTA update, it went through really fast! Glad I don't need to download and copy anything manually :D
  2. cooperpwc
    Dear Lotoo,

    Please turn off the Scroll Bar when sorting the Playing List. It makes moving songs difficult. Thank you!
  3. Nayparm
    And WM1A lol
  4. ppnuts
  5. parabellum777
    Yes, you have to unzip it.
  6. Indeez
    As promised, follow is description of my complaints to LTOS.

    My LTOS is localised to Russian, and this is the first problem - there is no option for user to change language of the system. Hence, it is possible that I will mention elements of LTOS not as they are named in English version.

    Songs section. This is useless for me at all. Songs section enlists files rather than tracks, hence I have to have deal with filenames. My convention for naming tracks is like <track number - track title>.<file-extension>. Hence, the list starts from tens/hundreds of files like 01 - *, then 02 - * and so on. Hence, it is pointless. Filter by audio resolution here is pointless for me too - choosing only hi-res or DSD files is pointless for me.

    Artist section. It is quite suboptimal that artists are grouped by Artist tag rather than by Album Artist one. For example, we have some album of some artist, where other artists take participation. As a result, many tracks have Artist tag value like Artist1 & Artist2, Artist1 & Artist3, Artist1 & Artist4 and so on (Artist1 is primary for that album). As far as there could be only one Artist tag (at least I'm not aware about specifying multiple Artist tags), each combination of ArtistX & ArtistY is treated like some unique artist. And when Artist section groups tracks by Artist tag, it becomes annoying. It would be better, per my taste, to group them by Album Artist. In above mentioned example we could specify Artist1 as Album Artist, while specify unique Artist per each track. Also, when I jump into some artist section and then back, I am moved to the beginning of the Artist list. Absolutely suboptimal.

    Albums section. Moving forth and back is correct here, I'm returned to the current album while back from some album to album list. The (minor) problem here is that album covers are loaded slowly - it could take several seconds to load album art after scrolling throughout album list. I don't use Album section, because it is impractical for me to scroll throughout hundreds of albums. I won't to keep in my memory title of every album of every artist to navigate over lengthy album list promptly.

    Folders section. This is most used section by me, because my library orginasied as tree hierarchy, where on top are artist folders, each artist folder contains folder per album, and each album folder contains tracks of that album. The problem here is when I return back from folder of some album to the main screen, and the go to Folders section again, I hit folder of album, which track is currently being played back. Why? When I go from main screen to Folder section, I expect to reach artist folders.

    Playback screen. When I push play button, playback screen with album art is appeared. Ok, I don't like to look at album art, I prefer to look at the screen where VU-meter is displayed. Then I go back to the album folder (Back button in the top left corner), choose another track, and now I am again on album art screen. Why LTOS doesn't preserve my choice and don't move me to VU-meter screen? Ok, I swipe to VU-meter screen from album art screen. Now I want to go to the "now playing" playlist (top right corner button). By default it is hidden, and I need to tap on the screen such that top bar to be appeared. But tap moves me to Album art screen! When I then tap on Album art screen, top bar is appeared. But why it was not appeared on VU-meter screen by tap? If I wanted to go to Album art screen, I would swipe to the left for that! Also, top bar on the playback screen has slightly smaller height than top bar in the folder section or "now playing" section. It is not critical, but it is inaccurate and it is annoying.

    When I go from playback screen back to folder, I have no option to return back to playback screen, unless I will swipe from the bottom to the top, go to main screen, and from there to playback screen. If I want to return back to playback screen, I also can tap on the same or some another track in the folder. If I tap on currently played back track, the track is start from the beginning? Why to don't interrupt current position and just continue to playback this track?

    Search. While my LTOS is localised to Russian, I'm not able to search by cyrillic letters, only by english ones. But half (or more) of my library are tracks titled in Russian.

    PMEQ/ATE. I practically don't use PMEQ, but actively use ATE. When I go to PMEQ/ATE section, PMEQ screen always appears, if "None" is chosen. Why my last choice is not saved? If previously I worked with ATE section, and then had chosen "None", next time I expect to go to ATE section. It would be logical. But this is not case - I will be moved to PMEQ section.


    P.S.: New slider has bug. When it is moved to the bottom, the last entry string is cut by half. I need to scroll list down to make last entry string to appear completely.
  7. cooperpwc
    I use the Folders section too. Returning to the current album when you enter the Folders is the Lotoo system. It is carry-over from the LPG. I like it but it is a matter of taste.

    You use the ATE? I am fascinated by this. Which setting(s) and why?

    I agree that the new slider is no improvement. And they have to get rid of the Slider when moving songs in the Playing List, as the slider sits right where you touch a song to move it.

    Generally, moving songs in the Playing List needs to be improved. When you move a song with your finger, it should finish where you drop it. Instead it lands somewhat randomly.
  8. Indeez

    I use it primarily with CA Solaris. When ATE is set to None, sound of Solaris sometimes is unpleasant and fluctuates between "good/very good" and "annoying" (depends on album). That is why I use Sweet or Style 990. Style 990, while is significant impact on sound, is quite nice and comfortable for me. Practically I used it up to 80% of time when my Solaris were below 100 hrs. Sweet is good as well. With CA Atlas I use Sweet or None.
  9. cooperpwc
    Thanks. I am getting ahead of myself here as I will post a comparison of the Touch with the LPG in the other thread soon, but I would like you to try a PMEQ setting.


    Download the above file ON.eq and put it in the Upgrade folder on your SD card. When you have disconnected from your computer, go in the Settings to "EQ Settings" > "PMEQ", and press the icon in the top right to enter "EQ Manage". Then select "Import" at the bottom.

    The new PMEQ is called "ON". It changes both sub-bass and treble response*. Please try it and let me know what you think. Leave the XRC (upsampling) set to OFF.

    I think I understand why you are using the ATE settings; the sound of the LPGT out of the box is so neutral that it is kind of blah. Perhaps you will find that this PMEQ setting sounds better than the Style 990 ATE. I think that it does.

    *Band - Type - F0(Hz) - GAIN(dB) - Q
    1 - BPF - 50 - 1.2 - 1.0
    2 - BPF - 75 - 0.9 - 1.0
    3 - BPF - 90 - 0.1 - 1.0
    4 - BPF - 200 - 0.0 - 1.0
    3 - BPF - 6000 1.7 - 0.6
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  10. cooperpwc
    I am back on the road and diving even deeper into this wonderful DAP. I have my ideal PMEQ setting (ON.eq - see my post immediately above). But I cannot over-emphasize the importance of leaving the XRC upsampling turned OFF. Sorry folks, at least for headphone listening, it is a gimmick and a negative one. Many reviewers are leaving XRC on because it makes the sound seem a bit more dynamic, which is seemingly welcome given the blah neutral signature of the LPGT out of the box. But that neutral signature is properly fixed with PMEQ. The LPGT is blank canvass that you can paint exactly as you like with the Blackfin (ADI BF706) processor. (It is not the reviewers' fault that they review the LPGT as is; requiring PMEQ for the LPGT to sound good but not providing a decent preset is a trap that Lotoo created, and which is undermining the appreciation of this fine DAP.)

    By contrast, XRC upsampling on the LPGT (via a dedicated AKM4137 chip) is a negative. It collapses the 3-dimensional holographic nature of the sound stage. It artificially interpolates detail, and in doing so it destroys all those subtle cues that resided in-between. Those little nuances are what the brain interprets to create a sense of 3-dimensional ambiance.

    To get LPGT into its zone of excellence, the rule is simple:

    PMEQ XRC2.jpg

    A public service announcement from Kobe Bryant: Remember to put the environment first. Never litter. Always use a proper receptacle to dispose of garbage.

    Kobe Bryant XRC Trash rs.jpg
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  11. chuzie
    this happen when i import your PMEQ
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  12. cooperpwc
    Yah, unfortunately the import (and export) features are still a bit buggy. That is the ‘yellow screen of death’ that you get when the LPGT crashes. Turn your LPGT off and restart it. Doing a Reset from the main Settings screen will fresh load the OS and ensure that everything is normal. Then if you try to do the import again, it should work.

    First check to see if the eq setting got successfully imported before your machine crashed...

    I also provided all the details to create the setting yourself at the bottom of my post. Here again:

    Band - Type - F0(Hz) - GAIN(dB) - Q
    1 - BPF - 50 - 1.2 - 1.0
    2 - BPF - 75 - 0.9 - 1.0
    3 - BPF - 90 - 0.1 - 1.0
    4 - BPF - 200 - 0.0 - 1.0
    3 - BPF - 6000 1.7 - 0.6

    This is another easy option - at least until they get the import/export bugs worked out.

    Sorry it didn’t work for you the first time.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  13. mrhizzo
    Can you tell me what's the speed transfer to the SD card in the real world?
  14. kubig123
    I never check the speed transfer, I bought it for the capacity, most of the time I'm using a 4 years old laptop and cannot compete with a newer one with usb c technology.
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  15. ppnuts
    Many thanks cooperpwc. Adopted your eq setting in my LPGT. Detailed, dynamic and lucid throughout the spectrum. Cannot do without it now. Thanks again.
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