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Looking for (probably) basshead over ear (portable-ish)wireless headphones with decent battery life

  1. bitpawp
    So I recently had a pair of google pixel buds. I REALLY liked the sound and quality but they were difficult to keep in my ears and their battery life was pretty low. So I sold those, and I just received a pair of Sony WH-H900N h.ear 2 headphones and...well, they don't sound very good to me. It's kind of crazy to me that they'd personally sound a worse. Sound impotence seems like a large issue with the H900Ns, as the google pixel buds felt full and robust on my lame galaxy s7. The plan was to get something for my new walkman a45. I want some over-ear headphones that are portable enough for me to use just about anywhere, get around anywhere in the 20hr battery life range, and DO NOT have noise cancelling. Well, more accurately, I want the option to have noise cancelling off at least. I have a tendency to daydream, lose myself in my mind, and forget my surroundings. This can be very dangerous while crossing the street and such.

    So, with this all in mind, and the idea that the google buds have pretty good bass (from my observations, and according to linus tech tips), what wireless Bluetooth headphones would any of you guys recommend? Also, sorry if any of this is confusing. I'm new here and pretty sure I just caught a head-cold so my thoughts might be a bit jumbled.

    EDIT: okay so after playing around with some sound settings on some headphones, I've realized what I'm really looking for. EXTREMES! I like having clear highs and super low bass lows. Bass is still a priority but I would also like my highs to be prominent.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
  2. trellus
    I've unfortunately never heard the Google Pixel Buds as a reference -- nor the Sony WH-900N h.ear 2 for that matter -- so I'm hoping someone who has pipes in here since they'd be better equipped to offer recommendations, but of the BT headphones I have that have a "full and robust sound", these immediately come to mind:

    * M&O MOOH-BE00BT - No ANC, aptX (but still sound good with my iPhone which doesn't even have aptX) rated at 32 hour battery life, very smooth, "round", full sound, nice bass, 45 mm beryllium-coated drivers, very comfy, over-ear, $149.99 Prime on Amazon currently: https://www.amazon.com/Beryllium-well-balanced-fatigue-free-high-speed-propagation/dp/B071HXD5RV/

    * Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 (they do have ANC but it can be turned off), over-ear, comfy (not quite as comfy as M&O, but still darn good comfort), rated at 24 hour battery life, aptX / AAC, similar sound signature as M&O, maybe not as smooth, highs somewhat more prominent than M&O, $138.98 Prime on Amazon currently: https://www.amazon.com/Plantronics-Wireless-Noise-Cancelling-Backbeat/dp/B01MY4P9EZ/
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  3. bitpawp
    The backbeat pro 2's are looking interesting. I forgot to mention I'm looking for something around $100 so this is a decent option. I really don't want to go over $150 because I don't want these to be stolen, leaving me sad music deprived soul. I'm pretty sure I'm looking for bass, and one more thing: the "low impotence" thing, as I heard about it, is basically "fuller" sound at a lower volume. Which I can definitely attest to. The pixel buds could be at a quarter to one third volume and it'd sound amazing and I wouldn't really have to turn the volume any louder if I didn't want to. Does that make sense?
  4. nabeelkhan
    Think you mean Impedance as opposed to impotence which is the inability in a man to achieve an erection or orgasm :)
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  5. bitpawp
    YUPPP well that's embarrassing. Also I think I may have been incorrect with my assumption that it was the bass that I was enjoying so much. As you can tell I'm very much a noob, but I can guarentee whatever I heard on thoe pixel buds sounded fantastic. Maybe I should be looking for something more or less with less harsh lows and highs and good mids? If that's the case maybe the senheiser Momentums 2.0 would be a good choice...ughhh I can't remember i
    exactly those pixel buds sounded like.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
  6. nabeelkhan
    No worries, I'm not an expert either. The backbeats mentioned above are decent another headphone in your price range is the AKG Y50, tried them out briefly seemed decent enough
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
  7. bitpawp
    I've been looking at the senheiser 4.50 and those look interesting as well. I kind hope someone else comments with more experience with these headphones.
  8. serman005
    They are solid. Mids are pretty good. Well-constructed for the money. Not a bad option.
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  9. bitpawp
    How are the highs and lows?
  10. serman005
    Lows are strong with good definition and highs have some sparkle and extension to them. Mids are on the warm side, IMO, but not mushy. The low end does not step on the mids meaningfully. Just my takes and YMMV, of course..
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  11. bitpawp
    Okay so after playing around with some sound settings on some headphones, I've realized what I'm really looking for. EXTREMES! I like having clear highs and super low bass lows. Bass is still a priority but I would also like my highs to be prominent. So with that taken into account, please keep the suggestions coming! I've been looking at everything everyone's posted so I appreciate the responses!
  12. nabeelkhan
    You could always order a few from Amazon and then return within 30 days. They have an excellent return policy (as long as you don't damage the box or similar). I think in your price range you may be limited but you could look at Amazon warehouse deals for slightly used models which could open up your options
  13. bitpawp
    That's kind of what I did with these Sony headphones and the pixel buds really. Except I had to resell them myself because of ebay. X.X
  14. bitpawp
    Does anyone have experience with the Senheiser HD1 Momentum Wireless Bluetooth headphones?
  15. trellus
    Yes, there's a thread on here for those, you will get more responses asking here:


    And to clarify, this thread reveals that the "HD-1" is really just a rename of the Momentum 2 name because Sennheiser for legal reasons can no longer use "Momentum" in the U.S. and Turkey:


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