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Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and Wireless!

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  1. FunkDrummer

    The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and new wireless models. They seem to have larger ear cups and now fold! Although I'm a bit skeptical about the wireless model, I'm pretty sure Sennheiser will find a way to deliver. Hopefully Sennheiser keeps the sound quality and signature the same with a deeper soundstage!

    Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear (Wireless)


    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over Ear

  2. maniac2003
    Looks good [​IMG] 
    Glad I didn't grab the old momentum or the urbanite recently.
  3. schalliol
    I would really enjoy trying a pair of these guys out!  I have some Sennheiser RS 130s and RS 65s gathering dust.  If you really can get Momentum performance wirelessly, these could really be great.
  4. Daegalus
    Now to sell my old Momentums and my MDR-1A once these come out. Definitely getting these.
  5. rookie2009
    Wonder will the ear cups in these be slightly bigger than the previous version. If so Il be snapping up a set of these myself :)
  6. Daegalus
    Their page says the cups are bigger, same with the CES article
  7. oggdude
    For the over ear they've added all the things i wanted. Bigger ear cups, foldable design and a much smaller looking case. I just hope they haven't changed the sound signature too much, maybe be a little more impact in the low end.
    I just don't want the sound signature to be too different. With the smaller form factor i won't have to choose anymore between the Momentums and the V-Moda M100's when out and about, i can take both with me.
  8. Mike43110
    While I have the original, if the wireless can have the same sound signature when plugged in it would be an instant buy!

    Hoping to hear some impressions soon!
  9. Wyd4
    These definately have my interest.
    I will be watching this closely.
    I loved my momentums but the cups were just that touch too small.
    That and the folding action is awesome.
    If they can get the sound of the original Momentum in a wireless slightly larger form, I am sold.
  10. FunkDrummer

    Here are some video on this beauty! Already judging from the earcups, I can tell this will probably beat out the MDR 1-R in comfort :O Apparently ANC is really good, but no details on the sound quality. As for the ESRP, I can't tell whether the price mentioned in the video is legitimate. Let's just hope the price is hopefully cheaper than mentioned :wink: 
  11. Vindication
    Someone on twitter (@_Trev_ ) said the audio was pretty good, noise canceling was average (he's at CES, would have to drown out a lot of sound I'm sure) and the BT reception was horrible. 
    Personally, i like the fact it has the wireless option but more so i like that you can still hook up a cable if you so choose to. I guess my question would be.....since they are making a wired Momentum and this wireless model. Would the wired headphones sound the same as the wireless if they were still wired? 
  12. Brickmaster7398
    Has the price for these been announced yet?
  13. Zoop
    around 500USD for over-ear according to engaget.
    UK sennheiser website has it for 349GBP for over ear and 249 for on-ear
    i really like my wired on-ear. so im hoping the over-ear wirelss will become my main movie cans. 
  14. Mike43110
    I feel that we should start posting the lyrics to "Hey Jude" to get him to review the two new ones!

    My wallet is already glaring at me.
    VeggiePopper likes this.
  15. SeEnCreaTive
    As freaking gourgous as they are, $500 is a hard sell for wireless. Better off with some 459, or t50rps and a headphone amp for the same price. (Modded t50s and amp would be closer to $300)
    Heck if you have 2 pair of momentiums (old and new) might as well sell them both just go for the best period and get some Audeze El-8s. $699 never get another pair of cans again O.o

    For the wired momentiums, we'll see how much they'll be. Anything over $200 I think might be too much. There are very very very good options for under that price
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