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  1. dbkwall

    FS: Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) Ether 2 w/ 1/4" Vivo Cable w/ accesories

    Dan Clark Audio (Mr.Speakers) Ether 2 Flagship Planar Magnetic Headphones + 1/4" Vivo cable + Hard Sided Carry Case + Certificate of Authenticity + Original Box. All items are in excellent condition. Small indentation on earcup can be seen in photos. Buyer pays for shipping and Paypal fees...
  2. bbfoto

    FS: ***Price Reduced*** BNIB ORA Sound Graphene Q ''GQ'' Wired & BT Apt-X HD Wireless Over-Ear Closed-Back Headphones!

    I purchased 3 pairs of the ORA Sound Graphene-Q or "GQ" headphones during the 2nd round of the crowd-funding campaign and am keeping Two of them (one as a backup because I love them)! You can search my posts in the GQ thread here for my impressions. So I have ONE extra Graphene-Q headphone...
  3. AMG401

    ---SOLD--- ZMF Vibro Mk II Purpleheart

    For sale are a pair of the MK II Vibro's in Purpleheart wood. They are in good shape, and the pads have normal wear, without any rips or unusual issues. The headband itself seems a bit more worn in, but in overall decent condition. Only thing about these headphones that seem a bit off are the...
  4. Audiofly AF240

    Audiofly AF240

    Driver type: 40mm single membrane neodymium driver Frequency range: 20-20 kHz Sensitivity: 103dB at 1 kHz Impedance: 16 Ohms Cable length: 1.5m/60" Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated straight jack PLEASE NOTE: Audiofly is continually updating and improving its products. As such, these specifications...
  5. M

    Recommendations for an all rounder kinda bassy headphones?

    Hi, I'm new to these forums so kinda just learning about em. Anyways, I just recently bought a SBx G6 because I thought it was like the battery-less version of the e5 that almost blew up on me but no mic unfortunately lol. Anyways, I've had a pair of AKG M220s for a while I like them a lot but I...
  6. gedneyj

    Recommendation: Cheap isolating headphones

    I know this may seem odd to ask on such a high quality forum, but I greatly appreciate everyone's insights over the years. My wife is doing schoolwork from home, and we have a lot of distractions with me, 3 kids, a dog, and a cat. I need to find a pair of headphones that she can use to block...
  7. baseonmars

    [SOLD] Fostex TH610 (TH-610)

    Selling my pair of Fostex TH-610s. These were my first step into higher end head-fi and I'm sad to let them go but need to make room for some new gear. I've taken excellent care of them using a headphone stand when not in use and a padded carry case when moving between locations. Along with the...
  8. Ian Balisy

    Denon AH-D2000

    Looking to sell my AH-D2000s, after several years of very gentle use. They’re in almost perfect condition apart from natural wear/deterioration of the pleather headband and the outside seam of the ear pads (the ear pads themselves are perfect). As many reviewers have noted, these are fantastic...
  9. djembeplay

    Focal Clear HFs ***SOLD***

    Hear ye, hear ye… up for sale are my (soon to be your) Focal Clear headphones (cue bell rings and crowd gasps). I suppose in our ultra speed society I should limit this ad to something that can be read between blinks, but I want to add a little more info. So, first and foremost -- the...
  10. soundyone

    Headphones (AKG, BT, AT, ?) + DAP (FiiO?) (up to 500 €)

    Looking to update headphones and DAP for office use. I am not very needy listener, but need something more than average mp3 and cheaper headphones. Its hard to set maximum price, but I´d hope to get under 500 €, previously been using FiiO E10k and Sennheisers 558/598. Main music I have is CD...
  11. Deolum

    Best closed bass cans for ~ 300 bucks

    Hello i'm looking for over ear closed headphones with a lot of bass for electronic music. My source is chord mojo. I prefer a brand which is widely available in europe and not an exotic one since i wanna have the opportunity to test it and send it back if i don't like it. My main earphones are...
  12. S

    Need suggestions for over-the-ear headphones

    I'm looking for headphones with some of this qualities: 1) Looks: I'd prefer headbands that are almost perfectly round like the ones in the photo below. Shallow ear pads would be nice, too, but not a must. 2) Wired. It can have bluetooth, but I need to use it with cable. 3) Active noise...
  13. macdonjh

    *SOLD* ZMF Atticus

    I have a pair of ZMF Atticus for sale. Included are the case, the headphones and a standard ZMF cable with a 4-pin XLR connector. I am the second owner, I think. I purchased them here from a Head-Fi member. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. I accept PayPal (please add 1.5% to price +...
  14. Kazz123

    *SOLD* FS: Audio-Technica ATH-A1000z ART monitor (Made in Japan)

    SOLD Quite an amazing headphone. Extremely comfortable and light, high quality build, made in Japan. Bass extends low, but keeps being very lively and fast without leaking into the midrange. The midrange is smooooooooth, especially for vocals these are on another level. Highs are a bit...
  15. OKCSC ZX1


    Specifications: - Driver: 57mm composite film horn speaker + 180 Degree Open Cavity - Impedance: 32 Ω - Sensitivity: 98 dB - Frequency range: 16 - 20000Hz
  16. BrandtRanj

    Black Friday 2019: Our deepest discounts of the year

    Head-Fi members, The Status Audio team has decided to go all-out for Black Friday this year: we’re offering a 40% discount on our website and on Amazon — no promo code required. These deals are live, and will be available until Tuesday, December 5. International shipping is available to...
  17. B

    neutral bluetooth over-ears ?

    Hi all, new to this forum and did some searching but couldn't find a thread with suggestions targeting my needs (if this is due to my ineptitude with the search functionality, feel free to point me to existing threads). Trying to find the right wireless cans for me. I bought the Sony...
  18. faultfracture

    FS or FT: Focal Spirit Classic Brand New Sealed in Box

    I have for sale a pair of the Focal Spirit Classic, sealed in its original shrink-wrap. I have a pair of these already that have been in my arsenal for a couple years so I don't need these. Sound quality of these cans is absolutely terrific, bass is bottomless and the treble is neutral and well...
  19. Boltune BT-BH011 Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Boltune BT-BH011 Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Boltune BT-BH011 ANC Headphones As mentioned in my last review, noise cancelling headphones are becoming very popular. Arguably, the undisputed kings in noise cancelling arena are the Sony MX-1000X3 and the Bose QC35II; both of which I am intimately familiar with. While I found the...
  20. SoundMAGIC HP1000

    SoundMAGIC HP1000

  21. T

    Headphones for a Small Head Index

    Hello! I've lurked through the forum for a bit and found a few threads on this subject but of all different price points, most of which outside of my own :darthsmile:. What I am looking for is data to turn into a graphic I can submit to the forum that contains headphones for Small Heads at...
  22. zato23

    (Sold) BossHifi B8 Wooden Headphones

    BossHifi B8 Wooden Headphones in mint condition i didnt used them for more than 5 hours because they are big for my head when i received them the cable was problematic so the cable you see on pics is an aftermarket cable (115cm) Price is 53 euros shipped
  23. C

    Decent passive isolation over-ears recommendation

    Hi all, This is my first proper post, please bear with me! I currently use some Grado SR325e with my Dragonfly Red and Macbook Air. Music taste fairly varied: Post #10144 I'm pretty happy with the setup, and I enjoy the "Grado sound", but am now in the market for some headphones that...
  24. creaturekyle

    Over Ears w/ Good Isolation That Sound Similar to Porta Pro?

    Hi guys, I've been haunting many threads trying to find some good suggestions on my own and just haven't been able to get any solid answers. I love the warmth and bass thump of the Porta Pros, and the treble roll off is perfect for me, I'm pretty sensitive to treble. I love that sound...
  25. macdonjh

    SOLD Beyerdynamic T-90 (250 Ohm) Reduced SOLD

    I have a pair of Beyerdynamic T-90 open back, over-ear head phones for sale. They are the 250 Ohm version. They are black and chrome. Fixed 3m cable, 1/4" / 6.3mm TRS plug: Hard storage/ travel case: Original box (and double outer box for shipping): They are in good condition and...