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Looking for headphones that swivel flat

  1. mahlerfan999
    Well I've seen a few posters describe those cans as bright and bass anemic.
  2. tdockweiler
    Try the Koss Pro DJ 100. They pretty closely meet your requirements, but they need a good amp.
    The highs on them are very slightly rolled off. A bit less then my old HD-600 though.
  3. xabu


    yes, if you put them on the wrong way ... it's kinda difficult to position for good sound as is with some in-ears ...
  4. Jaunty

    Bowers & Wilkins P5   

    I believe fold flat and are warm sounding. But don't take my word for it.

  5. mahlerfan999


    These just might do.  Looked through your reviews: if it's more bass than the audio-technica ad700 it should be enough bass.  The amp brings out the bass on the ad700 so it sounds less plastic/artificial and overall much better unamped but not enough.  While my M-Audio Q40s sound like earthquakes on my ears now! For once I think it's too much, they were better when improperly amped. lol
    I also like that it looks like you have positive results with an ipod touch + total airhead... because that happens to be my other listening solution.
  6. tdockweiler


    Yeah definitely more bass than the AD700. It has more than the SRH-440, k240 Studio and about the same as the SRH-840. It's far from bass heavy though. I don't think I've ever felt it was even remotely bass light. It definitely won't have as much bass as a Q40, 750DJ or M50 (maybe the new version? I'm not sure).
    The included pads are not very deep, so some may not get a proper seal for the bass. They work with the Pearstone Velour pads and the M30 pads. M30 pads are the most comfortable and they don't make my ears hot. Those velour pads get so hot after just an hour.
    The Airhead worked well with them, same with my Asgard, but they sounded bad with my Nuforce Mobile and E5. Listening to the DJ100 unamped is not a fun experience.
  7. chnsawBrutality
    The M50s swivel flat.
    The Astro gaming headphones do it too.  I haven't listened to them though, my brother has a pair.

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