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Looking for headphones that swivel flat

  1. mahlerfan999
    I love my Sennheiser hd650, boy it would be cool if I could take them with me.  But they won't fit in my laptop case.
    You know what?  My M-Audio Q40 headphones can collapse but do not swivel flat, and again don't fit in my laptop case.  And in fact, I have only one that does fit-- Beyerdynamic dt660.  They are too bright though for me.
    Now I'm tired of earphones, even with the comfy Klipsch S4s I listen for long enough that they bother my ears.  I am done with IEMs.  Sick of ear wax build up, tired of irritated ears.
    I've tried the search function but I can't find what I'm looking for.  This is what I want:
    (a) swivel flat
    (b) warm, but not muddy, dark but still having treble extension (i.e. simply rolled off) just like my 650s
    I hope that I don't appear to be a bossy jerk, I don't mean to be.  I appreciate you guys, this forum is a great asset for finding headphones in a saturated market.  Please help me out here.
  2. mahlerfan999
  3. mrbrad
    I have some Senn HD238s that sound pretty good. I don't know if they are up to your standard. The ear cups swivel to lay flat, but they don't fold up. When laid out flat, they are about 1.25" high, probably more than you want.
    The PX 100 folds pretty flat, again, probably not the sound quality you want.
    I doubt you will find what you want in the high end, as most have much larger earphone cups that portable ones.
    Good luck.
  4. mahlerfan999
    Thanks!  I can see that I misspoke, I meant swivel flat, it doesn't need to fold up.  I'll edit the title and post and see if I get more replies.  I'm glad to have a candidate headphone for purchase (the 238).[​IMG]
  5. xabu
    ...well, the beyerdynamic T50P ... very small (flat about 3.5 cm high, cups diameter about 6 cm, 174 g) ... but I doubt that they are close to your preferred sound signature ...
  6. ljokerl Contributor
    Phiaton MS400 might be worth a look. They come with a handy carrying case, too, so you can shove them in your bag without worry.
  7. mahlerfan999


    You prompted me to search it out on your shootout... and that sounds absolutely perfect!  It collapses flat with a case, it has a warm and dark sound signature, and sensitivity low enough to not pick up on the noise from my laptop (I had that problem with my S4 hissing like mad), is comfy and isolating.  A perfect fit for me!  Thanks I'll be ordering this next week.
  8. Chingyul
    I believe the Audio-Technica ES-7 fold flat
  9. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Grados swivel flat, but I'm not sure they're what you're looking for.
  10. mahlerfan999


    Yeah my Beyerdynamic dt660s have me covered on the bright side of things.
  11. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Then again, what about the Alessandros? They have a reputation for being more neutral that the typical Grados.
  12. SnookiMonstr
    Hey dude, what amp and dac do you use with your 650's. I need help buying my own! Please help (PM me if you can)
  13. Bones13 Contributor
    My AT ESW10JPN would fit that bill, the flat part and the signature.  They show up from time to time in the for sale section.  Not sure if you can still order them from audiocubes, or similar.
  14. mahlerfan999
    Well funny enough I decided to upgrade my dac/amp first, I got the nuforce udac-2 and now all of my headphones have more bass impact and sound smoother.  So guess what?  I have to change sound signature for the sake of synergy!  Now I'm looking for neutral, but still smooth sounding and comfy on my head. Of course still swivel flat.  Sorry to be such a nuisance.
  15. xabu


    ... then we are almost back to the T50p ... but in any case you have to test them with your own ears ...

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