1. GustavMahler

    Beyer DT660 for studio use?

    I've got them recently and they're okay. But a little too bright for me and not reach enough. Maybe some more break in is needed but i suspect it's not the cause. Still the closed pair with the best soundstage i've ever heard, So i'll keep them. What about using them for studio monitoring and...
  2. FreakMarken

    Would appreciate some suggestions for 300-400 budget, over the ears cans, that are to take out in the world! (clamp/leakage)

    I have been doing a lot of research for the past week, and I realised how much minimal knowledge I have. So I figured maybe some knowledgeful people could assist me in my research for my first pair of cans! ^^   -Have around 300-400$ budget. -Need low leakage -Need decent clamp  -I...
  3. syntheticfish

    Sub $150 headphones for classical music in coffee shop use

    Hello! I'm looking to buy my first reasonable pair of headphones. I listen to mainly classical music and these will be for use in a coffee shop powered from a laptop or iPhone etc. I'm on a tight budget of $150. I have no problem buying second hand to get in under this figure. I currently...
  4. aphex944

    Beyerdynamic DT 660 / 880 / 990 Pro -- A comparison

    Beyerdynamic DT 660 / 880 / 990 Pro A comparison -- Intro/Background -- My first real headphone experience was with a pair of Grado SR60s which I still own to this day. All I knew at the time was that they were "audiophile" quality, and I truly thought that this must be the...
  5. gabru678

    How to move on and up from ATH-M50's?

    I have a pair of ATH-M50’s that I have had for about 1.75 years now and would now like to pick a new pair.  I have been out of the Head-Fi loop for a little while now and am now interested in getting in and getting something new again.   I would like to keep the budget under $250 and like to...
  6. SoundsGood

    Closed cans for classical - options

    Looking to upgrade from my current pair: Denon D1001.  I know closed aren't preferable for classical, but I need to keep them closed to block external noises.  I use them mostly out of my MacBook listening to lossless files or streaming from MOG.   So far, I've been thinking about the...
  7. GoldfishX

    Recommendations please - Closed back headphone with good/great isolation, forward mids, around $300 (for work)

    Currently, I am running my DT660 with a Leckerton 6UHA MkII amp at work. They are great for classical music, but almost totally hit or miss with just about everything else. They have a wide soundstage and mids tend to sound very passive on them (on top of the overall sound being bass-light), to...
  8. starbux48

    Takstar HI 2050 Open headphones any good? Looking below $100

    Reviews on look very good for cans selling under $60.  I prefer Open-Air(Back) cans, will run mostly off my computer output.  Enjoyed Senn 518s before, AKG K240 and MKII's, Beyer DT660's.  Loved the Beyers to death but unable right now to afford them.  Takstars look a lot like the...
  9. BravoLima

    Closed, compact and predominantly for classical music

    Hello,   I have been reading the forum for days now and decided to ask for advice. I would like to buy a pair of compact closed head-phones for indoor use (office, library etc). I mostly listen classical but not foreign to electronic and rock. I have noted few recommendations, suggesting BD...
  10. InfiniteShift

    Looking for new headphones! Help!

    Hello Head-Fi! Long time lurker, first time poster here.   I'm looking to do a full upgrade on my audio system for my computer, coming from on-board audio (I used to use an external sound card but, upon getting new IEMs, I began to notice a hiss much worse than the one from the on-board...
  11. AlexZanderZee

    Quick Question about headphone amplification.

    This question probably has a simple answer, so here it goes. I purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 660 headphones for listening to classical music. I simply have them plugged directly into my PC, and this makes sense since their impedance is 32 ohms. The product came with the 6.34 mm adapter...
  12. Hanzkasper

    Beyer DT660 2007 Edition with Pleather Pads

    Hi there,   I put some Equation RP-21 earpads on my Beyer DT660. Warmed them up significantly and they finally have the lowend impact i always wanted them to have. Down to 20hz there is a good amount of energy with these pleathers. The phones now sound much more balanced and almost relaxed...
  13. 32x2z

    Need advice on buying headphones

    I'm looking at buying a soundcard and headphones. I was thinking this combination. Am I maximizing my soundcard with the current headphones? If I am not what should I...
  14. RobertFrost

    Best Headphones for Classical

    I'm so crazy about Classical music that I want to do it professionally and so naturally I want some really excellent headphones. I'm looking for headphones under $90 that are clear and crisp treble, effective strongs mids, colorful, and punchy tight (not boomy) bass. I listen to all types...
  15. BJplusMilo21

    BEYERDYNAMIC DT 660 or AKG K 550

    Hello people,   I am in the process of buying my first headphones, and at the moment the BEYERDYNAMIC DT 660 or AKG K 550 might be a good choice. The purpose of these headphones will be to listen to Blu-ray dvd, HD music files (mostly alternative rock), and playing games offline.  So my...
  16. syntheticfish

    Ear pads for DT660s.

    Hi there! Does anyone know if the ear pads for DT880s fit 660s? If it makes a difference, my 660s are the old style with the silver mesh. Thanks for your help!
  17. Errymoose

    Shure SRH840 or Beyerdynamic DT660

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a pair of comfortable, closed back headphones to wear for hours at a time at work (the on-ears i normally wear on the bus and just wear at work aren't comfortable enough).  They'll be used for low volume listening to mostly instrumental (classical/orchestral...
  18. bracko

    Are DT660 portable?

    Hi   I am standing between Beyer DT660, DT770 Pro (80 Ohm or 32 Ohm) and ATH-M50 for portable use without amp. I listen mainly to classical music, less so to jazz and acoustic, rock, occasionaly to some electronic music. I need a headphone that seals good and is portable in the way that I...
  19. syntheticfish

    Sen 598, AKG K701 or BeyerD DT660. Also DT100

    So I posted a thread yesterday asking for some help on selecting a pair of headphones - I have now got three options which I am trying to select between. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!   So background is I'm looking for a pair of headphones for around the $200 mark. I listen to alot...
  20. flargosa

    Will going from a DT1350 to a DT660 be an upgrade or downgrade in SQ?

    My DT1350 sounds great but way too uncomfortable for 1hr + of usage.  I want to switch to a larger headphone with a similar neutral sound.  I use my headphone at my office so it must be a closed type.  I read reviews on the DT660 and it seems like a good one, unfortunately it is an older model...
  21. PR3570N

    Over-ear headphones with no sound leaking

    Hey guys!   I'm trying to find some portable (or at least semi-portable) headphones. But I have a situation that's kinda tricky for me to find some good cans.   I find in-ear and on-ear headphones extremely uncomfortable, so I need a pair of over-ear headphones. But I need to be able to...
  22. XiuberHD419

    HD558, DT 660 or DJ1 Pro?

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting. I need help in choosing form these 3 headphones. Can someone give me a summary of the headphones? Thanks.
  23. Shini44

    What is the best Closed & Bright Headphone?

    Looking for a Bright and closed HP with the range of 400-450$ , i use my HD650 in the night yet cant use it any other time because they are Open to the man and the leakage is crazy ><;    so any suggestions? ^^
  24. zwitt

    beyer dt660 review

    ill make this short and sweet completely burnt in now and used abusively build: tough but the cup can be popped off if you drop em enough. comfort: heavy but other than that awesome i loosened the screws in the headband and replaced he earpads with 770 earpads sound: soundstage is amazing...
  25. lovelysound

    Headphone for Rock Music

    Hi all, I ll be in NYC for 2 weeks and i wanna buy a headphone. I am using ipod 5.5th gen (diymod) and Meier 2stepdance as a source and using Westone4 as earphone. My list is full of Rock (ever kind of) and all of them are flac. By the way i ll have a new dap ibasso dx100. So what do you...