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Headphone for Rock Music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lovelysound, Nov 29, 2012.
  1. lovelysound
    Hi all,

    I ll be in NYC for 2 weeks and i wanna buy a headphone. I am using ipod 5.5th gen (diymod) and Meier 2stepdance as a source and using Westone4 as earphone.

    My list is full of Rock (ever kind of) and all of them are flac. By the way i ll have a new dap ibasso dx100.

    So what do you suggest for rock music? It should be closed i wanna use it outdoor also (in plain, bus or road) so isolation is important.

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  2. reload
    Ultrasone HFI-780, average isolation for closed headphones, they do not fatigue for long periods of listening.
  3. lovelysound
    Ok then, so what about the ath or denons?

    Dt660 is a an option?

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  4. ostewart
    SoundMAGIC HP100

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