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Best Headphones for Classical

  1. RobertFrost
    I'm so crazy about Classical music that I want to do it professionally and so naturally I want some really excellent headphones. I'm looking for headphones under $90 that are clear and crisp treble, effective strongs mids, colorful, and punchy tight (not boomy) bass. I listen to all types orchestra, solo, chamber. I've had the Klipsch S4, but sadly after 2 or 3 years I lost them now, but they were AWESOME! I also want headphones that sound so full and strong and also feel like they're playing right in front of me, but with a big enough soundstage to really feel like the music surrounds you when it's suppose to be epic like Stravinsky's Firebird.
  2. SoundFreaq
    Sounds like you want what we all want, for $90 bucks no less : )
    At this price range, you will get much more mileage out of a full-sized pair of headphones in my opinion. Do you need them to be transportable (office)? Are you listening on the go (commuting)? What are you plugging in to?
  3. RobertFrost
    I know sadly won't get me mileage but oh well if S4 was able to make me happy I'm sure any other ones will make me happy too.
    Good question. I'm usually in a quiet place I don't commute so I guess office. Also, I'm plugging into my Samsung S4.
  4. RobertFrost
    Falcooonn BUMP!
  5. Mambosenior
    Beyer DT660! Absolutely. $100-140. Trust me on this as I have the HD800 to compare with.
  6. RobertFrost
    Sounds nice sounds nice. If I can save up for enough I'll get it, but any other suggestions?
  7. RobertFrost
    Bump. Also, are the Sennheiser 890 good?
  8. RobertFrost
    Are they portable?
  9. SoundFreaq
    Closed design, plus they fold, so yes. 
  10. RobertFrost
    Great! Sounds good thanks!

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