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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. tomscy2000
    You're right! My bad, thought braille only had two rows for some reason... [​IMG] 
    Legitimate reason to use braille as navigation, then!
  2. germay0653

    Actually it is three rows and two columns per letter.  The LH logo just doesn't show the blank second column of the letter L.
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  3. woodcans
    That's very good news. Thanks for the update - interest renewed!
  4. vrapan
    I've pledged for the GW 64. I don't particularly care about the interface as long as it is simple logical and practical. Folder/playlist support with shuffle/back/forward control is really all I need. The replaceable battery / size / weight is much more important to me. All I am after is a good SQ player that can replace my iPhone 5 with minimal fuss. I quite like the simplicity of the new renderings with the copper looking bottom half. 
  5. Mython Contributor
    Sounds rather like an iBasso DX90...
    (OK, maybe not the playlists, but other than that...)
  6. vrapan
    DX90 is not 300$ :) and also still hearing problems with the software on the DX50 so I will stick to the GW, if it does not meet expectations then selling it off and jumping to an iPod touch is what I am going to do.
  7. davidcotton
    Rockbox is now available for the dx50.
  8. musicheaven
    This was recorded on one of the audio hifi websites where Larry Ho participated, might be a good indication of what the dap really is:

    I quote:

    "My current take is that it is a Mini music server and dac with storage and playback software and only the interface is controlled by bluetooth through the phone. I am also guessing that for streaming music services/movies/music stored on phone that the phone is passing info to the wave in this case. The central question here is around the playback software...is this close to correct?

    Other questions -
    The Phone and the Wave need not be connected?
    Can the Wave control some playback completely away from the phone UI - pause, play skip etc
    You will have your own LH playback software that resides on the Wave
    You will have you own LH UI software that resides on the phone

    Answer (Larry Ho)
    You are right.

    Geek Wave and phone could be both connected and un-connected.
    When connected, Geek Wave could act like Phone's DAC. Getting music samples from phone.
    This is a TWO in ONE design.

    And there will be a software on the Phone. And that could remote control the Geek Wave.
    About the physical buttons, it's been discussed in Geek Forum. Now the plan is to have Play/Pause, Previous and Next."

    Here you go from the designer himself.
  9. doublea71
    Hmmm. That's fine with me, as long as whatever music stored on it is navigable without using a smartphone or whatever. I can live without album art,
    but I'll pass on having to operate it via bluetooth. I can't imagine it'd be a necessity - that would just be plain stupid, right?
  10. musicheaven
    According to the above discussion, the player could operate by itself, what's not too clear is how one would navigate from it. Is it going through all of the songs found on the device or will you be able to select it according to standard dap directory or library browsing? The menu on the player has not been demonstrated so it's anyone's guess. I still think the UI on the dap is the only unknown quantity. The designer's attempt though is to keep the UI on the player to a minimum therefore saving power, so I don't expect a lot from it. I am still not warming up to using Bluetooth for communicating between the devices, one major reason for me is the fast battery drainage from my phone when it's enabled, I gather that it's probably going to be the same on the player. Would have been cool using with-fi though.

    More I dig into it and more it sounds appealing, it starting to be a real competition for the AKs without the price tag. If they do everything they promised with the XD model, it's going to be the dap to beat no doubt. If they could only expand on the navigability from the dap itself, it'd be a shut deal.
  11. jazzman7
    Rockbox does not play back hi-res files natively. So you lose that capability when going to Rockbox on the DX50.
  12. germay0653
    It's active folks!
    Here’s an update for you from the ‘Geek Wave: It's Not a Next-gen iPod. It's a No-compromise Portable Music Player’ team:
    1 new Announcement:
    Hi everyone,
    This is just a friendly reminder that in about 35 minutes, we're going to publish the femto clock upgrade perk for Geek Wave 64, 128, and X 128 in response to Geek Force requests.  Remember, the supplier's minimum order quantity is 150 units of each clock, so we're going to limit the perk to 150 of you.  If there aren't 150 of you who want the upgrade, we'll be sure to refund your contributions after the end of the campaign.  Also remember that if you're a Geek Wave XD 128 backer, femto clocks are already included.
  13. vrapan
    What is the advantage of the femto clock upgrade??
  14. tomscy2000
    The Geek Wave (and other DAPs, DACs, DDCs, etc.) use clock oscillators for the timely acquisition and processing of data. Imagine these clocks as the DAC's "pacemaker". Inaccuracies in the processing of data is called jitter, which is measured in the time domain. One of the most important determinants of jitter in clocks is phase noise performance. Thus, the clocks that have very, very low phase noise result in very low jitter, measured in the femtosecond range. With lower jitter, the timing of signals improves, and while the idea of the improvements in sound quality is still somewhat abstract, most people cite improved transparency, improved detail articulation, and improved sense of rhythm.

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  15. germay0653

    Less jitter and accuracy.
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