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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. AndrewNL
    This does seem like a pretty cool DAP, and actually I like the idea of using my iPhone to control it. It gets around the horrid UIs that have thus far stopped me pulling the trigger on a portable DAP. That said the company's track record is cause for concern. I'd hate for my Indiegogo pledge to go down the drains... Probably better to wait on Pono, Fiio X7 and the Geek Wave to actually be released into the wild
  2. SilverEars
    In terms of design, they probably are aware of Headfi it seems as they are pitching the dual 9018M design.  It does seem like a contender among the DAP space.  In terms of what new it brings, it doesn't grab me.  Lots of DAPs are going for DAC designs.  I don't know  why companies don't try out Wolfson or Cirus logic, I see so much 9018M now.  I would like to see a desktop 9018 like the HM-901, and would like to know how much of difference it makes.
  3. zachchen1996
    Can you get both?
  4. musicheaven
    Actually I would not mind seeing more cirrus double dac designs in desktop amp and portable as well, why not top of the line Wolfson too? Nothing wrong with variety. I would also like to select amps from a menu for personal preferences, like a custom design.
  5. Reima
    Yes I can but finances don't permit both at the moment.
  6. Roscoeiii
    Yeah, I only got the Wave 32, but am mighty tempted by the IEM upgrade option. THe Shure 846 are mighty sensitive. Too much output and its accompanying higher noise floor is more often my problem (iDSD for example). 
  7. SilverEars
    It's interesting they are modding the gain for you, but why don't they just implement a gain switch?  The design does not stand out as we are getting plenty of dual DAC implementation.  I'm starting to become less interested as I like the X5 with single DAC.  Well cannot be certain based on the design diagram alone, or the DAC chip inside as my X5 does not have a ESS chip or Wolfson or Cirus Logic.  It's TI, a PCM by Burr Brown, it sounds pretty good.  Implementation of the analog section is the most imiportant IMO.
  8. zachchen1996
    So even if I get the $899 Wave XD 128, I still have to get the Special IEM Package ($128) & THD performance upgrade package ($168) separately for a total cost of $1195 right?
  9. Reima
    My understanding is that you would have to choose either the Special IEM Package or the THD performance upgrade package.
  10. zachchen1996
    Oh ok I see. So the best Wave for IEM's would be a total of $1027 (XD 128 + IEM Package). So tempting...
  11. kkcc

    I'm really growing more and more wary of the ever more creative perks for more $$$...... the femto clock I can still understand, but low gain for more $$$ and better snd for more $$$.. in really don't know about that. I guess I can understand if this is retrofit and involved more cost to mod, but not from a brand new pre order product.
  12. pekingduck
    Agreed with kkcc. I was so tempted to back this thing but after seeing those extra perks, my interest has died down completely... It's supposed to be a no-compromise DAP and now to "maximize" the performance with sensitive IEMs an extra USD $128 is needed. Wouldn't a gain switch suffice?
  13. Ultimate Mango
    Is the Wave S happening, or should those of us just looking for a battery powered amp look elsewhere?
  14. Poimandres
    Possibly, however this is business. Time to milk the cow that is head-fi. If people want it or can be persuaded to believe that they want or need it, then they will pay for it.
  15. zachchen1996
    I agree with you.
    Description of XD 128:
    "With Geek Wave XD 128, you have THE absolute best portable player money can buy. You have it all: a fully-balanced dual mono topology (there's two of almost everthing in there). In addition, two extremely precise femto clocks are included."
    From the Special IEM Package -
    "we'll upgrade the output amplifier to minimize DC offset"
    From the THD performance upgrade package -
    "your Geek Wave will have half the THD (distortion) of the "standard models."
    So If we shell out $899 for "THE absolute best" as stated in the description for the XD 128, then why do we still need to pay extra for an upgraded output amp & less THD?
    Shouldn't that already come standard with the XD 128?
    This is very confusing...
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