1. D

    Linsoul asked me to commit a crime.

    I bought a Simgot Fermat on November 16, the box arrived yesterday and there was a Moondrop Moonriver 2Ti instead of what I paid for. Of course, knowing all the hoops that Linsoul puts in place to get away with your money, I made the unboxing video they ask for in their policy, sent them all the...
  2. S


    Ignore, they settled on a 900$ repair fee which I am OK with and is fair enough. Not expecting them to do it free nor did I act like it was not my fault.
  3. Currawong

    The Fake 1TB Micro SD Card Amazon Scam

    Since I saw so many people being scammed by these Amazon sellers, who are flashing 32GB and other low-capacity cards to read like they have 1TB capacity, I made this video about it.
  4. galangerz

    Opinions on high end Aliexpress IEM's?

    I didn't want to simply say CHINESE IEM's because i reallly don't know where they are being manufactured. These are just some IEM's i found on I recently saw someone selling this: and thought, " I've seen this...
  5. S

    Real or fake IE 80s

    I was recently trying to buy a cheap IE 80s and came across this and I don't know if its real or fake. Please try to help me figure out. Thank you...
  6. DonChuy

    Headstage Arrow 6TX, long wait...

    Anybody knows anything about when the 6TX will ship? I placed my order back in November 2016 and hasn't ship yet. We used to get updates on the headstage website under the headstage club but now the link is not working. I don't have a good feeling about this long wait and just hope that I...
  7. vincent215

    Light Harmonic Geek Wave

    I just received a notification from Light Harmonic said that they will release the Geek Wave within 13 hours. In their video, I saw they use iphone as a source, but I dont see any interface & output from the Geek Wave (just a box) so what will it look like finally?  I am curious, because I am...