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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. shotgunshane Contributor

    I found out indiegogo is the one probably earning interest. They don't allow refunds on the indiegogo platform and most likely do not let the campaign owners have the money until campaign completion. This is most likely why LH was wanting to hold off on refunds until the reboot. Definitely turns me off the indiegogo platform.
  2. gikigill

    Nothing to do with money or their handling of the campaign but interest rates and the amount of money raised.

    Interest on that sum of money isn't as much as most people assume it to be.
  3. shotgunshane Contributor
    You're really taking the comment out of the context in which it was offered.  But extrapolating the comment further, Indiegogo creates their platform the way they do precisely because they can earn interest holding the entire sum of money across the life of a campaign (this is contrary to KS).  While $400 in and of itself doesn't net much over that time period, when you multiply that by the hundreds or thousands contributing ever day to multiple campaigns, well you get the picture and that can be quite a lucrative venture. Then they take their percentage cut at time of distribution to the campaign owners.
    Anyway I digress from the overall issue and I'm now confident LH Labs is going to take care of my request as quickly as they are able.
  4. gikigill
    Exactly, Lhlabs won't be making any money here.
    Not a fan of Indiegogo either as the Geek campaigns are my only contributions. Kickstarter gets a lot more of my money.
  5. m-i-c-k-e-y
  6. zachchen1996
  7. jwong
    Hmmm... tempting. It does make me nervous to contribute to yet another project for possible delivery eight months from now when I already have money tied up with them.
  8. germay0653
    The XD 128 is a great package for $899.  Yes, you'll have to wait for 8 months but look what you get. Dual mono DACs, Femto Clocks and balanced amps, all PCM bit depths and sampling rates and DSD(64 - 128).  Not shabby at all for that price.
  9. Jupiterknight
    Maybe, but how can you be so certain that all these wonderful sounding hardware will please your inner audio expectations and are you truly sure about the 8 months? $899 for something you haven't heard and are willing to pay upfront, seems shabby.. :)
  10. jwong
    Kind of off-topic, but LH Labs really needs to work on their forum website. It keeps giving me the "Please update to a modern browser" message using the latest version of Firefox (updated this week) and Chrome. There aren't any browsers more modern that I'm aware of...
  11. m-i-c-k-e-y
    You have their DaVinci and Geek Pulse as references.

    Yes, there are no free lunches...
  12. georgelai57
    It's not like producing wallets or iPhone cases.
  13. johanchandy
    Looks interesting, it has Sabre's as dac's. Any thoughts?

  14. germay0653

    That's a risk I'm willing to take based on the reviews of the Da Vinci, which this product isn't but the trickle down of the technology is. There are also the Geek Out reviews, most of which are very good except for Audiostream and I won't go down that slippery slope.   I wouldn't call that shabby but rather a calculated risk based on prior performance.
    Make your own choice, it is yours to make after all!
  15. musicheaven
    It sounds interesting, the hardware specs are pretty good even more on the dual dac config. They are using 9018M which is the stereo dac version instead of the 9018 power hog reference dac. My only problem with it is the screen, no video showing how that works. My feeling is you need to carry your iOS or android phone to Bluetooth operate it which is not what I would expect from a totl player like the AK line or DX iBasso line. If there are not showing it, it's because it's not that attractive having a two or three line window display. Granted it must be power efficient but selection on its own just ain't working. Anyone has seen how the UI operates?
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