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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. Stillhart
    Yes, a few people have received theirs.  Granted.  But it's months late and many people still haven't received theirs yet.  GP backs still haven't even received their email surveys yet...
  2. gikigill
    Yup, fully aware how crowd funding works. I took the risk based on Larry Ho and his resume and believe that he can deliver the goods. I have even had one crowd funding go bad but well...

    Regarding comments about Lhlabs,they are delivering late but once again, it's the nature of the beast. It's not just them but a majority of crowd funded campaigns run behind. Even an established company like Aurisonics got held up by their wire supplier in the case of the Rockets Kickstarter campaign that I have backed. I don't run around complaining because there is a lot more crowd sourcing and ideas that often delay projects.

    In the case of the Geek Pulse, all backers just got an upgrade on opamps or something a few days ago, irrespective of their level of funding plus some other bits have been improved too. You win some and you lose some
  3. Stillhart
    Jut to clarify, none of them have gotten anything yet.  They've been promised something.  It's really important to make that distinction.
    And the delays, as I mentioned above, are just one part of the puzzle.  As I said, there were other red flags as well and it's the combination that starts to paint a picture...
    I'm not complaining as I have chosen not to back.  I just wanted to throw a dissenting opinion out there so people can make an informed decision.  As always, your mileage may vary.  If you're happy taking that risk, more power to you.  [​IMG]
  4. AxelCloris Administrator
    For those who use the list functionality, the listing for the Geek Wave has been created. Feel free to add it to whatever list you deem fit.
  5. AxelCloris Administrator
    For the next 24 hours the Geek Wave S is only $199 for the iPhone version. $40 off the Geek Force perk and $90 off the normal 5/5s perk. Seems like a good time to go for they S if you're on the fence and have an iPhone. Don't know anything about a special on the Android version.
  6. Stillhart
    I'd be tempted by the Android version.  But honestly, I'm not sold on these guys yet and don't think I'm going to pre-order/kick it.  As much as I love a good deal, there are just too many red flags...
  7. AxelCloris Administrator
    Based on reports of how the GO sounds I'm putting faith in the company that they'll continually deliver. Larry and Gavin have said that they were aiming to make the best portable stick DAC in it's class and impressions seem to be saying that they have. I'll know soon once mine gets here. Larry's confident that the Pulse kick's the Out's butt, and since it seems they're delivering on their promise (quality, not delivery) of the GO I have faith they'll do so with the Pulse. It was a stretch to go for the Wave but I want to see these guys succeed and I have no problem waiting for something amazing and a killer price so I hope my faith is well placed with the Wave. So I went ahead and backed them again.
  8. Ultimate Mango

    I signed up first day and am mad they did this pricing now and didn't make it available to earlier backers. Can we cancel our orders and place one at the cheaper price?
  9. AxelCloris Administrator
    I'm honestly not sure about the best way to go about it. I'd first email Manny at cs@lhlabs.com and check in fairly often on their forums. The question has been asked but I haven't seen an official response yet. I'm also wanting to know if that discount applies to the standard Wave or if it's only limited to the S. If worst comes to worst and you can afford to do so, it may be best to back the special price while it's available and have them refund the other one later on. I know they've handled refunds in the past so I don't see why they couldn't do so again.
  10. Stillhart
  11. Ultimate Mango
    Yeah I am pretty disappointed on this one. I backed the exact model they price slashed. Maybe I just need to dispute the charge and get a different product entirely. V-amp maybe?
  12. vincent215
    I contributed for the Geek Out based on their reputation, and last night I have my first listen with the Alpha Dog, and I am blown away by the clarity and authority of this little guy. It's far beyond my expectation, and I love it much more than O2/ODAC. I will get a Geek Wave to use with the phone too.
  13. nudd
    They may be good engineers but their logistics is a total shambles. Emailing them is like emailing a black hole and I have have absolutely zero luck getting information from them about the shipping status of my geek out, other than they sent all Australian geek outs to their distributor in Australia. No indication whether the distributor actually received the units, why (if I paid $20 for shipping) they had to send it to a distributor in the first place, whether the distributor has shipped my geed out or any other matters, I have no idea because they won't answer me.
  14. nudd
    Apparently they have now starting deleting posts about shipping from their Geek Force page.
  15. gikigill
    Yup, I posted that I was sick of the delay and the recent update that the green Geek Out might not make it which means an even bigger delay.

    I said that I would cancel my order of all three fundings and was promptly deleted despite my support and contribution to the forum.
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