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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. nudd
    I finally got an email that said I was one of a back of geek outs that got held up in customs. They are resending the geek out directly so hopefully it gets here this time!!
  2. AxelCloris Administrator
    So they're making a big change over at LHLabs that will make its way to Indiegogo shortly. They're splitting the Wave into two different products. First is the Geek Wave, a stand-alone DAP that has BT and will allow a phone to control it, but it stands by itself without a phone. Internal storage starting at 64GB and adding an SDHC slot. It will not charge phones and won't connect to the phone with lightning/USB cables. It'll come in multiple configurations.
    Second is the Geek Wave Model S. Like before there's no storage, it charges phones and will be the DAC/amp for them and will be in a separate campaign launching some time in June.
    Quote: Gavin Fish
    Venture over to their forums and you'll get the full scoop on the changes.
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    Hmmm I hope they can compete with the established giants in this industry
  4. Stillhart
    Well at least they're being realistic about their ability to deliver another product at the same time.
  5. SoupRKnowva
  6. shotgunshane Contributor
    ^ My sentiments exactly. Having already contributed, I'm frustrated with LH to the point of a singularity.
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  7. AxelCloris Administrator
    I haven't visited their forums yet today to read any updates, but it sounds like I'll be asking them to cancel my backing as the new Wave isn't the product for which I backed. Guess I'll have to wait until June to see what they do with the Model S. Hopefully give it a different name, for starters.
  8. Stillhart
    Maybe by then you'll have your GO's.  I noticed there are two GO450's on the classifieds already.
  9. shotgunshane Contributor
    I haven't been following the geek campaigns until I caught wind of the nano come wave campaign. What is the correct process to request a refund? I emailed customer service yesterday but haven't received a reply.
  10. nudd

    Probably because some people ended up with two geek outs and others with none due to a stuff up with their shipping software.

    But hey they are going from building half a dozen $30,000 machines a year to thousands and thousands of $200 widgets a year.
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
    I would imagine their probably inundated with emails at the moment thanks to the changes. Before when I sent them emails it usually took 24-48 hours for Manny to send a response, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're currently holding a 72+ hour queue. I'm waiting until the Wave officially is relaunched before requesting a refund. There's still time for them to make more changes, and I might want to stay onboard. I have both a Wave and a Wave S backed at the moment, but I suspect I'll be requesting a refund on the Wave and letting my Wave S ride into the next campaign.
  12. georgelai57
    Larry has posted on their forum that refunds will be allowed in the reboot campaigns
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
    In June? Lol, how convenient. And nice of me to loan them money, interest free, for that length of time.
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  14. gikigill

    It will probably cost them more in admin costs than the interest they make on that money.
  15. Stillhart
    Assuming they will manage their money poorly does not invalidate his point. If anything, it almost makes it worse...
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