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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. pekingduck
    Interesting...would be even more versatile if it could function as a USB DAC for your PC.
  2. vincent215
    There is still Geek Out.
    I think the Geek Wave Universal will work some how.
  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Larry posted this in the GF Forum.
    Want the Wave xfi BAD! Will get HUGO run for its money. [​IMG]
    1. [​IMG]
    2. Larry Ho
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    4. [​IMG]
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    Hi, guys

    We are so glad to have so many crazily good feedback about the products.

    So follow the 'tradition', we have few plans for new perks. (just the idea, not the decision yet)

    * Geek Wave fi: We plan to pack Femto Clock and Best Active/Passive component in one package.

    * Geek Wave xfi: Dual Mono Design. Dual ESS9018 and by that, plus we will have FPGA inside.
    The Duet Engine could work at its best

    * Simpler version: Complet get rid of Smartphone. Straight and purely DAP. But I don't want to use LED screens there. So quite a few physical buttons will be involved. But there will be no album art or touch screen or play list display.... so on. Best sounding DAP. Nothing else.

    We are all ears!


    (Edited for the better name suggestions)

  4. nigel801
    I personally would stay away from any product Light Harmonic will launch, Gavin thinks he has found a golden duck in the form of IndieGoGo which will lay egg for him everyday but he is wrong he can milk same customer once or twice but not 3 times. These guys started last year GeekOut campaign promised to fulfil order by February now it is mid April there are still angry frustrated backers waiting to see GO450.
    Then they started Geek Pulse campaign promised by June Pulse will be ready and now timelines slipped to September, rather then focusing on these two products they launch 4th campaign which you referring to as Geek Wave which God knows probably will be ready by 2015 as they are already thinking about 4th campaign on portal dac with built-in power called Geek light.
    They can't even disclosed order they have got or shipping details by orders unlike other campaigns, there is lot of things at stake on integrity, I am also shocked how IndieGoGo let start 2nd, 3rd and 4th compaign when the same person has not fulfilled 1st promise.
    I have lost trust in IGG and will never back any LH campaign, if you guys want to go-ahead go!! but you have been warned.
  5. gikigill
    I am sorry but sounds like your first rodeo in crowdfunding.
    There are targets that are always missed, mostly due to the nature of the beast. The backers want more features and the manufactures tries to incorporate as many as
    Mind you I have backed everything from LHLabs so far but I have also backed different earphones, amps and other stuff from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Deadlines are
    missed but the end result so far has been very satisfying considering the quality of goods received. Currently backing a 3D Printer, Pono Clear Edition, Decibullz, Earcandi
    and Geek Wave/Pulse/Out.
    With the Geek Pulse, I got a DAC with Femto/Balanced in/out, Headphone amp, top notch opamps and mu metal shielding for the price of $600. Its a mind boggling piece of
    kit for the price but also has the catch of waiting a few more months. Would I like it yesterday? Yes but for $600 you cant get it cheap, fast and well built so I will take cheap
    and well built but forgo the "fast" bit.
    The thrill of participating and suggesting solutions was also very satisfying as it made me feel that they actually gave a damn about what I said. I was the first to raise an
    objection that the Wave should have mp3 support as there were murmurs of no mp3 support and Larry Ho replied that yes, there will be mp3 support since it didn't make
    sense to not include it.
    You prefer a quicker solution so maybe crowdfunding is not the best solution for you and that's fine since its not a one size fits all business model.
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    And in crowd funding we are not buying a product. We are supporting a project and for that we get 'perks'. Projects may got snag a bit but the beauty is that you get involved. You have a say. Rather than others, to force you on what they like you to have at outrageous prices.

    With Geek Out, 2-3 month delay on a $200 DAC that is besting $800 ones still a no brainer to me.

    Can't wait to that dual-mono + FPGA Wave!

    Sent from my Samsung Note 3 using Tapatalk Pro
  7. nigel801
    You guys sound like you have loads of money but the one who work their &*^^ off for every penny they really feel the pain. I have no issue if there are genuine reasons for delay if you are new to business, But when you see a company who are not novice but professional in business, and get involved into multiple products before concentrating and finishing the one, when you see on website they promise things and retract, when you see lead engineer drops the job on hand and get involved in new product which Boss wants to cash in before the Kickstarter bubble burst, then I think it is unfair.
    How many times Gavin mentioned final layout 3d of pulse will be published, he mentioned Aprill 11 all GO will be shipped check the website on LH forums how many still waiting, also a simple survey to get input on what does pulse backers want is waiting for months which is frankly speaking a days work. Ask Larry if he is able to sort out optical out issue? no because he is involved in Wave and light.
    Your argument about getting best for money is also not valid there are tons of company making great product for very less, Do you really think a company who makes a 30K dac will give you something without benefiting anythings?
  8. DanBa
    As the Geek Wave is aimed to work with a compatible Android phone, the Geek Wave is a standard USB audio class device (a.k.a. USB DAC), and it will work with a PC or with a Mac.
    The only difference is the USB cable:
    . a regular cable to connect a Geek Wave to a PC / Mac (i.e. a USB cable with a standard-A plug to be inserted into a standard-A receptacle of a PC / Mac)
    . an OTG cable to connect a Geek Wave to an Android phone (i.e. a USB cable with a micro USB OTG plug (pin 4 conneted to pin 5) to be inserted into a micro USB receptacle of an Android phone.
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  9. georgelai57
    I've backed the iPhone Wave, received the GO1000 two days ago, and I'm waiting for the Pulse. The LH Labs Forum is not easy to navigate and I've made my comments there but this is my wish list for the Wave:
    1. That it doesn't use a leather folio or cartridge to "attach" to the iPhone 5. That will make it a short term product.
    2. That the wire that attaches to the wave, specifically the jack, is not a bespoke design, like the AK10 for example, as that limits the consumer's choice.
    3. That the Wave unit itself incorporates at least one SD card slot and that any card or cards work with the in-built memory as one seamless storage.
  10. nigel801
    Anyone knows why I am not able to logon to LH forums and keep getting invalid token error!!
  11. m-i-c-k-e-y
    That is what happens when I login with my phone. Hit back button (browser), and proceed normally.

    Sent from my Samsung Note 3 using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Larry Ho
    Galaxy S3/4/5 will be all compatible. Basically these are all support USB OTG so Geek Wave could work as the USB DAC to the host (phone).
    Also, Geek Wave could play music from the internal stooge as well...
    So this is 3 in 1. DAC + DAP + Charger. 
    (And I know besides these good forums, no one understand what is DAC+DAP... LOL)
  13. pekingduck
    So I can safely assume the Geek Wave works with PC/Mac right?
  14. Stillhart
    You are misinformed about how crowdfunding works.  You are not guaranteed to get anything of the rewards you've signed up for.  You hope you will, but if these project fall through for any reason, that money is down the tubes.  The question is:  do you have any reason to believe this project might fall through?
    For me, I see a few big red flags:
    • Two previous campaigns that have yet to deliver. (!!!)
    • Artifically padding their numbers by having people buy into this campaign to upgrade rewards from another campaign.
    #1 is pretty obvious and you'd think more people would be concerned about it.  #2 is more insidious to me.
    Think of it this way:  They say they need $160k to design and manufacture these.  If they get (for example) $20k as money that's going to upgrading Geek Out or Geek Pulse backers, that's actually money they shouldn't be spending on the Geek Wave campaign; that money needs to go to manufacturing and shipping GO and GP.  It means they've got $20k less funding than it looks like.  If they don't blow away their goal, that money could break their ability to deliver on their promises.
    So for me, I'll hold on to my money until the product is actually on the market and reviewed.  I feel that the risk of this campaign failing (not to mention the risk of the product not working as advertised) is more than the reward of saving a hundred bucks down the line.  YMMV of course.
  15. Levanter

    Backers are already receiving their Geek Out pledges
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