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Light Harmonic Geek Wave

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vincent215, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. wshinji
    1) testimonials are from people who probably never heard music better than out of stock earphones that come with their mobile phone purchase.
    2) creators of large scale da vinci high end DAC doesnt mean they can develop just as good SQ in a portable unit
    3) crowd funded, long wait times and delays (this is their 3+ project?)
    OR i could be wrong... just wait a see when and if it comes out.
  2. Silverprout
    Sentive controls and little screen... Sansa fuze + like.
    Not a success.
    Bad tactile controls again :
    Good controls :
  3. tin427
    I think its a pretty impressive idea to control the dap using the smartphone.
    Reducing the power for screen, you can get the best speed of UI if your phone is good enough.
    But paying $899 for a non-existing device..
    I think it need some more "actual" running video to convince us to pay for it, like the UI or lag for switching songs.
    And for a dap, the sound signature was not described. Just tons of tech and spec. 
  4. musicheaven
    Yes thanks all for your inputs, nice to know I am not alone thinking that this project is ill defined and no concrete UI demo is a killer. I think it's not a good idea to promote a "price is no object'" device and not showing a few slides of its UI implementation and above all proper audiophile reviews using the concept model and then turn around and wanting to charge a sizable amount. I believe this project got repackaged from a dac based device to a totl player. That's really upsetting for the initial fund backers. The most funny thing is the feature table showing the iPod Classic, X5 and then their device when we well know there are more attractive solutions. Btw not too much of a pleasing ergonomic shape, looks like the old iPhone but fatter and no proper UI.
  5. johanchandy
    This seems to be how kickstarters are for these kind of projects, heck we barely got anything in the way of specifics during the Pono kickstarter. All we knew about the Pono during the kickstarter was that the dac is the 9018(or variant) and that it was designed by Ayre. We got nothing in terms of usability and actual testimonials.
    We at-least get some hardware specs with the Geek Wave, that being said this could be decent, amazing or complete junk, only time will tell.
    To be fair their marketing seems to be aimed at the masses as well, which does make sense from a business perspective. Just wished their testimonials were from people who actually heard competing devices.
      Their wait time does seem a bit much!
  6. musicheaven
    Yeah agreed I don't know if I could wait that long. I do find it amazing that they can get away with little marketing material and tons of people throwing their hard earned money to something that barely would make it as an RFP in the commercial world. Talk about blind faith. :eek:
  7. woodcans
    I'm on the fence. Take note of their design choice(s) for the da Vinci:
    Stunningly beautiful.
    Now take a look at their design choice(s) for the Wave:
    As a Sony ZX1 fan/former owner, I'm pretty (more than) unimpressed with this (lack of) design. I mean, it really looks like the grandparent of the original iPhone. I'm not normally one to complain about an unreleased product, but as a backer of the original wave, a full Pulse backer, and a Geek Out backer, I really wish they had come up with something (much) more imaginitive/futuristic. Particulary considering the above Wave is a reboot/redesign.
    If it sounds as good as (or better) than my Hugo, I'll be a bit happier. But until then, I remain skeptical. 
  8. Levanter
    Me too, for the price and specs it's a no brainer. You'll never find anything close to that price point for what they are offering. But due to their UI, form factor and design I'm actually leaning more towards AK100II even when it's priced much more with lower specs.
  9. Mython Contributor
    As I said in the DX90 thread, earlier, I have a feeling that the Geek Wave team are eventually going to realise that the current proposal for the UI is just not going to cut the mustard.
    This thing isn't due out until 2015, and I reckon that at some point they're going to have to up their game if they seriously want to compete with decent DAPs already available, and no doubt more on the way, as there is increasing interest from big names, in this market sector.
  10. doublea71
    It looks more promising than the Pono, but it is a long wait.
  11. doublea71
    If it sounds great, people will buy it. They're offering 128gb plus an SD slot, a user-replaceable battery, DSD-capability, and a fully balanced output (for two of the models). All things considered, a minimalist UI may come as a relief to some considering the preponderance of bugs found in other players, and it will improve battery life.
  12. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Had raised the issue also about the design, Larry Ho assured me that its just a mockup.  Final design would be determined later by their in house designer / Geek Force basing on the final specs of Geek Wave.
    Some designs submitted in the GF Forum.
  13. Mython Contributor
    Braille buttons are a nice idea, for visually-impaired users, but it's completely illogical when the rest of the DAP employs a visual user interface [​IMG]
    The biggest issue with the visual design of the Geekwave is probably going to come down to how much effort & resources they are willing / able to pour into the coding of the UI. If limited, then I doubt we will see a nice screen on the device, and it will probably remain like the current renderings (which look quite similar to the very simple UI of the HiSound Audio DAPs)
  14. tomscy2000
    Well, in this case, I think it works okay, as the Light Harmonic logo uses dots as well, though it's not quite Braille. At the same time, these Geek products have a different visual identity apart from the Da Vinci.
    I for one hope they keep the on-device screen simple so that they can work harder on the app interface.
    Obviously the iOS/Android SDKs are far more robust than anything a single company can drum up from scratch.
  15. germay0653

    The logo IS braille for the letters LH!
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