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  1. turbobb
    BUMP - lots of activity so my post is already few pages back. Just checking to see if anyone has any insights into this.

  2. beto_nl
  3. jtfrazier
    It's not true that Neutron can only output 48 kHz. I suspect they didn't set the settings to allow for more: generic driver on, follow source frequency on. I can't speak for Black Player since I haven't tested it.
  4. mlknez
    Neutron works mostly correctly. Still doesn't quite work right with DSD256 nor MQA
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  5. anttipi
    I read that the upsampling of 16/44.1 to 16/48 is because of the Quad DAC. In other words, all of its four "pipelines" are active only with 48 kHz samplerates and beyond. But then, if that were true, 24/44.1 content apparently would not make full use of the Quad DAC's all four "pipelines".

    Just trying to find out why the upsampling. From this thread I also vaguely remember reading it is an Android Nougat quirk and should be rectified with Oreo?

    Just quite confused right now, lol. Happy to read though that BubbleUPnP plays high-res content properly via the headphone out.
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  6. csglinux
  7. scottm18
    Beautifully done summary--contains all the settings you need to setup the tricky Neutron. I did have a question about that and i don't want to clutter that thread--but you can actually get quite a bit more oomph out of it if you crank the Neutron preamp gain section (and even more with the EQ). But what is that actually doing--it is acting as a loudness? it cant be a clean enhancement upping that preamp gain...

    I do have a Kamerton usage update to augment the apps info that i will post there soon...
  8. csglinux
    Thanks buddy :)

    I hear distortion as soon as I touch Neutron's preamp gain. I don't think this is a substitute for those adapters to get into aux or high-impedance mode.

    Looking forward to your tips on Kamerton...
  9. Alanaudio
    Try "Hiby Music", I used this app to play DSD format in DoP mode(It does also support PCM and Native). I'm not really sure if it uses the Quad-Dac correctly but the logo of LG Hi-Fi Quad DAC is on while I'm playing DSD music. Furthermore, Hiby Music can output DSD or 24bits music directly through USB-C without affecting by android(SRC).
  10. scottm18
    Yep...Hiby will play ISO, but i dont think it plays DSD natively and is subject to the dreaded Android SRC limitation--via headphones anyway. Now their recent R6 player that's getting glowing reviews is a completely different story--but of course that's getting away from phone/music in one.
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  11. Loquah
    Thank you, I'm going to have a play to compare with USB Audio Player Pro.

    As for pre-amp settings and sound quality, I'm guessing it will depend on the original file level as to the distortion created because my guess is that it's applying a software level gain increase to raise the amplitude of the wave form. If there is headroom in the waveform then it should be OK, but if not it will clip the tops and bottom of waves and create the distortion you're hearing. Just an educated guess based on my experiences with audio and video editing software and their manipulation of wave forms.
  12. anttipi
    Was there ever any explanation from LG engineers for the rationale behind the - obviously deliberate - decision to upsample to 48 kHz?

    Like I wrote above, according to one source, the higher sampling rate is supposedly needed to trigger all four "pipelines" of the Quad DAC, so I'm wondering if the DAC is working suboptimally if it's tricked into outputting 44.1 kHz via 24-bit padding. Still, I'd rather not see any resampling.
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  13. csglinux
    Your source isn't correct on this. If you see the Hi-Fi Quad DAC icon lit up, you're using all four pipelines.

    As for LG, I doubt they would deliberately engineer something like this. It's more likely an oversight. With most high-impedance headphones you'd likely not even notice the difference with the up-sampling - the V30 will still sound great.
  14. anttipi
    OK, thanks for setting that straight!
  15. SomeGuyDude
    The only time you'll notice anything is with insanely low impedance ones. The Campfire Andro seems to have issues.

    For literally everything else, everyone losing their minds about sample rates is like a more asinine version of the lossless debate.

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