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  1. ljnew
    [QUOTE="csglinux, post: 13946082, member: 399084" But the answer is - it depends on your headphones.
    What he said. It's virtually useless to give an opinion without referencing what iem or headphone you're using also, whether you use flac+ or mp3 and below. My ath-e70 is made for studio mixing and i can hear any subtle difference because that's what they're designed for.
  2. germanium
  3. SomeGuyDude
    MSRP is completely pointless. You're using a cheap bassy headphone and complaining about the v30's output. You are...

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  4. scottm18
    I finally got a chance to try the Massdrop HE4xxx with the V30 and they sound great, but don't have enough volume--it's to the max and not powerful enough. The high impedance trick may help some but bottom line is I see now they are "only" 93db sensitivity, vs 98db with the 400s. The Edition X V2 are a nice 103db sensitive so i bet they sound fantastic with the V30. The HE1000s are only 90db and the sell-a-kidney Susvara are only 85db.

    Anyone pairing the V30 with the Hifiman Edition X V2 and can confirm the synergy?
  5. scottm18
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  6. SomeGuyDude
    The LCD-X is 20ohm and 103dB and the v30 doesn't push it enough for my ears so I wouldn't imagine the 25/103 HEX2 would be better. It sounds good, don't get me wrong, but not loud enough.
  7. scottm18
    This underappreciated gem is one of the best pairings I've run across--this is the original Pandora VI. At only 8ohm @ 105db, I don't need to go over 50 on the volume scale playing DSD at a nice listening level with the stock LG player. Of course while the design and sound is top-notch, the fit for a human head is a little wonky--but you get used to it. Also not very portable due to size. Definitely recommended though if you can find at a nice discount like i found...i also hear they have a planar model in the works. One to watch...
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  8. SomeGuyDude
    I used to have the Hope VI. Really awesome headphones marred by an absolutely atrocious headband system.
  9. GearMe
    Interesting...they look like they might be a rebirth of the DT1350 in wireless form with a different headband.

    If so, they'll sound nice (imo). That said, when 'wired', they won't trigger high-impedance mode but probably won't need to. When wireless, they'll be working off their internal amp...which I'm guessing will be more than up to the task.
  10. scottm18
    Get that stock in rubber bands (to hold the slider in place). But even with their definite idiosyncrasies alluded to by SomeGuy, they sound tremendous with the V30 and the build quality is sublime. As long as you don't move you're good :) I also found out if the VI aren't heavy enough at 490grams, the top model Sonorous X is a rediculously heavy 630grams!
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  11. SomeGuyDude
    They're gorgeous and sound amazing for sure. I had to use gumbands on mine and it definitely helped, though I felt silly. I also put DT770 leather pads on it because the stocks were just too damn shallow and my ears hit the grill. To be honest they're still my favorite closed-back.
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  12. turbobb
    Searched the thread & WWW but couldn't find anything relevant (beyond this but it's more about HD: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-v30/help/aptx-aptx-hd-indication-v30-t3718127).

    Wondering if anyone knows how to invoke aptx Low Latency with the V30. I'm not sure my understanding is correct but based on correspondence with the Bluewave Get team, aptx HD is supposed to be backwards compatible with both LL and regular aptx. It will simply invoke the codec based on what's being played by the device:
    - if music then aptx HD (if supported, else aptx regular)
    - if watching video then aptx LL

    However, I've paired Mixcder's HD601 which has aptx LL but I noticed that the LED remains purple indicating it's only connecting via standard aptx. Watching some movies on NF confirms that there is an ever so subtle delay as is expected even with standard aptx but nearly indiscernible with LL.

    Can anyone weigh in on this?

  13. Alanaudio
    Since I was noticed the issue of the noise floor is due to upsampling. I tried several 24bits albums and the difference is day and night. The background is extremely dark while playing 24bits tracks using LG player. However, the more I listen the more I find the tone tuning of V30 is not enjoyable at all. Thanks to the DAC and AMP, the soundstage is wide, the bass is tight and deep, but, even in the enhanced mode the mid is not forward enough, the treble lacks extension, and the overall toning is way too thick and warm.
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  14. Loquah
    That will all come down to personal taste and exactly which headphones / earphones you use. I'm not saying you're wrong because you're totally entitled to your own taste and opinion, but I find the exact opposite and love the V30 tonality with everything I've thrown at it.
  15. yfei
    I like the default 'Normal' mode the best. Other sound presents changes sound too much, not listenable.
    Have you tried Filter settings?

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