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LG V30

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ModestMase, Aug 28, 2017.
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  1. Alanaudio
    Yes, it is all based on my personal taste, but it is interesting to see our headphone collection is almost the same: My gears are Andromeda with 8 wires OC AUX, ThX00 Ebony, ThX00 Mahogany and HD6XX.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  2. Alanaudio
    I tried to play with the modes and filters. The "Enhance" mode boosts the treble and mid a little bit compared to the "Normal" mode. The only filter that is listenable is the default one: "Short" in my opinion.
  3. scottm18
    Do the THX00 and 6XX get loud enough with the V30? I have one still new in box (X00) and one on order (6XX). The HE-4XXX planars do not.

    ...they do with my Calyx M, which has much more power. If only they hadn't just abandoned that beautiful unit and left everyone high and dry...no bluetooth/streaming, no OTG, etc.
  4. beto_nl
    Sorry, didn't read all the posts here but..

    It's just a hunch, did you guys test the sound effects within the BLACK PLAYER Pro . Is not just that it's built-in equalizer is doing above average, but it's bass booster and specially it's built-in AMPLIFIER (sound effects) is really doing something...

    But that's only my ears talking, if somebody can properly test Black Player pro sound effects maybe it would be a pleasant surprise.. ( talking about the downscaling/upscaling thing).

    By the way, I don't have the V30 but the V20, but never mind....
  5. mlknez
    The black player pro cant take full advantage of the ESS Sabre DAC chip in the V30, so it is not mentioned.
  6. scottm18
  7. scottm18
    "Resigned" is the proper word isnt it? There really isnt anything that can read that format but use the Saber DAC properly if you want to have the all-in-one convenience of the V30. I assume you are using ISO2DSD...what settings do you use? Dual channel mode and Sony DSF output?
  8. mlknez
    I rip both the stereo and multichannel tracks. I use the stereo on some of my systems, including my V30 and the multichannel for output on my exasound e38. You can't rip them both at the same time though. I do rip to dsf as it is analogous to .flac files in the PCM world. They are taggable and compressable without loss of quality.
  9. beto_nl
    Another setback next to no more removable battery, IR blaster, secondary screen and more...
    Gonna hang on the V20 for a loooong time...
  10. mlknez
    Black player didnt make use of the DAC correctly on the V20 either though.
  11. beto_nl
    That's not what I'm noticing, specially when I activate the built-in sound effects ; but perhaps my ears are tricking me..
  12. mlknez
    Black player converts everything to 48khz PCM prior to playback.
  13. scottm18
    A bit off-topic..but curious: One of the best features of the Exasound DACs is their sublime integratration with J River (PC) or Audionirvana (MAC), both of which can directly read SACD ISO files on the fly. Is there a reason you arent using those for your main system? You probably also know the discs can now (finally) be ripped with the 10x series of Oppo players...
  14. mlknez
    I have ripped all of my SACDs using a PS3 quite a while ago. I play the ISO files directly from JRiver in my main media room. I have a bedroom system that uses an integrated amp that will play .dsf files but not .iso files. My office computer plays the .iso files on Jriver in stereo just fine. So really only ripping to .dsf for phone and bedroom systems.
  15. scottm18
    Wow...Bedroom surround system. Yes please :)

    I'm sure you will agree that the Exasound is an amazing piece of hardware and is highly recommended. Super expensive but works flawlessly. Not many DAC choices for the cream-of-the-crop multichannel DSD sound. I have the E28 and saving up my pennies for the E38 now--do wish he wouldve used the 9038PRO chip as opposed to 9028 though.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
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