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LG V30

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ModestMase, Aug 28, 2017.
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  1. ModestMase

    The upcoming V series smartphone from LG will offer next-generation audio functions unseen in a smartphone before for a personalized sound experience that is also easy to use. Developed in conjunction with long-time experts in the audio space the LG V30 is a perfect example of the partnership strategy behind developing the perfect mobile device for audiophiles.

    Building on the Hi-Fi Quad DAC first introduced by its predecessor, the LG V30 features a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P. LG’s Hi-Fi Quad DAC presents two new features: digital filters and sound presets. While the original Hi-Fi Quad DAC emphasized delivering Hi-Fi sound as close as possible to the original source by minimizing distortion and white noise, Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC offers more customizable options.

    Digital filters, normally only available in expensive digital audio players, improves the pre- and post-ringing of the impulse response with filters that can be customized to personal tastes. In developing sound presets, LG engineers studied the characteristics of popular tones and identified the best combination of sounds to create four optimal pre-programmed settings: enhanced, detailed, live and bass. Even with ordinary equipment, LG V30 users can experience much of the high-quality audio enjoyed by listeners using expensive headsets.

    So it sounds like this will be another minor modification to the G6 Quad DAC? Once again nervous about the "presets" from B&O but if they have a flat/neutral option, I'm hopeful. Sounds like they will still make audio quality a priority in this iteration.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017
  2. artpiggo
    so cool about digital filters. It does really see changes in most DAP implementation. Let's see if it will have Native DSD Playback or not.
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  3. ModestMase
    This would be huge. Just give me an all in solution with no mess and I'm sold.
  4. musicday
    Glad you made this thread. Finally we have OLED in V series phones from LG and hopefully the FM radio will still be there.
  5. jagu
    And the v30 will also support MQA!

    The LG V30 also includes technology from partner company MQA Ltd. that facilitates high resolution audio streaming, the next big trend in mobile music. This allows the V30 to combine its stellar Quad DAC with MQA technology for a listening experience that will touch the heart as well as the ears. Music fans can enjoy high-resolution audio without the inconvenience of downloading huge files or using up large amounts of mobile data to get great sounding music through the V30
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  6. musicday
    This is certainly good news ans many will be happy.
  7. chillaxing
    also, i think i saw it can hold up to 2tb of storage?

    i think this is the real coming out party for the V series, the 10 (i have) and 20 where just test runs. They are going after the audiophiles and photographers on this thing. Specs are looking good.

    Can't wait till launch, I hope they have a trade in option like the Note 8 does.
  8. HipHopScribe
    Lots of phones claim support of microsd cards up to 2tb. Of course you can't buy cards bigger than 256gb, so it doesn't mean much
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  9. Thearcade12
    Digital filters. I am hearing this for the first time. Is this something similar to hardware eq. which expensive daps offer ?
  10. artpiggo
    It appears in fiio x5iii / x7ii and ibasso dx200 etc.

    For more detail, you can read here, https://www.ayre.com/pdf/Ayre_MP_White_Paper.pdf
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  11. Thearcade12
    So it is hardware eq indeed but is pre defined by the manufacturer instead of user defined. Interesting.
  12. tienbasse
    Nice marketing to sell filters that probably already comes with the chipset itself (accessible to users in X5-iii and Cayin N5 for example), plus a bunch of pre-sets made by "famous musicians" against nice "fees".
    Previous products with "pro" pre-sets were not very convincing. EQ should be about making pairing easier for users, pre-sets are mostly for the lazy bunch.

    It should surely justify a 1000+$ pricing, given the trend initiated with V10/V20.
    Hopefully the price should come down to more "reasonable" levels after 6-9 months.

    And let's hope we get better battery management and quality than in V10/V20. The second screen and hi-res main screen certainly don't help (AMOLED please...), but better batteries actually do exist.
    I'm a bit disappointed to have to change my V10 battery every 6 months because they just die after 200 charges, when I never had to replace a battery when using high-end Sony/Huawei smartphones for 2+ years each. Not all batteries are born equal.
  13. robm321
    I have a Note 4. Was considering the Note 8. Screen size is everything to me.

    But this interests me.
  14. musicday
    LG V30 will have an POLED( plastic oled ) of very high quality.
    I am hoping that FM Radio is there. I am using at the moment LG Flex D950 and is a very good resistant features full phone.
  15. Psycho-Prof
    The V30 is being released on Thursday. All should be known then! :)!!! Maybe my daughter will be getting my G5!
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