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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. Currawong Contributor

    Sorry about that. Please continue on. The problem was with someone trying to hijack the thread into one more appropriate for the Sound Science forum.
    Back on topic with what you've been writing about, I've gone back to copper with the LCD-2s. At first, I liked the results changing the cable to an APSv3, but am now preferring the 8-wire Norse that seems to me more along the lines of my preferred "just-get-out-of-the-way-of-the-music" kind of sound. Some of that is either the headphones and/or my brain burning in with them -- possibly a combination of both.
  2. MrQ


    The SAA cables are I believe Stefan Audio Art http://stefanaudioart.com/ . A very expensive brand. For example their 10ft cable for the HD800 cost... $1550 [​IMG].
    The 10ft for the LCD-2 is... $849
    I have just put in an pre-order for the LCD-2 myself and have found this thread indispensable. I ordered the 4 pin XLR, but will probably buy the Silver Dragon as I have Black Dragon on my T1's.
  3. perrew

    The Voice(not avail. For lcd2) might be that expansiva but the best they have for LCD2 is usd599/6ft and their cheaper cable is usd309/6ft.
  4. Skylab Contributor
    I am really looking forward to getting the 4-wire Norse cable in for a comparo between the stock cable and my Silver Dragon.  I have not ever wanted to go back to the stock cable after switching to the SD.  But I like the look of the Norse, and I'm hoping the 4-wire will be nice and light and non-microphonic, like the SD.
  5. gogogasgas
    Thanks, Currawong. I don't want to rock the boat.
    Could you give more detail on the reasons for the switch back to copper?

    Thanks for the info on the SAA. I will be interested to read any comments you make on the Silver Dragon.
    The Norse headphone cable that folk are referring to: Is that made from Nordost cable? Skylab, have you posted your impressions of the Silver Dragon elsewhere on this site?
  6. Skylab Contributor
    No, the Norse cable has nothing to do with Nordost, at least AFAIK.
    I have posted quite a bit about the Silver Dragon + LCD-2, but not sure exactly where - I did not do a formal review.  Basics: ergonomics are A+.  Sonically,  I did feel it was a little brighter sounding than the ALO Audio cable cable, and while I slightly prefered the sound of the ALO cable, I found the ALO cable to be much to heavy for me, and since I preferred both the Silver Dragon and the ALO over the stock cable both in terms of ergonomics and sound, I kept the SD and sold the ALO (I had bought both with the idea of comparing them, but not actually keeping both of them).
  7. gogogasgas
    Thanks, Skylab. When you say that the Silver Dragon was a little brighter in comparison to the ALO, would you also describe it as slightly 'thin' sounding - that is, light in the bass or lacking verisimilitude in the low to mid-bass area?
    Another thing that bothers me when selecting cable for the LCD-2s, and you mention the weight of the ALOs as a reason they went, is the effect of the cable on headphone's wooden connection points. I dread to think that a regular tug on that area could split the wood.
  8. Skylab Contributor
    I personally did not find there to be any negative impact on the bass using the Silver dragon. There is a tiny bit more treble energy, it seems to me, and I think sometimes people perceive this as less bass. But it isn't.
  9. Wedge
    Once Drew sends me the total, I will have ordered the Moon Audio Silver Dragon to go with my LCD-2s which should be here on Tuesday.  I am very excited.
  10. MacedonianHero Contributor


    I'm a big fan of silver cables (when appropriate...I would typically not pair it with the HD800s or DT880s). I find the Silver Dragon for the LCD-2 really improved the mids/treble and overall sense of air; without any deleterious effects to the bass. Not huge mind you, but enough for me to consider it worthwhile.
    I also use silver ICs between my Cary Xciter and (warm sounding) MAD Ear+HD tube amp...a very nice combination. For my WA2, I'm using the silver plated Nordost Red Dawns and I'm very happy with the overall effects. But for my Concerto, I do use the Audioquest King Cobras (OCC copper).
    I find that silver takes 2x as long to really break in as copper, but please keep us posted with your thoughts.
    Cheers. [​IMG]
  11. Jalo


    I have the SAA Voice and I thought it is a very nice cable.  I am using the Voice on my HD800 and thought about reterminating it for the LCD2.  With the HD800, I never noticed any bright treble or sibilance that many HD800 owners observed.  The sound character can be described as smooth and natural.  It is a bit expensive bit it was a good match for my 800.
  12. Currawong Contributor
    The "why" for me staying with the Norse is long and complex and relates to other changes I made in my system as much as anything. I figured I've give the Norse a week or so in my system and see how I felt. I'm quite sensitive to subtle changes and tend now to see how I feel when I'm listening to music. Sometimes even a small change will, even if I expect it to do nothing, improve or lessen my listening enjoyment. So I found myself enjoying listening very much as I have things now. As I had planned, I switched back to the APSv3 and I felt the sound was more forced, whereas it had the opposite (a positive) effect on the HD-800s for me.
  13. Jalo


    You are very right with regard to silver break in time.  I have used the silver Dragon, ALO SXC, ALO silver, Whiplash TWag v1, and recently the Crystal Piccolino.   Craig recently told me that the new TWag V2 is an entirely different animal
    after 1000 hours of burn in.  My TWag V1 took 300 to 500 hours.  
    Another important bit of info to remember with silver is that there are many qualities and types of implementation with silver, so one has to be very careful, I find there is no universal character for them.  For instance, you have silver plated copper, you have solid and multi strand silver, you have silver ranging from 2n to 6N in quality (that is 99.99 to 99.999995).  You have OCC silver.    There are differences between coax and twisted construction style.  Low quality silver tends to sound bright, thin, and harsh though may appear revealing.  Low end silver can induce listener fatigue more easily due to their harsh nature.  High end silver with proprietary technology and implementation tends to be very expensive.  For instance, a pair of top of the line Crystal Cable for speaker can top $15,000.00 per pair.  High end silver cable for headphone applications are few.  One silver cable can be totally different from another silver cable in terms of SQ.  They may range from having very thin and weak bass to tight and pronounce bass.  Many silver cable brands do not fully reveal there silver composition so a buyer really has no way to evaluate them on paper and if they don't have good return policy, a buyer may end up getting stuck with an expensive cable.  The best way is to audition yourself if at all possible.  
  14. MacedonianHero Contributor


    Good point about the lower purity silver cables. I did have a pair of ICs (Aural Thrills Audio Cables...now sold) that were only 99.99% and I did find them a bit bright/thin. But both the Silver Dragon (99.99998% silver) and the Nordost (OCC copper plated with 99.99999% silver) and Kimber Silver Streaks all use very high purity silver and don't sound bright or thin an anyway to my ears. But rather I do get more liquid mids and cohesive treble without any negative impacts to the bass.  [​IMG]
  15. Jalo
    I am glad you noticed the same thing with lower purity silver.  Yes, liquid mids and cohesive treble do come with HIGHEND silver cables.  I also like Kimber silver cable.  I am using the Kimber D60 Illuminati now and finds it clear, transparent, very personal and not thin at all.  Until recently, I have been afraid to use silver with full size headphones-the likes that you have (HD800, LCD2, ED8LE) for fear that I may loose that full body sound and bass reduction.  But my recent experience with a certain silver cable lead me to try it with my LCD2.  I don't like to jump to conclusion, so may be in another month or two, I'll share my opinion on this new find.  Another take I have on silver is that I do not like silver plated copper.  To me they don't have the full characteristic of good silver or good copper, somewhat like a lukewarm attitude.  So far, I have been using ALO chain mail 8 wires 18 awg cable for my LCD2 and I have been happy with its performance (full body, solid bass).  However, ever so slightly I wanted a little more with its treble (more air and more smoothness) but retaining the characteristic of the ALO, I hope I'll find this in this next silver cable. 
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