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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. gogogasgas
    Looking at what's available in headphone cables for the LCD-2s, it dawned on me that you could use a pair of quality balanced interconnects and just have one end re-terminated with mini XLRs. That way, the range of headphone cable options becomes much larger. Or, because the cables are running between an amplifier and a speaker, would I need to use speaker cable rather than interconnect cable because of impedance issues?
    Are there major differences in the sonic qualities of cables that are sold as dedicated headphone cables versus a modified (as outlined above) quality interconnect or speaker cable? Are there drawbacks to the pathway? Is it hard to get some (as in thick/wide/multi-strand) cables into those small mini XLRs?
    Trawling the Headfi site, I found a link to a Neutrik mini XLR. Which would work with the LCD-2s.
    Since Hero was so adamant about the superiority of silver cables, I have been looking around the world for suitable options. I think I have found what looks like a contender for the best silver headphone cable that is more-or-less off-the-shelf...
    The brand is Artisan Silver Cables and the model is 'SILVER DREAM'. Although the one on the webpage is made for Sennheisers, they can make an XLR/Mini XLR version (and single ended as well I imagine) as a special order. A quick scan for positive reviews yielded good results. The earlier version of the cable was a bit fragile and was discontinued. They beefed it up and made it longer too. Here is the link: Artisan.
    The downside is the Artisans are nearly twice the price of the Silver Dragons. But are they twice as good?
  2. coolcat
    I am waiting for the Apursound V3 cable(which is silver cable with copper core) .I hope It will match my LCD2,but actually I don't have much problem with the recess high of  LCD2(same to currawong " tubes rolling"). You may use some Nordost interconnects or wattgate AG plug etc to fix this. There are many ways to do.
    About the Cardas cable : I think it's up to you to decide if it matchs the LCD2 or not.If you like to add warmth or weight to the LCD2 (that's  I don't think it's necessary),you problaby like the Cardas,but if you want the LCD2 to open up a little bit ,the Silver cable IMO (like many here said)  should be the way to go.
    I hope I will post my impression of the V3 compared to the Stock cable ( I think it's canare, right?),when I get it.
    by the way, if you're good at DIY ,you can order the TwCu or TwAG or TWSPC from http://www.cryo-parts.com/index.php/cryoparts.
  3. HK_sends
    I posted in the LCD-2 forum that I didn't care for the Silver Dragon cable. It just didn't have the sound I was looking for. I have the 8-wire Norse and the newest Audez'e cable, the ADZ-5 (traded the old one for this...never listened to the original stock cable), and just got the Blue Dragon in to replace the Silver Dragon. The Blue Dragon was very surprising. The Norse cable has a full, rich sound (but has problems with microphonics) and the ADZ-5 is a bit warm but listenable. However, the Blue Dragon has impressed me the most. There seems to be a slight sense of reduced bass, but it sounds tighter and more controlled...not muddy at all (or overpowering). Also, the high end doesn't sound recessed at all. I am listening to the LCD-2s with the Schiit Asgard until my Lyr gets here. I am amazed at the detail I am able to pick out with the Blue Dragon. It's only got a couple of hours burn-in, but appears to be the cable with the sound I have been looking for.

    After the Lyr gets here, I will retest the Norse, ADZ-5, and Blue Dragon again and see which is the keeper.
    This was all IMHO & YMMV! :biggrin:

    -HK sends
  4. nigeljames
    I vote for the silver TWAG-2 cable.
    I loved the LCD's with the stock cable and never considered them dull or dark sounding (but would never call them bright)
    I find the TWAG brings the hf's forward abit more and makes them slightly clearer and cleaner. It also added more air/space so the sound and increased definition and separation of the bass. Soundstaging also seems to have become more defined but I am not a soundstage freak so I can't be certain of this.
    This is on my Woo6se to take away the balanced aspect,its a balanced cable, that I get when used on my Roc. Highly recommended if you want the benifits of silver.
  5. kwkarth
  6. HK_sends
  7. Prog Rock Man


    How does a cable distort the sonic presence? Have you any measurements of the different cables discussed here that shows to what extent each causes distortion?
  8. Prog Rock Man


    Since so many people have so many opinions on what cable sounds best and the different cable makers all say their cable sounds best, but use different means of construction, is there anything other than opinion to base a decision on?
    In other words, any proof? Or does that mean we have to go to Sound Science?
  9. Skylab Contributor
    There will probably NEVER be any "Proof" that cables have any impact on the sound, other than peoples' opinions.  And in the end, it is only your own opinion that matters.  But if you require "proof", I suggest that you either stick with the stock cable, or buy an aftermarket with a return policy.
  10. Skylab Contributor
    Well this is a DBT free forum so I will not discuss that.  But my main reason for the upgrade in cable was actually ergonomics, not sound.  The stock cable was too stiff and too microphonic.
  11. HK_sends
    Well, after listening to my LCD-2s using one new stock and three high-end cables from the same source/amp and using the same music, settings and volume within a very short period of time, I know that I, at least, notice distinct differences in sound.  And that's really all that matters to me.
    Plus, I am supporting small businesses...just doing my part to help the economy.[​IMG]
    So far, out of the cables I have, the Blue Dragon impresses me the most.  That may change when the Schiit Lyr gets here though...[​IMG]
    -HK sends
  12. Red Jacket Mike


    Same here.  To me, the (old) stock cable was extremely stiff, microphonic, and just not that nice looking on a 1K pair of headphones.  I went with the Norse Audio cable, for less microphonics, better looks, high quality materials and construction, and great service from Trevor.  
    I don't really detect any sonic differences between the stock cable and the Norse, but I was able to get a 10 foot 8 wire cable for $200.00, which is less than half the price of the ALO, and even less than some other options, and I'm extremely happy with it.  
    10 feet in length allows it to rest on the floor while I'm listening, which to me is important for reducing microphonics; it also eliminates the weight problem.  As a matter of fact, even with the stock cable's faults, if it had been 10 or more feet long, I probably would have kept using it.
  13. kwkarth

    Yes, any time you demand "proof" of a subjective opinion, then you've left the realm of 
     Cables, Power, Tweaks, Speakers, Accessories (DBT-Free Forum) and entered the realm of the sound science forum.  Most of the posts in this thread are individual head-fier's opinions.  You don't have to accept someone else's opinion, and you're not being asked to.  By the same token, no one else has to accept your opinion.
  14. Steve Eddy


    There is no legitimate demand of "proof" of a subjective opinion either here or on Sound Science forum. One's subjective experience is what it is whatever the reason for it may be, and unless you're going to call them a liar, there's nothing to prove.
    It's only objective claims that come with the burden of proof.
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  15. llama_egg
    As I've only stepped into the foray of high-end audio, I've never played with different cables, though I can honestly say I'm truthfully skeptical. But, saying that, I do intend to try a after-market cable, maybe a Norse cable, they do look nice and it doesn't seem too pricey. In other words, I'm not saying aye or nay in regards to them, or should I say not until I personally try it myself.
    I doubt if we'll see any hard proof any time soon, if at all in regards to the cable argument. I do believe people deserve to know both sides of the story though, and in the end, it's up to the end user to formulate an opinion. I think the biggest problem I have is it seems as though people seem to constantly bash each others opinion about the subject at hand, and that's just silly. But that's neither here nor there.
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