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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. K3cT
    I went with Silver Dragon v3 because the cable is very, very nice to handle. I'm thinking of changing the internal cable as well but that depends on whether I'm drunk enough to do it or not. 
  2. Prog Rock Man


    I asked if there was proof of gogogasgas comment about cables and sonic distortion, which is a claim and not an opinion. I also asked if there was any proof over all, but now know all this is is opinion (at times worded so it appears to be a claim).
    Sorry for upsetting anyone.
  3. Currawong Contributor
    This thread is: "LCD-2 Owners: What aftermarket cable do you use?" in case you forgot. As you don't own a pair (according to your profile) please keep out.
  4. kwkarth

    My post was in direct response to PRM's question regarding where the line is drawn between DBT free and DBT demand forums.  As long as we allow for others to express their subjective opinions, then everything is fine.  When we start demanding DBT proof of something, doing so, crosses the line.  
  5. Steve Eddy


    Yes, I understand what you were saying. I was just adding to it and commenting that demanding "proof" of one's subjective experience isn't legitimate and shouldn't be tolerated even in Sound Science.
  6. Steve Eddy


    Actually the term he used was "sonic presentation." A rather ambiguous term. I mean, what's the metric for "sonic presentation"?
    But yeah, I've seen a number of statements made in this thread which would arguably be better suited to the Sound Science forum if this forum is to be limited to people simply sharing their subjective experiences.
    That's always been a problem ever since the first "DBT Free Zone" was established on Cable Asylum over at Audio Asylum.
    I've always argued that if a forum is to be DBT-free, it should also be free of objective claims.
  7. mtntrance
    How long is the stock LCD-2 cable? (balanced version).  Thanks.
  8. perrew
    Has anyone tried the SAA cables?
  9. caracara08


    are you serious?  do you only surf the forums on stuff you own? many more ppl would own the lcd2 if there wasnt a 2 month wait. maybe hes waiting... but even if hes not, theres no reason to be so rude.  i know youre a mod and i know youre one of the top guys, but... lets not be rude because of those facts.
  10. pcf


    But the thread is clearly meant for LCD-2 owners who use after market cables to have a discussion about their choices and results. Why should someone who does not own the headphones or the after market cable be allowed to turn it into a 'for/against cable' argument?
  11. caracara08
    okay so im not allowed to comment on anything i dont own.  since i dont own the lcd2, my views on how things work arent valid right? i visit this thread to see what people are using in case i ever do buy a LCD2 but im sorry i wont be checking this thread anymore since im not one of the lucky owners.  thanks.
  12. scootermafia
    You can ask questions, the request was that non LCD-2 owners not threadcrap.
  13. caracara08
    all im saying is that ppl dont have to be so rude. the mod title doesnt give you the right to be rude. to be honest, mods should be more understanding and less confrontational.  guess im an idealist.  sorry it derailed the thread, i wont be responding to anything not relating to lcd2 cables now.
  14. Currawong Contributor
    I think it's quite rude of people to derail a thread about one topic into an argument because of their fanatical beliefs about something.  If I permit a handful of people to repeatedly do this, it will drive people off the forums. I can't count the number of times people have said "I came into this thread to read about [the topic] only finding people arguing about [something else] instead.". Sorry if it sounds rude to want to keep the discussion on topic and keep nonsense out. If anyone has any issues with this, PM me.
  15. gogogasgas
    Firstly, and this is for you Macedonian Hero, I have...gulp...big breath...changed my mind about silver cables. I have read the opinions (er, thanks Hero), the reviews, and the flowery praise and I am now willing to try silver cables in my system. (despite a previous negative experience with the rewire of a tonearm with silver Cardas cable)
    I suspect that silver interconnects and silver cable of any variety are not for the faint-hearted. Why? Because they can be very revealing and (I'm REALLY hoping the hype is true) NEUTRAL. And that was the point of my original post. The LCD-2s measure reasonably flat across the audio spectrum. Why would you want to 'colour' the neutral sound of the LCD-2s by choosing a certain cable? - eg 'warm' sounding Cardas copper cables. Personally, and there are many who disagree with this philosophy, I want neutrality...warts 'n all. If a recording is crap, then I want to hear that. If it's glorious, then I want to hear that too. Hence, I am willing to give silver cables a go.
    I am interested to hear what you didn't like about the Silver Dragons. Too revealing? Too hard? Flat? Uncomfortable? Heavy? Didn't match the curtains (joke)?

    The best measurement device is a pair of one's ears. They have similar accuracy to the Mark 1 Eyeball. Overtime, however, the Ear device does loose accuracy in the higher frequencies. An example of this can be when a reviewer complains that a set of headphones is "rolled-off in the highs" (hehe).
    Opinion please: How does the SD V3 cable sound with LCD-2s?

    Yikes! That's tough! I have a pair of LCD-2s on order. I want to research headphone cables while I wait and BEFORE I hand over the equivalent of the cost of the cans for a dud cable combination.

    More detail please on this brand please. A quicky search on ye olde internet yielded zero.
    Double Helix silver cable anyone? What about these DHC OCC Silver "Complement" Flagship Balanced Cable - HERE.
    There is a seller on that well known on-line auction site who is offering headphone cables (with Cryo'd wire) at a reasonable price. Anyone know/used those cables?
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