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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. sluker

    I think for an add you need to lace up an pair of sneakers with one of your cables. Dual purpose. 

  2. HK_sends
    Yeah!  And a jumprope...and tow cables!! [​IMG]
    -HK sends

  3. Steve Eddy

    Hehehe. Yeah, though it would probably come across as a bit of a rip-off of the Crystal Cable ads.
  4. Snips
    Finally ordered  my q-audio cable.  I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!
  5. castlevania32
    Pre-Scriptum : can a moderator delete my previous post please, i think the mini-review didn't appeared and i can't manage to edit it :/
    Some images of the norse cables, i guess i can just post them here, making it more visible for people instead of the email way trevor uses [​IMG]
    Splitter choices :
    4-conductor adjustable :
    Norse_4condadjust_08.jpg Norse_4condadjust_01.jpg
    8-conductor :
    So, what i ordered is a 10 ft. Norse 4-conductor nrs-up-occ LCD-2 headphone cable (adjustable breakout, Caribbean Rosewood, SE 1/4").

    How about the sound ? First i'm not really a cable believer and i was not awaiting a change SQ wise. I did not tested it methodically so i'll just give my impressions take it for what it's worth [​IMG].

    When i first plugged it seemed the sound was darker and i was disapointed, but whatever i kept burning it (not a cable burn-in believer too :D ). Weeks passed and i didn't bother about how it sounded, the huge ergonomic improvement alone was the principal concern. Out of curiosity i decided to go back to the stock ADZ5 to see if it was brighter. The result was that the stock is not brighter, and amazingly i perceived less details with it.

    I did not A/B the two extensively as quite frankly i don't care that much, but it seems to my superficial observations that the norse is indeed superior SQ wise...
  6. brasewel
    Just note that the 8-conductor version is not available (atleast that's what Trevor told me)
  7. Frankie K

    Sound's like You truly like these cable's and that's great new's, are they heavy like some have said of the chain mail cable's by ALO or do they feel just right.

  8. tonyjin
    Got my Q-Audio Black Magic cable from Steve. Very very light and flexible - can't really comment on the sound quality, don't think I'm skilled enough to notice too many differences, but it's definitely made the LCD-2's lighter and more comfortable to wear, which is awesome in my book.
  9. KingStyles Contributor
    Well, just ordered my lcd2 and my q cable today. I am sure the cable will make a difference, the question will be will I like the lcd2. Time will tell.
  10. castlevania32
    @Frankie K : maybe Skylab can answer you about that question, i don't remember if it's him who had both the alo chain mail and the norse 8-conductor [​IMG]
  11. Skylab Contributor
    I have the 4-conductor Norse, not the 8 conductor.  That was much, much lighter than the ALO I had, but I think ALO has a lighter cable now too.  Nothing beats the Q-Audio for lightness - it's not even close.  But the 4-conductor Norse is very good ergonomically, and I have no issue with its weight or stiffness.
  12. Frankie K


    Which cable is more to Your liking overall?
  13. Skylab Contributor
    Ergonomically, I would rank the 4 cables as such:
    1. Q-Audio
    2. Norse 4-conductor/Moon Audio Silver Dragon (equal)
    3. ALO Audio Chain Mail
    Sonically, I would rank them:
    1. Q-Audio
    2. ALO Audio Chain Mail
    3. Moon Audio Silver Dragon/Norse 4-Conductor (*different*, but relatively equal)
    BUT:  I would STRONGLY caution that sonically I felt ALL of them were very good, and any given listener will have different preferences, especially since the differences are so slight.
    What makes the Q-Audio a no-brainer for me is that it's by far the best ergonomically, as well as sounding just slightly better than the others, and being reasonably priced.  OTOH, the Norse is very good in every respect and the least expensive, so it has a LOT going for it.
    I have huge respect for Ken at ALO audio, and have liked a lot of his products, and own a lot of them, but the weight and cost of the chain-mail cable that I bought make it kind of the toughest to recommend of this bunch.
  14. Frankie K
    Thanks SkyLab for the info, it will probably come down to the Q-Audio or the Norse. I'll take My time and figure it out when the time come's.
  15. brasewel
    Just went back to the stock cable after 2 weeks of using the Norse Audio. The stock really seems dead in comparison and the difference in SQ is most apparent on vocals.
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