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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. sup27606
    I have a question for everyone, actually this is more like several questions in part. I bought the LF339 last year, but the previous owner had it for a couple of years I think. So here’s the question. I hear of upgraded version for the amp every now and then. The latest upgrade introduced non-inductive resistors which improve sound quality.

    1. From my serial number, which is 03B0817, is it possible to know which version I have, and how many upgrade revisions have been applied after that, and how much sound quality improvement does that translate to? Did anyone have the opportunity to compare an old version (my version?) against the new version?

    2. Is it possible to upgrade the old version of the amp to the new specifications?

    Thank you in advance. If someone, including yuking can shed some light on this, that would be really great.
  2. xtr4
    Dear all, I think I may have some confusion here since I got the amp as a 2nd hand unit.

    Driver tube is CV1067/L63/6J5 Octal socket. I thought I had the 6SJ7 variant (noob me) Can I use a EF86 to 6SJ7 adapter to run the EF86 out of it? Because I can't seem to find any EF86 to 6J5 adapters.
    If that is the case, with my previous volume issue, am I damaging my amp running the above?
    I'm so worried now :triportsad:
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  3. Mizicke5273
    Got my La Figaro back from the repair shop. Just got it connected up and powered on and listening to it for the first time in about two months now. I missed this amp. It turned out just to be a lose wire, so nothing major thankfully. Now to enjoy some music!
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  4. UntilThen
    I ordered my 6J4P to EF86 Adapter on the 15th Dec 2018 and still have not received it yet.
  5. MJS242
    I'll follow-up on this and any other pending adapter orders. I haven't been around much lately and I think the amp designer is currently traveling.
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  6. MJS242
    You can't use a 6SJ7 to EF86 adapter in the L63/6C5/6J5 amp. It is possible to create a L63/6C5/6J5 to EF86 adapter though. Let me know if you're interested and I'll try to arrange it.
  7. xtr4
    Wow, that'll be great if it can be arranged. Thank you very much.
  8. africanus
    As you may have noticed, Massdrop has been offering La Figaro 339 but only the US version (110V). So, per Massdrop's customer service suggestion, I have created a poll about the 230V international version. If you are interested interested in the 230V, please vote here:


    If there is enough interest, Massdrop will possibly offer the 230V variant in the next drop.
  9. Mizicke5273
    Wonder why they have not been offering the 230v option. When I joined the drop about a year ago now, there were only a few 230v 339s and they were spoken for within a few days. None of them made it to the end of the drop and I believe this was they same for the next few drops as well. They typically only had so many 230v 339s to offer during a drop and there seemed to be a good demand for them.
  10. africanus
    No idea. I have contacted Yuking (Liu Yi) since he is offering both versions at the same price but he was unsure whether Massdrop will be offering the 230V variant in the next drops and why it is so.
  11. davestef132
    anyone have a static type noise coming through one channel?
    on my right channel i have this intermittent static/crackly noise that is the same low volume regardless of what the volume knob is set at. Its also there no matter what tubes i use. I hear it when there is nothing playing or during quiet passages of songs. Its more obvious in my headphones with more treble (dt990 vs hd6xx)
    There was some styrofoam pieces inside the amp from shipping, but i cleaned all that out with a rocket blower and the noise is still there.
    i got it off ebay with extra tubes. the seller listed it as new, but then later said that he never heard any static noise, so i dont know how new it really is.
    it sounds good, other than that noise.

    I also tried emailing yuking, but i never got a response.
    looking at the electronics inside, i dont see any obvious things wrong (loose caps/resistors etc).

    I did a search for noise on this thread and one guy said he just dusted off the inside and the noise went away (didnt work for me). Another person said they emailed yuking and he sent them the parts to replace what was wrong, but he never responded to me.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  12. Josh76
    I think I had that exact issue, mine was a mild crackle or tinkling noise periodically in the right channel. I hope your problem is the same as mine because it is an easy fix. For me, my desktop computer's wifi antenna was too close to the amp. Once I moved it away, the problem was solved. If that's not it, perhaps some other similar interference is nearby like a cell phone?
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  13. sup27606
    I had a crackling noise in one of the channels, but it’s tube specific. Comes only with a pair of RCA 6AS7G. Also, it is not the same every day, since it is strong one day, weak on the other. I read somewhere that dirty/oxidized tube contacts can be prone to radio static. So, I cleaned the tube pins thoroughly with some alcohol swabs, and it seemed to work. Now, there is a bit of very low noise (I think the particular tubes are noisy), but the crackling is no longer there.

    In your case, the crackling is there for all tubes. Could it be, the tube contacts on the amp itself need some cleaning? I cannot guarantee it will solve it though.
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  14. Mizicke5273
    So, what tube combos are other ZMF owners using in their La Figaro? I bought an Aeolus as my first ZMF headphone and saw the recommendation for Tung-Sol 7236s with ZMFs back in the thread. I've found pairing the Tung-Sol 7236s with Telefunken EF800s sound great with the Aeolus. My favored combo of Mullard 6080s and Mullard EF86s just don't sound as good with the ZMFs. Another combo I found to sound good, were RCA 6AS7Gs and RCA 5693 Red Hots.

    Any other good tube combos for ZMFs?
  15. larbor
    I'm also waiting for my adapter order. I left a number of messages on his website, but no response. Ordered Dec17 2018


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