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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. MJS242
    I feel like I need to create an FAQ for this amp. All the correct information is in this thread (somewhere) but there's so much misinformation being passed around by new owners.
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  2. Cyberia Knight
    You are correct, any imbalance in the tubes can be controlled with the volume controls, so don't pay excessively for balanced sets.

    More importantly if your hearing is not perfect like mine " my right ear is about 3 db down on the left ear " you can adjust the volume on the weak ear to centre the sound stage. You just can't enjoy music if the sound stage is shifted left or right and nearly all the high end hi-fi headphone amps don't have a balance control, so a mono block design like the La Figaro is the best solution.
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  3. Josh76
    I was responding to someone who stated they have the bright version. My comment also applies to anyone who purchases it new since they stopped making your version. I'll edit my post since I didn't make that clear.
  4. MJS242
    You can still get the L63/6C5/6J5 version if you directly request it from them (they didn't stop making it).
  5. attmci
    NO NEED.

    Just enjoy your music, man. LOL
  6. davestef132
    It would be nice to have all this info spread over years on one thread consolidated into something more organized. But there is always the search function
  7. xmdkq
    Going on a trip on December 15 and returning after the holiday, I will send it to you in February. Sorry, sorry.
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  8. maximus69
  9. maximus69
    I too am considering this fan. Did you remove the silicone feet? I am concerned they may melt. Also, i have a concern that the fan could draw excess dust into the unit.
    Any thoughts on the dust? Issue or not? Thanks in adv for any comments
  10. maximus69
    Hey Guys, I am considering using this cooling fan


    My main concern is that it may draw excess dust into unit. Should I be concerned? I have read mixed things about using cooling fans.
    If anyone uses this fan, did u remove the silicone feet? Unit is in open area and is used btw 70-80 degree F with humidity around 50%

    Any thoughts or comments about using a cooling fan over the top vent to draw out heat would be appreciated!
  11. wwmhf
    No, I did not remove the silicone feet. It definitely will not melt if the fan is working. Even if the fan is not working, I doubt the amp's temperature is high enough to melt the silicon feet.

    Unless the environment of the amp is very dusty, drawing some dust into the amp does seem to be an issue because there is not moving parts inside the amp.
  12. maximus69
    Thanks for response! I will try it out
  13. Mizicke5273

    So, is there anything to be concerned with using these adapters and CV4079/A2293 for power tubes in our 339s? Any risk of damaging the amp or headphones?......apart from the normal risks associated with using an OTL Tube amp; i.e. following the proper power up and shutdown sequence an all.
  14. xmdkq
    The OTL tube amplifier is not at risk, because there is a DC blocking capacitor, as long as the tube is working properly, it will not cause damage to the headphones.
  15. Mizicke5273

    Thank you for confirming. I may have to try these out then.
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