1. Duper

    Loudspeakers or Headphones ?!

    Hello, guys headphones or speakers are better for 2000$ max. ? 
  2. HiAudio

    Best headphones for classic music

    Please list 1-3 in order that you have used for classic music.
  3. Claritas

    Darkvoice or La Figaro for K340 (400 ohms)?

    I recently acquired a K340 (400 ohms) and think a tube amp will sound better with it, especially the treble. As I want to use 6SN7 inputs, I'm looking at the Darkvoices and La Figaros.   Has anyone tried either brand with K340? Which model / tubes?   How does it sound? Would you recommend...

    Audio Grade Fuses

    Last year shortly after I got my Darkvoice Figaro I replaced the stock fuse with one from ISOCLEAN POWER. I could tell a slight difference, a level of clarity. The Figaro went up in smoke a few months ago and so I have a few cool parts to salvage from it and one is the Isoclean. OK, a couple...
  5. TheStixter

    La Figaro 339 + Cetron/TungSol 7236 + DT 990's

    Just recently purchased a La Figaro 339 and have a few questions.   I noticed in images that the "black" looking tubes that came with the amp go on the outside (slots 1 and 4), but does their location matter? Can they be moved to the inside 2 areas (slots 2 and 3). Also...are these even...
  6. Wirbel

    La Figaro 339 vs Lyr for HE-500

    I'm currently debating between these two amps for my HE-500. The price isn't a big deal, but I am definitely curious if the 339 is worth an extra $200 in overall performance. I understand both amps benefit from tube rolling, but assuming tube rolling is an option is the 339 is solidly better amp...
  7. B

    Setting my sound card output

    Hi all,   I have a couple related questions about my sound card.  First, when I have my sound card plugged into an amp, what should the volume be set to?  I know anything digital should be 100% or it'll mess with the bits, but the analog output seems like it should be set lower than 100 and...
  8. Duper

    Audeze LCD 2 or Hifiman HE-500

    Hello, What headphones do best job with Vocals, (80's-90's Pop, Rock)  Pop, Rock, R&B, Electronic and same instrumental?    Audeze LCD 2 rev. 2 + Schiit Lyr + Schiit Bifrost  OR Hifiman HE-500 + LaFigaro 339 + Schiit Bifrost 
  9. Duper

    Hifiman HE-500 or Sennheiser HD 650

    Hello guys, I listening Pop, Rock, R&B, sometimes instrumental, HIp-Hop, Electronic, which headphones do best job with my listening gentries?  

    Best DAC/Amp Combo for He-500?

    Please leave suggestions thanks.
  11. Duper

    Amp recommendation for Hifiman He-500 max budget 700$

    Hello guys, what headphone amplifier do you recommend for Hifiman He-500 max budget 700$?
  12. kmitschiener

    La Figaro 339 or woo audio wa6?

    So I'm looking for a new desktop tube amp for around 500-650 US dollars to power my HD 650s and I was wondering which one of these two would do a better job? I've read a lot of reviews praising the synergy between the Lf 339 and hd 650s but the sketchy chinese website kinda freaks me out. On the...
  13. xiangyu1129

    AMP for DT880, HD600

    Hi,   I got a DT880 and HD600 for classical music only. And I am considering an AMP for about $800 (500 to 1000,cheaper will be appreciated).   Looking through several amp:   Little Dot VI (balanced output is attractive)   SPL auditor (a little expensive)   beyer A1 (heard it...
  14. kmitschiener

    Best way to spend my $1000

    So I'm kinda new to the world of hifi, but I'd like to get a really good set up to keep me happy for a while. I listen mostly to unplugged, rock, and jazz with a little bit of rap once in a while. I've decided on two possible rigs, the first is to buy the audeze LCD-2 and use them with my...
  15. iim7V7IM7

    Tube amp for Sennheiser HD800s: deciding between some SE & balanced options

    Gear: DAC: Grace Design m903 Tube Amp: ? Headphones: Sennheiser HD800 Single Ended Candidates: DNA Sonett 2 Eddie Current Zana Deux SE Woo Audio WA2 Other? Balanced Candidates: DNA Stratus Eddie Current Super 7 Woo Audio WA22 Other? Amp Criteria: maximize bass performance, sonic...
  16. Eric23

    Schiit Asgard amp safe?

    Hi guys,   Sorry. Just being paranoid here. lol....   Just to explain my recent paranoia. Recently I bought a cheap, USB external soundcard for my laptop. I plugged in my m50's and instantly when trying to play a song I heard some crackling sounds and both drivers died on me right away...
  17. keona

    Woo Audio WA2 alternative (because of taxes for Germany)

    As I live in Germany the Woo Audio WA2 (which I really would like to buy) will cost me around $1454 instead of $1090 because of taxtes, etc.   Now I need an amp alternative for them which do not require shipping from outside EU.   I would like to pair them with a Beyer T1. (the only...
  18. schaaf

    OTL vs SET Amp for HD650

    I just picked up some HD650's from Amazon and need an amp.   I know there are like six hundred and fifty billion threads about the HD650 and amps on here, and I think I've done a lot of digging and reading, but I keep getting confused about some things.   I'm looking to stay at or around...
  19. Archerious

    Best amp for $500 and below?

    old thread
  20. Archerious

    Which amp for HD650 and DT880 600ohm!

    old thread
  21. disastermouse

    Fill in the blank. If you like the HD650 but want more clarity, space, and engagement, upgrade to the ____________.

    Subject line gets cut off:   Fill in the blank:  "If you like the HD650 but want more clarity, soundstage, and engagement, upgrade to the __________.     :D
  22. Rayz

    Looking for a powerful phones amp

    Hey, I'm looking for an amp for my headphones, but this amp most be powerful enough as I have to drive phones like the K701 and DT990 600 Ohm. the badget can get even to 1K$, only if needed- of course I will be happy if it takes me less.    Please consider my K701 that I have to drive too...
  23. coinup

    Darkvoice/La Figaro 336 Buying Advice

    Hi All,   I've looked thought various posts, and I am asking can anyone recommended where or who should I buy the above mentioned Headphone Amp(s).   From my research, Its seems I should avoid 'shenzen audio store' because he/she dos not sell an authorised version, I thought about taking...
  24. Valashu

    Tube amp, broken? (la figaro 339)

    I bought a La Figaro 339 and when I switched tubes in an attempt to fix a crackle a tube connected to the amp and gave a small spark. Now I lost sound in the left can while the right one still produces crackle. Switching the tubes from left to right does not seem to change anything so I...
  25. cactus_farmer

    Tube amps with a 'cold'/'bright' sound?

    Usually tube amps are said to sound warm/dark/mellow...etc...   Are there any that buck this trend by offering an analytical/cold/bright almost solid-state sounding presentation?   I heard that Apex Audio may do this, but have yet to hear it.