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La Figaro 339 or woo audio wa6?

  1. kmitschiener
    So I'm looking for a new desktop tube amp for around 500-650 US dollars to power my HD 650s and I was wondering which one of these two would do a better job? I've read a lot of reviews praising the synergy between the Lf 339 and hd 650s but the sketchy chinese website kinda freaks me out. On the other hand the woo audio seems to have great build quality but I haven't read about how they sound with the hd 650. So has anyone here owned both and know which one is better?
  2. fabio-fi
  3. keph
    Well i Own a LF339 and a WA6SE...imo i love my LF339 more than my WA6SE for my HD650..
    So for HD650 Go for LF339 or Crack
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  4. Ultrainferno
    I agree with Keph
  5. Acapella11
    It is an old thread but then, why not.
    Keph, or anyone else in this matter, you know the HE-500 with the LaFigaro 339 and the Woo Audio WA6SE. Which would be your preference and why? What do you think about the Bottlehead S.E.X.?
  6. Ultrainferno
    You mean WA6SE right?
    Keph didn't want to say it out loud on the boards but he found the HE500 to sound better with the 339 :)
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  7. Acapella11
    Yes, WA6SE. I've corrected it and thanks for your post =) Any impressions from the BH S.E.X.?
  8. Ultrainferno
    Hoping to get one this year...
  9. SwanSong
    I dont know why but that 339 seems to be calling my name!!  I'm thinking of getting the HE-500 and just use my SS plug on my tube DAC/Pre until I can afford the 339.  Will the 339 with the right tubes cure my upgraditis when paired with the HE-500's????
  10. Brooklyn70
    How about the Fostex t50rp mk2 or the hifiman he-500

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