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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. wwmhf
    You can also search for TDK volume control.

    I also like Stepped Attenuator Volume Control. But those affordable ones on ebay usual has only 24 steps, not fine enough.
  2. wwmhf
    The relay volume control is now getting popular, but it will requires even more space.
  3. Dadbeh
    you guys do realize that no stepepd attenuator ever fits in la figaro, right? i mean i posted the picture right there. you can see that there is no space. i specifically asked for help with finding a model that fits.
  4. wwmhf
    Sorry, I missed that. But still, if possible, try to avoid that kind of pot in your post.
  5. larbor
  6. larbor
    IMG_2412.JPG Hi

    Just purchased a used LF 339 and it uses 6N5PJ for the power tubes and OTK2 for the drivers. I assuming this version will not that a 6SN7 higher power tube (not sure on the number --- I know there is one pwr tube you cannot use with this configuration).

    Also, I attached a picture on the layout --- does this version have the upgraded resisters. Looks through all the treads and did see a picture like this one.

    Big Thanks

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
  7. wwmhf
    Thanks for sharing the picture of the guts.

    I do not think your amp can use 6sn7 without any mods
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
    Dadbeh likes this.
  8. Dadbeh
    oh thats very good to know. because i shared a picture of mine in the previous page and he shared one of his that is different in the resistors that you can see, his has the two beefy yellow ones and mine has the black resistors, so you are saying that his version can use 6sn7gt?
  9. wwmhf
    Sorry, the sentence in my previous post was incorrect. What I meant is that if your amp was designed to use 6N5PJ and OTK2 tubes (my 339 is in this configuration), then it cannot use 6sn7 without modification.
  10. Dadbeh
    are you talking to me or labor?
  11. wwmhf
    Today is not a good day for me, making many confusions here.

    My previous/previous post was to reply to labor. However, as long as the original tube configuration of a 339 amp is 6N5PJ and OTK2, then I do not think this 339 can use 6sn7 without modification.
    Dadbeh likes this.
  12. larbor

    Do you know what mods I would have to do to run them?

    Also, any idea of the year of mine LF339

    Thanks again

  13. wwmhf

    6sn7 is a dual triode tube and 6sj7/OTK2 is a pentode tube. At least, rewiring is needed to use 6sn7 in that amp. This might be done by an adapter like this:


    However, a seller of such an adapter told me that it does not work for 339 amp. I did not know why but I did not buy. So I really do not know whether this kind of adapter works for our 339 or not. I wish it works because I like the sound of 6sn7 tube and I have quite a few.

    As for the year of your 339, I think the following posts in this thread might give you some idea:

    #3944, 3950, 3951
  14. sup27606
    Found another winner for the HD800, Tung Sol 5998 + Tung Sol 6SD7GT. This combination produces great high frequency extension and brilliant imaging. 5998 gives nice low frequency impact as well. This combination sounds more detailed and articulate to me than the RCA 5693 and brings out more of the great things about HD800. Classical music sounds wonderful with instrument separation and vocals have great texture in them. Because of the extended highs, rock music may sound a little light and bright, yet the imaging effect gives great sense of space. My experience is with SDR modded HD800 though.

    Next, I am considering trying a pair of Mullard EF86, since these may strike the right balance of ‘warmth’ and detail.
  15. wwmhf
    Can we really use 6SD7 in this 339 amp? I did not know this and I really want to know. Please confirm.
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