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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. davestef132
    They do sell cheaper adapters on eBay. They don’t look as fancy, but they do the job.
  2. cukis350
    Hi guys, I have the “bright” version of this amp so any recommendations for tubes for me to try? I was told that my version only use 6SJ7 (driver) and 6N5PJ (power) tubes. Thanks in advance.
  3. telecaster
    Enjoying the LF339 with Bendix and L63 tubes.
    I would advise everyone to use Sonarworks on Mac, with a good DAC. It makes my HD800S run flat as a pancake from 20hz and up, and clean all problems of measured headphones!
    I must say that with the Bendix, it slams so good with some Komara, or King Crimson!
    I will roll the gazillion tubes I have just to enjoy Sonarworks beautiful magic associated with the LF339 "thing".
    If you go up this long thread, 5 years ago, all those tubes weren't that expensive! I even got a pair of GEC 6AS7G at that time!
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
  4. Josh76
    My favorites are Philips 6SJ7WGT for drivers (I like the full mid-bass) and Tung-Sol 5998 (airy, detailed) power tubes. The 5998's are equivalent to 6AS7(G) tubes. You can also try 6080's or 7236 for power. For drivers additional options are EF-86 (with adapter) or EF-80 (with adapter).

    I haven't tried the most expensive options that people rave about (Western Electric 421a, GEC 6AS7G, Bendix 6AS7G) but they're pretty much unobtanium at this point. I did recently pick up some Bendix 6080's and they're good but close enough to my 5998's that I'm not hearing a big enough difference.
  5. tintinsnowydog
    My current favourite combination is EF86 drivers and GEC 6as7g power tubes. GEC 6as7g is very rare and hard to obtain, but the TungSol 6080 and Tung Sol 6as7g get 95% of the way there for a fraction of the price when they do show up for sale. If you're willing to try, 4x GEC A2293/CV4079 with adapters off ebay get even closer to the GEC 6as7g sound, obtainable for under 100$.

    Tung sol 5998 comes up often but quite expensive as well. About as detailed and wide sounding as the above. If you prefer a slightly warmer/more mellow sound try changing the driver tubes out for RCA 5963 red hots (cheap and abundant) or tung sol 6sj7gt mesh plates (hard to find).

    Other great power tubes with a warmer sound are bendix 6080 (check for graphite plates, these are very rare though), mullard 6080, or sylvania 6080. RCA 6as7g is abundant and cheap, and sound great.
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  6. cukis350
    Thank you for your reply. So all tubes that you’re suggesting will work with my version of LF339? I am clueless when it comes to tubes. I didn’t know there were two different version of this amp so I went and bought a pair of Psvane 6SN7 and turned out they don’t work with my amp.
  7. davestef132
    6SJ7 input and 6AS7 output tubes is what the 339 uses. The dark voice 336 uses 6SN7 input tubes and the same 6AS7 output tube.
    You can look up equivalents for those tubes and pick up some of those. But if you look up 6SJ7 equivalents you’ll see that 6SN7 is not one of them. I thought they were interchangeable between the 336 darkvoice and the lafigaro. I put a 6SJ7 in the darkvoice and I got a loud buzzz when I turned the amp on and turned it off immediately.

    Is there really two versions of the 339?
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
  8. Josh76
    That's good to know about the GEC A2293/CV4079, looks like I need to try them. :)

    We have differing opinions on a couple things. I find the RCA 5963 bright and glaring and only good for classical music with the 7236 power tubes. I find the RCA 6AS7G a bit flat and overrated.

    @cukis350 it really comes down to your ears/preferences. If you don't mind spending some money, experimenting with different tubes is fun. Not exactly wise (I've spent more on tubes than the amp) but I now know what I like with confidence.
  9. Josh76
    Yes, though it appears they have stopped selling the warmer version which takes different driver tubes.
  10. Mizicke5273

    Yeah, there was. One used 6SJ7 input tubes and the other used 6SN7 input tubes. It looks like the 6SN7 version is no longer being offered on Yuking's site.
  11. Josh76
    Yes, everything suggested works with your version. Some simply need adapters (EF-86, EF-80, A2293/CV4079).

    Tubes can be very confusing, so many variations.
  12. cukis350
  13. Josh76
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  14. JKDJedi
    So I never really got the separate volume knobs on the La Figaro amp until some time with my recent purchase with the "beginners kit" Darkvoice 336SE. Educating myself on tube rolling and noticed that some tubes were sold as "balanced" sets. With the Figaro having separate left right channel volume knobs..is it safe to say purchasing balanced tubes is not as important here?
  15. MJS242
    They do in the L63/6C5/6J5 version of the amp WITH an adapter. I've posted pictures of this before.
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