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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. fonkepala
    Just got my pair of ED9 today. Enjoying how they sound with my test tracks. Was surprised by how heavy the earpieces were. Currently using the reference filter (with no black sponge filter material inside) with the stock supplied tips. After this they'll be burned in for a day or so. I imagine they'll MAYBE sound even better after that.
  2. CoiL
    "Damn" You... gotta get another KZ to try out -.- Will be selling some of my hybrids soon anyway, so, cheapo ZS3 will slip into my basket.
    You have ATR ? Can You please compare them to ZS3 when You receive them. If You don`t have ATR - get one, it`s very good single dynamic :wink:
  3. mebaali

    Yep,got them a week back. Very satisfied with their sound (have posted my impressions on them few pages back). Will sure compare them to ZS3 (which are just few days away from reaching me, I guess :) )
  4. B9Scrambler

    IMAG1894.jpg       IMAG1902.jpg
    Cross-over equipped, brass-knuckled ZS1

  5. CoiL
    Your own mod or somebody did it? How`s the SQ? More information about cross-over? Nice. Wonder how tey sound.
  6. Ruben123

    Zs3 is more relaxed sounding, a bit treble roll off, warm pleasing mids and somewhat enhanced bass. Atr has more treble and midbass.
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  7. B9Scrambler
    This was the ZS1's original setup from when they were first released. Based on my experience with the current version of the ZS1 (i.e. no crossover, no brass rings in the nozzle), they now sound identical to the ZN1 Mini. This means they are technically a better earphone, but I prefer the smoother, more refined sound of the original.
    This is also one of the few earphones I own that really benefited from extended play; i.e. physical and/or mental burn in. After hundreds of hours of use, the comment on recessed treble and mids noted in my original review doesn't apply. Bass is still at the forefront and they are complete bass cannons, but it doesn't overshadow everything else to the same extent it did.
    Someone (maybe HiFiChris?) posted measurements near the start of the year that showed a big dip in coherence between drivers. Not an issue with the current model, however, that's one of my favorite things about the original. They sound like a 2.1 stereo system. To me it's a very unique presentation for an iem.
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  8. pashhtk27

    Under the assumption that Zs1 and Zs2 are the same: I always wondered why my zs2 didn't sound like your impressions of the zs1, and more like the zn1 mini with no recession in mids and treble, and bass not being too overpowering. That clears it, as there are no brass knuckles in mine.
    And that also finally confirms the assumption, I guess.
  9. To.M
    My ZST have landed! :) a brief listening session left some rather positive impressions on me and now they are sizzling cheerfully in the burner :)
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  10. fonkepala

    Great! Another rare positive post on the ZST. Looking forward to hear your impression after they have been 'cooked' nicely :)
  11. CoiL
    Thanks! Waiting Mebaali impressions too as he hears same things in IEMs as I do usually, so I know more what to expect.
  12. rockingthearies

    exactly how I felt about the ZS3 not sure if its enhanced bass or recessed trebles but yeah really like the non fatiguing sound of it
  13. salatgung
    Here I know: http://www.kzearphone.com/English/html/6027852135.html
    I think they just be OEM
  14. 1clearhead
    Oh, yea! I am loving the ATR's! They are so easy to listen to! They have been my travelling buddy this week, and i've been enjoying them ever since! [​IMG] I can't find anything wrong, but find more things right with them, especially their sound signature. It's ashame I didn't enjoy the translucent black ATE's as much and sold them awhile back. But, I still own my first "silver ATE's" and now my new friend, the ATR's for travel and gym.
    I personally think the ATR's are a MUST BUY! [​IMG]
  15. rockingthearies
    May I know the sound signature of the ATR? Are these ATR's real as well? http://m.gearbest.com/earbud-headphones/pp_431999.html
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